Benefits of HR Software in the Manufacturing Industry

In the world’s developing or developed nations, the manufacturing sector or industry holds a big percent of the GDP. It requires a large number of jobs and manpower in those countries. Approximately for every country, for every amount of money they spend in the manufacturing industry, a part of that money is added to their economy. The National Association of Manufacturer describes this intertwined circle of money-flow, and it is thus pretty clear that the manufacturing sector matters a lot in a country’s economic growth. 

It is not so shocking that the manufacturing industry has changed drastically over the few decades (especially after the worldwide pandemic situation). These days it is more dynamic and requires better technologies than ever before. That is the reason why the manufacturing industry needs to advance online HR software to manage the workforce and workflow appropriately. 

The lack of STEM skills

With technology, humans need to grow and develop skills too. If the manufacturing industry wants to be digital and high tech, then they need advanced workers for that. To be very specific, the workers who are specialized and advanced in STEM or the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills are required. According to a current report, the skill gap in the entire world and in our nation is growing bigger and will go beyond control over the next few years. The manufacturing industry will need manpower, but for lack of skill, there will be many vacant positions.

In this kind of situation, manufacturers can easily use the HR software of Bizex to solve the problem. This is one of the best HR software in India. Through its HR analytics, manufacturers can find the skilled and advanced workers they need for their company. It is not only about finding the right worker but the software can recognize a specific group of people who are already in the workforce, maybe in the future they can groom those workers and recruit them as the next generation workforce. By grooming our finding those higher potential workers and offering them flexibility at work, they can fulfill the gap of STEM skills effectively. 

Compliance Requirement

A manufacturer must have noticed that each and every government does some transformations in the requirements of compliance from time to time, and as a manufacturer, they have to track those changes regularly and be aware of every single thing. So, it’s very important to have all the details about all workers. For managing those smoothly, every company will need an automated system. Bizex HR software can do it for the companies easily. Right from easy reporting to online enrolment, now you can even check your analytics from anywhere and anytime. You can also securely access it through multiple devices.

Automated Payroll

Paying workers on time after the end of the month is very important. Keeping things on track and calculating all the wages, deductions, and fringe benefits for all the workers is a very complicated process, even for expert HR leaders and accountants. Not only is that its very time consuming as well. If they can get access and update of the accurate information in time so it will be easy for them to update the accurate information, and it will help them to work more efficiently and in less time so that the workers can be paid in time. Bizex brings the best HR software in Bangalore as well as the entire country that can generate the exact data you may need for the ‘certified payroll reports’.A good manufacturing company ( actually for every company ) needs to keep every small change and detail on track. HR Software of Bizex can take care of your every need so that you can stay updated.

Safety Check

To maintain a healthy reputation of your company, you must care about the safety of your workers. Therefore, manufacturers have to be prepared and make a proper checklist to help their production managers, safety line officers, and also every one of them who does the routine audits. These things are more complicated than it sounds. But with our HR software, they can make a digital checklist, which will be easier than using a pen and paper. That’s why Bizex is the best HR software in IndiaYou can keep your audits arranged through it easily.

Management Reporting

The very exact and real-time production report is very important for the manufacturing industry. These things not only help you to stay updated but also help the top management to make important decisions about their production or manufacturing process. How much they already have, how much more they need, what is the demand – it can answer your every question. With our modern online HR Software, one can create different types of product reports for the top management of the company so that they can take important decisions, such as functional reports, formal reports of the production, as well as statutory. Managers of a manufacturing company can also co-operate and get accurate analytical information in these reports for their decision making part (it can also be in the form of graphs and charts).

Bizex’s achievements: A special note

Bizex achieved something which we are very glad to announce. We have been shortlisted for the prestigious top 10 most promising HR management software of the year 2020. This is not the end of our achievements but just the beginning. We are also glad to be recognized as the top 10 most promising HR management software of the year 2020. So you can trust our HR software as it will be able to improve your growth in the manufacturing sector.

Some Final thought About HR Software

We all have to grow up with time to keep things under our control. Things are not different for the manufacturing industry. It’s time for this industry sector to use modern technologies to maintain their workforce, production, payroll, and every small to a big thing. HR software is sure to harvest the best results.

BIZEX-Most Promising HR Management Software-2020

It is our privilege and absolute delight to announce that Bizex has been recognised as one of the Top 10 Most Promising HR Management Software 2020 by the ERP Insights. We have received the award of Top HR Software in 2020 in the ERP Insights magazines. Being chosen for the prestigious award amongst hundreds of other service providers and major industry giants, and by one of the most popular and distinguished magazines in the field of management solutions, it was our moment of pride and honour.

The award was based on the decision of some of a distinctive panel of experts composed of CIOs, industry analysts and ERP Insights’ highly experienced editorial board. Amongst several HR management software competing for the prestigious award, the experts hand-picked the technologies and solutions that were most useful, optimized and offered the best performance.

The ERP Insights’ Top 10 Most Promising HR Management Software 2020 was awarded based on the following criteria:

  • User Interface and Dashboards
  • Ease of Use
  • Data Security
  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Improve Employee Retention
  • Generate Automated Basic and Custom Reports

On this occasion of honour and moment of pride, we want to take the opportunity to thank you for your constant support and for being a part of our valuable journey. This feat would not have been possible without your support, continuous feedback and encouragement and showing us the way to improve ourselves.

Being a part of the HR Software Industry for several years, this is one of our greatest achievements along with the 100% satisfaction of our clients. Without supportive and cooperative enterprises like you on our journey, this would have been far from possible.

We believe that what we have achieved is not singularly our achievement but the result of the constant efforts, support and cooperation of each and every member on our team and every entity who have been along our journey including our clients, partners, vendors, employees and everyone within the ‘Bizex ecosystem’. It is your moment of honour as much as it ours and we strive to continue to put more value into your business and simplify your operations through our innovation and technologies.

We are extremely grateful that you have chosen us as deserving and have invested your time and trust in us, which has encouraged and upheld each and every of our endeavours. The key highlights are:

  • HR
  • Payroll
  • Attendance
  • Recuritment & Onboarding
  • Facial Recognition
  • Performance
  • Expense
  • Leave Management
  • AI-Based Performance Management

Platforms available on

Web, Windows, iOS, and Android

We are not stopping after this achievement and we commit towards future innovations and further improvements that can enable us to build the most valuable HR Management and Benefits platform. Through your constant support and inspiration, we can achieve greater success in the near future.

We look forward to many more years of collaborations and constant cooperation from you and promise to only climb higher and carry this legacy of being the best organizations to work with further.

Safe Entry to Workplace with Facial Recognition Attendance System

The facial recognition attendance software is the new-age participation following component ideal to make a safe, COVID-Free workplace.

Participation following is indispensable to all associations independent of size and industry. The administration should track and record participation precisely as it is straightforwardly associated with other HR segments like payroll, leave, and so several other participation methods. The executive system has seen a huge change over a brief period. From manual registers to greetings, tech-savvy participation following instruments and innovation has changed the entire manner in which associations deal with their representative’s work timing. Subsequent to geotagging and geofencing, the facial recognition attendance system is the new age participation global positioning system and is presently being broadly acknowledged around the world.

To watch advancements and expand its mechanical capacities, the association supports its delegates’ investigation exercises, giving the indispensable resources for discovering. The system goes through testing innovative instruments and strategies; they assemble models and report the experience gathered. This new method of the face recognition software system will maintain office admittance to the executives. It would enable delegates to get to the work environments without checking in with their ID cards.

Bizex: Enabling the facial recognition participation system programming for its workers

Bizex provides the best HR software that empowers a total face recognition programming system following the Covid-19 conventions. It is the ideal decision for a touchless attendance system or facial onboarding system programming during the passage to office access. Bizex brings the perfect device and system for organizations searching for a complete facial recognition software expert for the entire representative. Even if the employee is working from home, the time period until the work hours end would be calculated and would be stored automatically using the facial recognition attendance software.

Advantages of Facial Recognition Attendance Mechanism

The facial recognition software system is ongoing and contact-less participation following programming particularly significant in the current pandemic circumstance. The working environment won’t be similar post COVID. In spite of the fact that the pandemic keeps on flooding, organizations are attempting to continue their on-premise activities to guarantee business coherence. Under such conditions, worker well-being and security are of principal significance.

Some reasons to choose the Facial Recognition attendance system:

  • Surveillance is the first thing to start with. With the assistance of facial recognition, it will be simpler to find any criminals, cheats, or different intruders. On the administrative level, facial recognition can help distinguish psychological militants or some other law-breakers with the assistance of the face check.
  • Real-time attendance following – Track participation of dispersed labour force ongoing with effectiveness.
  • Error-free– The facial recognition software conveys precise information with insignificant human mediation and can diminish errors like amigo punching.
  • Faster handling – The way toward perceiving a face takes a second or less and this is extraordinarily valuable for the organizations. During the situation when consistent digital assaults and progressed hacking apparatuses are hampering the securities, organizations need an innovation that would be both secure and quick.
  • Seamless incorporation with the system – This attendance system can be effortlessly coordinated with other HR parts like payroll and leave. It can rapidly scale up and measure immense quantities of facial IDs in coordinated and point by point ways inside the information base.
  •  Automation of recognizable proof – In the past days, safety officers needed to perform manual ID checking of an individual that took a lot of time and didn’t flaunt high exactness. Be that as it may, today facial recognition attendance system is totally autonomous in the ID cycle and accepts seconds as well as staggeringly precise.
  • Improved wellbeing and security – One of the essential focal points of the facial recognition system is the expanded realness and wellbeing. At the point when facial recognition innovation is introduced around the organization premise, it recognizes the approved staff and gives tied down admittance to the enlisted team as it were.
  • Reports – With extensive detailing abilities, the administration can follow the sign in and log-out of workers, figure participation-based wages, see the missing rundown, make important moves, and get representatives’ very own data.
  • Low-cost participation is the board arrangement with high-speed facial recognition – Facial recognition system is a practical elective that can be handily coordinated to any keen gadget. It is unfathomably effective as it can distinguish faces in milliseconds with its speed filtering usefulness.

This new-age participation instrument is considered as ongoing participation in the executive’s arrangement. In this pandemic situation, touchless attendance systems are selected by organizations as a skilful innovation to guarantee working environment security and productivity.

Key features of Bizex to enable the facial recognition attendance system

Bizex saves in investing in multiple devices and stressful manual tracking by choosing the facial recognition attendance software.

It is a secure attendance management module for businesses to ensure a touchless attendance system to the workspace. It is a great opportunity to help companies maintain safe workplaces.

Bizex is providing services for different organizations to set up the facial recognition attendance system software for the security of its employees. There are entry points or entry display boards where one has to get their face scanned before entering. A touchless recognition system is a holistic approach to technology inbuilt.

This system is being installed in shopping malls, metro stations, offices, and other organizations where the faces are being scanned for identification, whether people are wearing masks or not.

The basic thing is that the software would help in fighting this Covid-19 situation where attendance is taken without having to touch any device or equipment.

The facial recognition framework is ongoing and contact-less participation following programming incredibly important in the current pandemic circumstance. Despite the fact that the pandemic keeps on flooding, organizations are attempting to continue their on-premise activities to guarantee business congruity. Under such conditions, workers’ well-being and security are of vital significance. Bizex is looking to provide a perfect post covid workspace to representatives, and a touchless attendance system is an initial move towards it.

Bizex support for your COVID-19 Crisis response

In the current business circumstance during the COVID 19 pandemic, representative commitment has gotten on the very pinnacle of noticeable supremacies for human asset supervisors and specialists in companies because of lockdown. It is time to decide on new methods regarding maintaining the commitment of workers by different organizations during the Covid pandemic. Companies these days are continually creating innovative and powerful methods to draw in the representatives during this difficult stretch.

Employee engagement software is a classification of using programs that companies use to build representative occupation fulfilment and hold capable specialists. The objective is to help workers become consumed in the mission and culture of their association, and in this manner, be more profitable and successful.

Employee engagement software is a genuinely necessary instrument in this circumstance because of the pandemic conditions prevailing and the pressure of such ordinary work hours from home. Most present-day employee engagement software is managed by the HR divisions and is sold on a membership premise as programming as assistance. This kind of programming may likewise be known as workforce engagement programming.

Worrying about the disengaged workers might be pushing the recruiters to consider purchasing employee engagement software. Phone and online contact and administration focuses are among the greatest clients for employee engagement software programming to battle worker burnout, stress, and turnover.

Bizex: Enabling the employee management software as Covid-19 support program

Bizex helps for the improvement of such portable applications, which draw in perpetual full and low maintenance representatives and unexpected specialists who are regularly on their cell phones or not at a work area.

Bizex is the best HR performance management tool that enables a completely automated employee engagement software technology and is the best choice for seamless, convenient, and profitable engagement of the employees. Bizex is the best choice for businesses looking for complete automation of the entire employee engagement.

Bizex employee maintenance tool uses advanced cloud-based technologies to simplify the process of employees working through complete automation. The platform is designed to provide a stress-free environment, and the workers can focus on doing hassle-free work for the company.

Bizex is providing services to different organizations for employee engagement software, and there are various gaming options and links included in their software.

Employee performance is like earning points through various games and tasks performed.

The HR performance management tool of Bizex is about HR will management tracking the points earned by employees, and that will be taken into consideration during the increment procedure.

Facial recognition software is about installing devices in an office where attendance will be done without touching anything. This is for people who are coming to the office.

For the people who are working from home, selfie attendance is being included in their smartphones, where the employees have to take selfies and get the attendance process done.

Geo tracking system is also included where the employees who are on work from the home status will be provided with the software. Under this system, the latitudinal and longitudinal location is tracked. When the employee comes into the location, the working system will be automatically logged in, and when the employee goes out of that location, the system gets logged off.

Here are some of the benefits of using such employee engagement software:

● Employee performance software is the basis where the performance of the employees is being checked automatically on the basis of the tasks or skills that are being attributed to the employees. The employees or the team leaders are given task points on the basis of their work efficiency and by looking at the other beneficiaries. The task points are upgraded continuously.

● Extracurricular activities or such recreational events, which could be created by HR for the engagement of the employees, can also help in the improvement of employee performance.

● Performance points can be used for the up-gradation of the work of the employees, which could be used later during the appraisal time for the increment of their pay.

● Gamification innovation adds amusement, fun, and rivalry highlights to customary work errands. For instance, labourers and agents can contend by collecting focuses by addressing tests and baffles and outperforming certain key presentation pointers.

● Employee recognition is a typical part of representative engagement stages. Numerous merchants likewise sell specific programming that companies use to perceive groups and people for accomplishments, reward representatives – either with money or advantages, for example, gift vouchers and retail limits – and appropriate inward news about specialists and advance corporate wellbeing innovation and wellbeing programs.

● Employee criticism instruments empower workers to communicate their sentiments and thoughts regarding authority, friends, and work subjects and approaches. Moment or “heartbeat” representative studies and other assessment gathering strategies likewise are mainstream criticism apparatuses.

● Online benefits programs are another element of some worker engagement programming system. Workers can see and choose protection and different advantages on their cell phones or personal computers.

Industry trends

The employee engagement software market is generally youthful, without a reasonable pioneer and numerous little to fair sized sellers competing for clients. The seller scene for creative innovation for representative engagement is growing, especially in instructing and execution, correspondence, learning and vocations, estimation, prizes and recognition, and wellbeing and prosperity. Significant human resources executives (HCM) merchants are likewise adding worker engagement highlights to their system.

Worker engagement is characterized as the passion venture representatives make in their companies. It is the enthusiasm, inclusion, and inspiration they bring to work, which they use to control their work. Drawn in workers relate to the objectives of the association and adjust their own objectives to the association’s objectives.

The worker review portion of the market is showing development. Notwithstanding continuous reviews, advances, for example, assumption examination and hierarchical organization investigation programming, are getting all the more generally accessible, as are open criticism frameworks that naturally approach peers for reactions to improve worker execution.

Employee engagement software is an enthusiastic state where we feel enthusiastic, vivacious, and submitted toward our work. Thus, the employees completely contribute their best selves–their hearts, spirits, psyches, and hands–to the work they do. Bizex is dedicated to serving companies with the best of the services regarding employee engagement and performance management tools.

8 Tips for Managing Your Small Business Payroll

No matter the size of this business or the industry of its operations, payroll is one of the key concerns of most businesses. Payroll management might seem to be a very complicated task, especially for small businesses, when it is done manually. With the advancement of technology, small businesses are shifting to the utilisation of payroll software for faster, more accurate and efficient payroll management.

As a business owner or entrepreneur, everyone wants to ensure maximum operational efficiency and always tries to avoid any errors and omissions in business finances. Payroll management is a field of business operation that has several little nuances and minute details that need to be dealt with carefully. There is a lot of potential for making mistakes which can lead to confusion and can hinder operations. This is why every small business needs the best payroll software for small business.

The importance of reliable and functional payroll software for small businesses

Payroll management not only needs undivided and careful attention but is also extremely time-consuming when done through manual processes. This is where payroll software from one of the top payroll software companies in India can be very essential and can offer software with superior functionality that helps in seamless and efficient payroll management.

Bizex is one of the top payroll software companies in India offering highly functional and cost-effective payroll software that can take care of all kinds of payroll needs of businesses of all sizes and any industry.

Yes, we know payroll management for businesses is not an easy task. Be it processing paychecks, bonuses, or calculating deductions and the tracking of all documentation, payroll, even for a small business is hectic and complicated. Along with that you also need to comply with the legal mandates and relevant labour laws and compliances.

While the best payroll software for small businesses can help manage payroll more effectively, we have talked about 8 really simple tips that can help in efficient and effective payroll management for small businesses.

Check out the tips and save your time and resources when managing the payroll of small businesses! No matter the industry of operations, achieve great success and efficiency with these simple and expert-recommended tips to manage small business payroll.

8 Simple Tips To Help Manage Small Business Payroll

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses have to ask employees to work remotely. This has increased the burdens of the HR department and there is a range of HR issues that they need to deal with. This makes it very important for businesses to efficiently manage their payroll to avoid increasing burdens on HR.

These eight tips will help small businesses to manage payroll with maximum efficiency.

Being clear about the deadlines

Every small business needs to know about the accounting deadlines and employee returns which can help in efficient payroll management. With the deadlines clear to the organization, the employees can work well in advance and complete the process of payroll management with ample time in hand. This can be done more efficiently with a good payroll software system in place. Such a system can provide timely alerts about the tasks in hand and important dates.

Investing in the best payroll software for small business

The monumental step towards efficient payroll management is investing in functional and efficient payroll software. Such software can take away the entire stress of payroll and can help you invest that time and resource elsewhere for business development.

The best payroll software for small business can be a highly profitable investment and can help automate the entire payroll process for your business. It can effectively take care of every aspect of payroll including National Insurance for employees and tax calculations, generation of payslips for employees, and complying with all relevant legislations like Real Time Information (RTI). Good software in place can also take care of the documentation for end of year tax returns.

Choosing a good payroll software company for good support

A lot of payroll software companies in India offer payroll software. But when you go for one of the most reliable and preferred payroll software companies in India, like Bizex, you are assured to get best in class support for all your needs with the software functionality and operations. A good company offers 24×7 and instantly responds to any technical assistance needs fixing any technical issues and glitches that you may face or any additional assistance that may be necessary for operating the software.

Proper documentation and attention to details

Make sure every employee’s details are properly documented and recorded on your payroll system. From joining dates to the date of birth, ensure foolproof documentation and be attentive towards every detail. Efficient payroll software can help avoid any errors while recording such details.

Payroll software training

Along with efficient payroll software, you must also invest in training your HR and concerned employees about how to operate the system. Top payroll software companies in India offer payroll software training to small businesses to make sure you can make maximum use of the software and achieve greater efficiency.

Keep an eye on the payroll legislation

Laws keep changing in India. You must be aware of the changes in payroll regulations and all related major laws which can include topics ranging from employee benefits to tax changes. This can help you avoid any errors in the payroll process leading to legal consequences.

Keep a track of the cash flow

To avoid any shortage of funds when it is time to pay your employees make sure you keep a comprehensive track of the cash flow.

Outsourcing the Payroll Management Process

Along with the best payroll software for small business, you can also outsource the payroll process or hire a payroll manager with adequate knowledge and expertise in finance and accounting. This can relieve you of the stress and save your time.

Managing Payroll Is Not Rocket Science!

There, we have said it. Payroll management is not easy but can become very simple and seamless with the help of the best payroll software for small business. With the right system and with the above tips, you can efficiently manage your payroll and take your business to new heights of success!

How People are Moving to Automatic Attendance Management System

In every field, every industry and every walk of life, the advancement of technology has had a major impact bringing about major changes and dynamic shifts in a variety of ways. the attendance management system used by various organisations is no exception to the fact. With the world shifting towards automation and advanced technologies and software being implemented for more efficiency, productivity and profitability, automated attendance management has been the buzzword in the business industry. 

The traditional hand-written manual attendance entries have already become obsolete and a few handful companies that still use such systems for attendance management are soon going to look for a more efficient and effective alternative. Time and attendance management of employees is always a major responsibility of HR departments or respective personnel and the management within any organisation. 

Several major companies all across the world including some of the largest MNCs and conglomerates have already implemented advanced and automated attendance management systems while several other businesses are following their footsteps. Along with that, the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has made it even more imperative for firms to make use of advanced technologies amidst the social distancing protocols and work from home operational modules adopted by several companies. 

An automated attendance management system or software can help businesses efficiently manage time and attendance of employees, be it in the office or even if the company is following the Work From Home module. These software does not only make the entire procedure more efficient and accurate but also offers several major benefits which include: 

● Saves time

● Saves energy

● Saves resources

● Reduces manual effort

● Minimizes any chances of errors and omissions

Moving towards automation with attendance management systems: Top trends to watch out for!

While a lot of businesses might not prioritise investing in an automated attendance management system, a recent article published in the Harvard Business Review states that a study by AffinityLive reflected that the U.S. economy loses $7.4 billion per day in productivity due to operational inefficiencies in the field of time and attendance management. Bottom line, an automated attendance and time tracking software can be extremely cost-effective and beneficial for businesses, of all sizes and kinds and lead to better productivity and profitability. 

That being said, several businesses have already taken the step towards automating time and attendance management within the organisation. Advanced fingerprint attendance management software like Bizex that offer biometric attendance software along with features like face recognition temperature and a variety of in-vogue technologies that can boost the management system and lead to enhanced productivity. 

That being said, there are a few top trends and features that are popular when it comes to automated attendance management systems. Let us look at some of the trending technologies and top features offered by advanced time and attendance tracking software like Bizex which are extremely essential in modern workplaces and the current scenarios where the world is dealing with a deadly pandemic situation. 

● Biometric attendance software

● WiFi-enabled employee attendance tracking systems

● Automatic employee time tracking

● Face recognition software for face recognition temperature, mask detection, face recognising attendance, and time tracking

● Advanced scheduling options

● Mobile timesheets

The tracking of employee attendance and time is essential in tracking business progress and leading the business towards success and future achievements. The old school manual time and attendance tracking have been deemed too obsolete and inefficient in comparison with modern time and attendance tracking systems. 

The benefits of modern automated attendance management systems

Comprehensive reporting of employee attendance can enhance productivity and effectively increase revenues. While such software often takes a backseat when businesses think of investing in such technologies, an enterprise that does not have a relevant and appropriate database that can help in setting the right goals and assessing business productivity will naturally not be able to achieve the desired results. 

There is a range of clear benefits of making use of attendance management software and technologies like biometric attendance software. Not just accuracy and efficiency but there are several other reasons why businesses of all sizes ranging from small businesses to international conglomerates and MNCs are preferring to automate their attendance and time tracking systems. 

Let us look at the key benefits of using an efficient attendance management system and how such technologies can help people move towards the automation of attendance and time tracking systems. 

Cost reduction and cost-efficiency

The most mentionable and key benefit of switching over to an automated time and attendance tracking system is the reduction of costs and the overall cost-effectiveness of such technologies. According to statistics derived from studies, companies spend $1,600 less per employee every year with the help of these systems. These technologies offer excellent ROI and the investments are returned in a span of a few months. 


Machines and software are made to be precise and accurate and remove the chances of human errors from a process. This biometric attendance software does not just enhance productivity and reduce costs but also streamlines attendance and time tracking of employees simplifying a major responsibility of the HR departments. This automated software makes the entire attendance tracking completely paperless while also eliminating the human errors that could have been possible by HR personnel.

Saves time and resources

It is not a very difficult thing to understand that a key benefit of automated attendance management software is the fact that such technologies help save a lot of time and useful resources. By automating the attendance and time tracking system, a major responsibility of HR departments is taken care of helping the HR personnel to focus on more important aspects within the organisation. 

The time saved by the use of such technologies can be utilised for handling other complex benefit processes. Time theft of misreporting of time is also effectively prevented by advanced biometric and face recognition software

Compliance, Scalability and Employee Satisfaction

From legal compliances that require the data of the fact that employees are being properly paid and accounted for to latest health compliances in the wake of the pandemic situation, making use of biometric attendance software and special technologies that enable face recognition temperature check and mask detection to ensure a healthy workplace environment, can be very effective and useful. 

An attendance management system that tracks attendance and time using face recognition software and fingerprint attendance management software ensures optimal cost reduction, balances the cost of hiring new employees and implements scalable business operations. 

Automate Your Attendance Management System: Make The Right Decision

Automation of the attendance management system of your business is the most profitable and sustainable decision you can make for the growth and long term success of your business. Making use of an advanced fingerprint attendance management software like Bizex, that has a range of advanced features like face recognition temperature and mask detection along with automated biometric attendance software can help your business get an accurate grasp over employee time and attendance and make the most appropriate business decisions.

So if you have been postponing that investment on a suitable attendance management system, now is the time to make the right choice and take action

Looking into the future of HR strategy for 2020

It is a common proverb that change is the only constant. The field of human resources is no exception to the fact. With the evolution of technology and the dynamic transitions of work ethics and culture within enterprises all across the world, it has become quintessential for every HR to adapt to the new systems and trends. For instance, the latest trend in the field of HR and HR management is the process of automation enabled by highly efficient HR software with a range of capabilities.

Most of the modern technologies have been designed and targeted not to replace HR professionals but to make their job easier. When we talk about HR management software, one of the most mentionable features or technological advancements is the use of AI for the future of HR operations. Artificial intelligence is one of the most researched aspects of technology that is being implemented in various fields across several industries.

AI can make a real impact on the future of HR strategy for 2020, amongst other mentionable factors that are critical to the future and advancement of HR strategy. Automation and efficient cloud HR software can seriously change the ways of HR operations and simplify the process to a vast extent.

The future of HR strategy: Automation, AI, and Cloud HR software

According to a journal published by Deloitte, it is predicted that in the most possible future scenarios that can be estimated through research, the way we know modern HR operations would not exist in the future.

It has been noticed that due to the availability of adequate capital various new enterprises are investing heavily in advanced technologies to simplify and streamline business operations. The automation of complex tasks in this modern world of technology is not something unnatural and is moving at a much faster than expected rate. In fact, several professions have become obsolete due to modern machines, and quite a few remaining ones have become extremely challenging.

When it comes to HR operations, modern technologies such as AI and Virtual Reality (VR) are extremely popular. Cloud HR software like Bizex, that makes use of such technologies are being extensively utilized to streamline HR operations and help companies build healthy and long-lasting relationships with its employees.

No matter the size or the kind of company, employees have a considerable extent of interaction with the HR departments on a daily basis. Be it service-oriented interactions, or be it training and development, the HR department must take responsibility to ensure that the needs of the employees are perfectly matched.

The current state of HR vs Looking Into The Future of HR strategy

In the journal published by Deloitte, a very important thing mentioned is the fact that “The first critical thing that will decide the future of Human Resources is the quality of employee-employer relationships. The quality of relationships can either improve in terms of stronger, more long-lasting relationships, where the employer is perceived as a trusted partner in personal career development. Or on the other hand, the quality of the relationships can decline as they become less stable and more fragile, while the role of the employer is reduced to a provider of work.”

It is not uncertain that the above-mentioned point essentially depends upon the balance between supply and demand for work, the extent of employee loyalty, and the essentiality of a healthy work-life balance and workplace environment. In modern times, employees have a lot of expectations towards their respective HR departments or HR personnel and look for transparency of processes within the company.

There is a wide range of challenges faced by the HR departments of different companies on a daily basis. Quite contrary to common conceptions, the role of HR extends far beyond simple hiring of new candidates. And that is where automation, HR management software, AI and other such technologies come into play.

In a recent survey conducted by Accenture within their own facility, it was noticed that for more than 1,000 senior executives, attracting, retaining and developing skilled talent was a key concern within the company.

According to David Gartside, Managing Director of the Future of HR Research Program in the Accenture Talent & HR Services Practice, “With talent at the top of the agenda for many members of the C-suite, including the CEO, HR has a tremendous opportunity to have a significant impact on the business.”

What HRs did, what HRs do and what HRs will be doing?

Now if we look into the recent past or current state of HR operations, typically HR departments of organizations have taken care of a few important and critical aspects of any business which include:

  • Adapting to the needs of a constantly changing workplace environments.
  • Ensuring increasing efficiency in the HR processes.
  • Cost management and minimization while catering to the company and individual employee needs.
  • Streamlining transactions and aiding employees comply with policies.
  • Improving employee-employer interactions and relationships.

But this is not the end of modern HR departments. Rather it extends far beyond these stereotypical roles of the HR departments. The primary concern of every HR must be to ensure effectiveness and contribute to better company decisions about talent, apart from just enhancing efficiency.

This calls for a change in the ways and strategies of HR in 2020. From extensive and high-level planning to the implementation of new and advanced technologies like HR management software can help enhance daily HR operations and deliver increased effectiveness at the tactical level. Through automation aided by an efficient and comprehensive cloud, HR software like Bizex finding practical solutions to specific problems and positively impacting the new hire can become extremely simple and convenient. From a workforce-performance issue to employee retention, reduction of attrition and enhanced employee loyalty, a look into the future of HR can be quite surprising in the wake of modern technologies.

HR Management Software: The driving change in the future of HR strategy

An efficient cloud HR software stands to be monumental in the future of sustainable and practical HR strategy. It will be the standpoint of helping HR departments adapt to the changing trends of workplaces and adapting to a highly dynamic environment. Modern technology is multifaceted. This makes it necessary for every HR professional to develop strategies that can be ideal for the utilisation of modern technology, automation and HR software.

How automation and efficient HR software can help in changing the HR approach?

Modern technology, AI-based cloud HR software and others do not just reduce the job of HRs but also help you explore new dimensions and more often than not greatly enhances the profitability of a business through improved productivity and operational efficiency. Here is how they can redefine the field of HR and revolutionise the field of HR approaches:

  • It helps HRs get an integrated approach to talent management.
  • With AI and advanced analytics, you can make better and more profitable HR decisions.
  • Automated HR management software can help extend HR and talent management out to the workforce.
  • An efficient HR software like Bizex offers a range of advanced tools like advanced recruiting tools which can immensely simplify the job of HRs.
  • Cloud HR software can help you store all data, sensitive and essential information, and employee details and can help enhance the efficiency and agility of the HR operations and also enable better HR-employee interactions.

In the age of “digital HR” making use of the latest cloud HR software and latest technologies in the field of HR operations is an extremely essential task to enable maximum operational efficiency.

The Age Of Digital HR: Using HR software and other tips to take a step towards the future

While there are a lot of things influencing and affecting the field of HR operations in modern times, there are a few things to be done to successfully and seamlessly adapt HR operations for the “age of digital HR.”

Let us take a look at a few things that can be done to enable more efficiency and effectiveness of various HR processes in the future:

  • Making an impact on the new hires with better use of technology
  • The future of HR relies on advanced cloud HR software and the advanced coordination between AI-based bots and human workforce.
  • Ethical AI, conducting AI audits and testing.
  • Soft skills enhancement
  • Enhancement of Workplace Environment through effective auditing physical, emotional and environmental attributes within an organisation.

Coming To The End: AI For The Future of Work

Research conducted by Oracle and Future Workplace among 8,370 global HR leaders, hiring managers and employees revealed that half (50%) of workers already make use of some form of A.I. at work. The numbers are up from 32%, as seen in 2018. As Gartner predicts, by 2021, 25% of workers will use a virtual employee assistant (VEA) on a daily basis, which is an increase from less than 2%, as seen in 2019. This may include a range of modern and advanced HR management software like Bizex which make use of AI and conversational bots for all types of HR processes.

All that being said, the future of HR and how it impacts the new hires, as well as the overall business operations, would be reliant on the use of appropriate cloud HR software and the advanced coordination between technology and human intelligence. We hope that the best is yet to arrive!

5 Benefits of Implementing Performance Management Software

Performance management and managing the personnel within an organisation is one of the major challenges faced by HR departments of various companies and organisations. There have been several major and dynamic transitions in workplaces all across the world. From the globalization of teams to fulfilling the needs of sustainable and improving employee engagement, efficient HR management processes. Performance management software can be the most ideal and profitable solution for managing employees within an organization.

In today’s workplace scenario, the implementation of a range of performance management tools in appropriate ways can enable HR departments and managers to effectively evaluate the performance and productivity of the employees and lead to the more efficient, streamlined, and beneficial operational procedure. When talking about employee performance management software, there is a range of benefits and advantages of utilising such technologies within an organisation.

Employee Performance Management Software: Things You Must Know Before You Make A Decision

Before we go on to discuss the top benefits of implementing an efficient performance management software within an organisation, let us talk about some of the key considerations that need to be made while implementing such technology and reasons why such software is of paramount importance to the growth and success of a certain organisation.

Getting the right performance management tools to ensure an efficient and streamlined workflow within an organisation is not a simple job. But with relevant knowledge and the consideration of appropriate factors, you can make the right choice.

If it comes to expert opinion and an ideal employee performance management software that offers all-inclusive features for a versatile range of applications, then Bizex is one of the most efficient and advanced platforms offering complete and comprehensive features for all kinds and sizes of organisations.

No matter what kind of managerial or HR goals you may have and the kind of efficiency you want to achieve through performance management, Bizex offers a highly integrated and advanced platform for all kinds of needs and purposes.

How it helps?

While automation and advanced technology are taking over the field of various business processes, the Human Resources sector is no exception. Amongst a range of advanced AI-based software and the use of data analytics for a variety of HR processes, performance management tools are one of the most important aspects that witnesses the shift to automation.

The proper and prompt implementation of these tools and technologies is quintessential to the success of an organisation and imparts the ability of successful workforce management to the HR departments.

Here are a few important points to consider while you decide to implement performance management software for a more efficient workforce and productivity management within your organisation while also making the HR processes more streamlined and efficient.

  • Preparing a comprehensive project plan and a team for implementation
  • Defining and discussing the requirements of the business ahead of making a decision and implementing a software
  • Proper documentation of business requirements
  • Selecting the right employee performance management software
  • Internal buy-in
  • Appropriation, testing and system configuration of the software to optimise it for the business
  • Setting up support arrangements
  • Planning the line of communications

The Top Benefits of Implementing An Efficient Performance Management Software

As you read, you will find out the top five benefits of implementing a highly efficient employee performance management software to streamline your HR processes and enhance workflow processes and business productivity in a simplistic and sustainable manner.

According to research and statistics, consumers are set to produce an approximate of 1.7 megabytes of data every few seconds by the end of the year 2020. With such an extensive data landscape, manual data management for enterprises will become practically impossible. While big data is gaining more and more popularity, functional and efficient employee performance management software and tools are becoming more and more relevant and essential in monitoring performance and improving the quality of workflow and productivity and ensuring employee development within an organisation.

As defined by Aguinis (2013), “performance management is defined as a method of continuously identifying, evaluating, and guiding individual and team performance and ensuring that employee performance is in line with the firm’s goals.”

The primary reason why more and more companies are shifting from performance appraisal towards aiming at the implementation of employee management software is to ensure the optimum and effective use of human resources within the organisation. From employee development, employee roles are tied to firm goals, inspiring higher performance in employees, improving employee morale, and streamlining integration between human resources and development activities, and offering a platform for 360-degree feedback, there are a variety of benefits of implementing such performance management tools.

It must be said profitability of such technologies, the sustainability and overall benefits easily outweigh the costs and challenges involved in the process of implementation.

Let us now take a look at the top five benefits of implementing a functional and efficient performance management system.

Employee Development Opportunities

Every employer and HR department must ensure that every employee feels to be an important part of the organisation. This can be ensured through the combination of career development, personal and professional growth, as well as progression in the course of the job. But ensuring this systematically and equally to the workforce is extremely challenging both for startups and large enterprises.

This is where an effective and efficient technological tool can play an important role by enabling the integration of advanced performance management solutions, career pathing solutions and helping employees evaluate their own skills, establish sustainable career paths, and comprehend job competencies. It also helps employers make the most of their talent over time through career pathing capabilities.

360-degree timely feedback

A key and continuous benefit of a performance management software is the facility of 360-degree feedback both for employees and employers. It enables the accurate and timely delivery of feedback both ways. From performance appraisals in real-time to the management of performance review framework for every employee and also offering a platform for employees to express their opinions and expectations from their employers, an employee performance management software is the perfect and most sustainable platform.

Enhancement of productivity and alignment of corporate goals

The primary use of performance management tools is to enhance productivity and streamline the entire operational procedure. Along with productivity within the organisation and utilisation of human resources, this software creates a culture of collaboration and help employers share greater organisational goals with each individual employee.

Businesses can clearly spell out their expectations and how each employee’s performance can help meet those initiatives over time. This can seriously impact productivity in a positive manner by boosting employee morale and employee engagement, and enhancing the performance of employees.

Increased engagements and improved quality of interactions

One of the most mentionable benefits of implementing performance management tools is the ability to enhance and increase employee engagement over time within the organisation. While this can be a pretty difficult job for HR engagements and pose numerous challenges, functional software can simplify the process and deliver top-end results. It is also a fact that the traditional performance review process is extremely stressful both for the employees as well as managers,

An efficient performance management software can streamline the processes from end to end and simplifies the challenges faced by the HR departments. The burdens on HR and management teams is significantly minimised as well. Through increased and meaningful engagements and interactions, employees feel more attached to the company which leads to better overall results for the organisation.

Training and development from management and closing skill gaps

HRs and managers can figure out the individual needs and skill development requirements of each employee through suitable performance management tools. A premium performance management software like Bizex has a variety of integrated features and add ons that can help in managing the skills gap among employees. The management can also offer appropriate training and targeted development for each employee based on their unique requirements.

From career pathing tools to helping employees chalk out their desired job trajectory and enabling the management to figure out the ideal talents to fill in organisational gaps, a performance management system can be a huge boon for organisations of all kinds and sizes.

Summing It Up

Along with the above benefits, there are a variety of other key benefits of an efficient and functional employee performance management software. From organisational benefits like enhancement of organisational performance, employee retention and loyalty, and improved productivity, to clear communications, and employee benefits like clarification of job accountabilities and improved performance, with ultimate job satisfaction, advanced and effective performance management tools can redefine your business dynamics.

Choosing a versatile and advanced performance management software like Bizex can help in streamlining the entire HR operations and enable effective and sustainable performance management with minimum hassle and minimum time consumption. You know what you have to do next, don’t you?

Most Common Mistakes Companies Make Concerning HRM Operations

No matter how long you are running your business- be it a month, a year or a decade you surely know the importance of Human resource management (HRM) operations. It is impossible for an organisation to create and build a great team of excellent working professionals without great Human resources. This team looks into various needs of the company such as the recruitment, training, motivating employees as well as encouraging workplace communication, appraisals according to performance and many more. Your company won’t last long if your employees aren’t receiving their paychecks on time or getting the benefits according to their hard work or lack training to handle the technology.

 However, you can avoid all these and we are here to help you identify the most common mistakes companies make concerning the HRM operations. Proper research and analysis of various companies have led us to these most common mistakes and we know it is going to be extremely beneficial for you. Doesn’t matter if you are just starting out with your company and planning to have an efficient HR team or wish to bring reforms in your company management. These tips must be followed before you take any decision. So, here are the 5 most common mistakes made by companies concerning the HRM operations:

Obsolete employee Handbook All the businesses must have an up-to-date employee handbook, no matter how small or big the organisation is. This book can be viewed as the corporate bible. Therefore, it is extremely important that the handbook is complete and up-to-date. If your employee fails to follow a certain rule that is of utmost importance to you and it’s not present in the employee handbook written in plain English, you lose your chance of legal recourse. Be sure to write them all down in the company bible in order to guide your employees properly to what are the things that are acceptable and what is completely unacceptable.

Incomplete Employee files

If you want no compliance issues later, it is advisable and utterly important to keep records of all the documents and files attached to your employees’ working career. It must be ensured that all the documentation has been done correctly, successfully and succinctly. Certain things that must be kept in mind while creating the files are

Job classification

Mailing address

Residency status


Information on social security

Documents containing personal information such as the disability form or the leave forms must have a separate folder whereas it is considered good practice to ensure that the proper documents related to the performance of the employee are kept in the employee performance file.

Improper training

Properly trained employees enhance the efficiency of the company on a whole. Providing your employees with proper training is very significant and is considered as a valuable investment for the futuristic aspirations of the company. A training procedure during the onboarding of the employees will help them identify their strongholds and use their skills to perform better and enhance the performance of the company. They shall learn how to make use of their skills to bring maximum benefits to the company. The organisations that invest in training their employees have an added advantage of making their employees feel valuable and capable of putting in the best effort for their company. The employees must be told about their strengths and weakness through their performance report in order to bring the best out of them and ultimately benefit the organisation.

Improper Job description and impulsive hires

Recruit the best, to become the best! The employers must avoid impulsive and hasty recruitments and promotions. You must conduct an analysis of the exact skills you are looking for in the person you wish to hire and the reason behind the recruitment must be clear. The numerous hours of future hassle can be easily avoided by spending a few valuable hours in preparing a proper job description. The candidate you are interviewing might have some amazing skills however, it is significant to remember the skill set you are looking for. A detailed analysis of the job description helps you remain focused on the actual requirements you are looking for in the ideal candidate.

You must remember that vague job descriptions are a death sentence for business operations. If the job description is not proper the functioning of the company will go haywire because the employees will be utterly confused with their prescribed job roles, ultimately bringing down the company along with themselves. Some of the details that must be kept in mind while creating a job description are :

Certifications or skillset required

Physical requirements (Standing, sitting, lifting heavy weights etc)

Hours of work

The structure of the organisation (The person who needs to be reported?)

Poor HR policies

Dare to overlook at the internal HR audit, congratulate yourself for an added burden to run your business. It is highly recommended that proper time and effort must be given in auditing the HR policies and you must make sure that they are complete and in compliance with the current rules and regulations.

It is quite common among organisations to ignore the vacation pay-out policy or the disaster and violence in the organisation in their handbook. This might lead to employees quitting with unused vacation time. If they are not informed beforehand about the treatment of that time, they are sure to complain.

Unfortunate events are most likely these days. If thorough guidelines are provided regarding the steps that must be ensured during such situations, it saves a lot of time for the company and the employees when the disaster strikes. It will not just help the company bounce back in no time but shall also help the employees and the customers. Certain points that must be kept in mind while creating disaster plans are:

Evacuate or shelter in place during such situations?

How will communication be established between the employee during the disaster?

Who shall be the in-charge?

What are the pre-established responses?

Do the company possess an off-site place for the people to gather?

These plans will not just reduce your liabilities and stress but shall also save the company from extra loss to the already disaster-affected business.

Precaution is better than cure. These are certain points that must be kept in mind to avoid the mistakes that most of the companies make. A thorough and complete analysis has been done before coming up with these top five common mistakes. We care about your company and want only the best for your organisation. We are the best HR management software that you can look for not just in Bangalore but in the entire nation. We want you to avoid these common mistakes and get the most out of your company. If you have any trouble managing your payroll, we are always there to help you with our cloud-based HR and payroll software. Let’s stay collaborated and plan, organise and achieve together.

Employee time & travel expense tracking solutions during COVID-19

One of the most challenging aspects of HRM operations is keeping proper track of employee time and travel expenses. This is especially true for medium-sized and enterprise-level businesses that require their teams to go for different business travels. 

Getting this process right has never been more important than now. With the current COVID-19 pandemic causing downfalls in the markets, it has become crucial for businesses of all types to make sure that the finance and accounting part is done right. 

Below listed are several solutions that businesses can leverage to ensure proper record keeping of employees’ time and travel expenses. 

Why do you need employee time and travel expense tracking solutions? 

Precisely tracking your employees’ time and travel expense is integral to accounting success which, in turn, reflects on your company’s performance. With proper, structured solutions to keeping a proper track of your employees’ time and travel expenses, your accounting team can better address the business expenses which, in turn, helps improve the company’s finances.

Proper and precise tracking of time and travel expenses is also beneficial for the employees in ways more than one. The company’s management team can make better decisions when it comes to offering appraisals and promotions to the employees by properly analysing performance reports that are accurate and streamlined. It also helps the management team make sure that no reimbursements are left pending which, otherwise, can hurt the earnings of any given employee. 

1. Remote working expense policy

The only way forward for businesses to resume operations in the current COVID-19 pandemic is to transition to remote working. While this transition helps businesses maintain operational flow, it poses a major challenge by making employee time and travel expense tracking more intricate. Unlike in regular days where working hours and business travel expenses of the employees are accurately tracked, remote working comes as a major barrier and removes transparency.

One of the best and cost-effective solutions businesses can use in order to precisely tracking remote working business expenses is to create a work from home expenses policy. One effective approach for this idea is to make the policy simple and crisp by just highlighting the remote working expenses that will be covered by the company. 

Work from home expenses such as installing a broadband internet connection, and buying computer accessories and office supplies are a major inclusion. If your company offers food perks, you can also include it in the work from home expense policy list. 

2. Accurate expense tracking with credit card syncing 

Tracking your employees’ expenses, especially work from home expenses, becomes easy and streamlined if the expense data is directly collected from their credit cards. One of the best ways to do this is to use a payroll management software. 

Some of the best payroll management systems include the option of syncing employees’ credit cards. Based on your company’s general ledger, the expenses that come from the synced credit cards are automatically categorised. This, in turn, makes it easy for your company’s accounting team to get a detailed overview of each and every type of expense that is related to remote working. 

3. Offer quick reimbursements

Every little earning counts and every little spending matters for your employees in these current testing times. To provide support for your employees in the best possible ways, one of the best options is to offer quick reimbursements. Unlike in regular days where employees receive their reimbursements for extra expenses with their salary, offering support for covering their extra expenses as quickly as possible will work great in helping them develop a sense of belonging in the company. 

Apart from offering quick reimbursement support to your employees, taking this approach will also clear the pending reimbursement list. This, in turn, makes it easier for your company’s accounting team to do the month-end calculations. 

4. Create traveller profiles

Even if your entire team is working from home, some of your team members may need to visit client locations for business meetings. This essentially means that they need to make business travel expenses. 

Some of the best payroll management software includes the option of creating traveller profiles of your employees. Doing this helps you keep a proper track of all the business travel expenses such as cab bookings, flight bookings, hotel reservations, and food expenses. 

5. Choose a time-tracking software that functions outside of the company’s IP addresses

There is no doubt that dedicated time-tracking software works great in helping your company’s HR team keep a proper track of the working hours of each and every employee. However, one of the biggest downsides to such software is they often are designed to work just within the company’s IP addresses. Although this wasn’t a problem during the pre-COVID-19 times, it becomes infeasible for remote working protocols. 

If your team is working from home, it is important to transition to a time-tracking software that is designed to operate outside of the company’s IP addresses. With such time-tracking software in place, you and your management team are assured that each and every employee follows the everyday routine of logging in work hours. This, in turn, helps you and your management team to steer clear of discrepancies. 

Taking this step is highly important if your company outsources a significant part of the work to freelancers. It will help you make sure that the freelancers that you’re working with login the correct work hours and that you have a high level of transparency over it. 

6. Create work time brackets in advance

As discussed in the previous point, it is crucial for businesses to have a time-tracking software that operates outside of the company’s IP addresses. Also, it is equally important to follow a structured approach for precisely tracking the employees’ work hours. One such approach that you can take is to create time brackets or work time subcategories for each day. 

For example, if you already know the tasks that have to be done by your PR team, you or your reporting managers can assign the work by creating specific time brackets in the time-tracking software. This not only helps your management team keep a proper track of precise work hours reports but also use the reports to justify the monthly, quarterly, or annual performance of the teams. 

7. Create customisable expense categories

Not all business expenses are the same, this is true even when all of your employees are taking work from home. Sure, it is definitely a great step to have a well-structured work from home expense policy plan. But it’s equally important to have flexibility in the policy to make sure that the business expense adjustments are smooth. 

To ensure this type of flexibility, you can choose an employee payroll management system that allows you to create customisable expense categories. This way, adding extra types of remote working expenses (ones that are not included in the remote working expense policy) to the ledger and combining them with the regular remote working expenses becomes easy and streamlined. 

If you want to integrate a well-structured and streamlined employee time and travel expense tracking solution in your business as part of improving your companies overall operations, you can get in touch with our experts at [email protected] |+91 9632214173

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