4 Notable Advantages of Employee Engagement for an Organization & its Employees

Employee Enagement” isn’t particularly a brand-new term trending in today’s work cultures. It is a prominent concept that has been encouraged by great industry thought-leaders and business owners for bringing several benefits to an organisation. And yet, the benefits of employee engagement activities are often overlooked by organisations, which results in a non-dedicated workforce and reduced productivity.

According to a study by Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace, only 15 per cent of employees are engaged globally in the workplace. This implies that the majority of the workforce from organisations around the world are unhappy with their jobs and are doing the bare minimum to get through the day. Disengaged employees cost organizations in the US around $450-550 billion each year, which is quite alarming.

What is Employee Engagement?

The general definition of Employee Engagement might differ from person to person. To put it briefly, it is a workplace tactic used to ensure that employees feel connected to their organization, work harder, bring great results and motivate co-workers to do the same. It involves conducting a series of activities on a regular basis for employees to make them feel valued, encouraged and charged towards achieving their goals for the organization. Engaged employees are relatively happier, both in their personal lives and work lives, which provides them with an edge to deliver great performances throughout the fiscal year.

Let’s discuss some of the major benefits of staff engagement that orgnaizations must consider in order to perform better overall.

Boosts Company Culture

The culture of an organization reflects its values, environment and office rituals. A healthy work culture promotes creating a trusting environment and encouraging employees to continuously grow and reinvent themselves. On the other hand, engaged employees help in keeping the company culture intact as they exemplify the culture of Employee Engagement. This is mainly because engaged employees are always striving to keep the values of an organization’s alive everyday and also encouraging their peers and co-workers to do it.

Helps Organizations Retain the Best Talent

Best performing employees are the true assets of an organization and losing such valuable employees can incur huge losses. However, if an employee isn’t actively engaged with the organization, they are 12 times more likely to quit than actively engaged employees, according to this study. This is mainly because they may not establish a strong connection with the organization, translating to less effort from their side and more desire to leave when a better offer arrives.

Moreover, even your best talents may not be truly engaged. If they no longer feel challenged and satisfied at their job, they might also leave anytime they come across a growth opportunity. Hence, implementing Employee Engagement activities is even more important to retain such talents for the betterment of the organization.

Increased Employee Satisfaction = Higher Productivity

Employees tend to work harder when they enjoy their work and know that their efforts are being valued. Incorporating Employee Engagement to increase Employee satisfaction can involve providing them with an opportunity to fulfil their goals and passion beyond company profit margins. Additionally, employees who are succeeding and feeling satisfied with their contributions to their company are naturally more likely to work with full zest, be happy to come to work each day, outperform their competition and even enjoy a perfect work-life balance.

Increased Profitability

It’s no brainer that higher productivity due to engaged employees means increased customer satisfaction. You will often find immense passion in such employees that even your customers would appreciate and notice their energy. These employees are more inclined to put in the efforts to bring in more productivity, a happier sales force, and a more credible product pitch, which in turn enhances customer satisfaction to greater levels.

Furthermore, your happy customers keep coming back, bringing in more referrals to the company, which as a result, increases the company’s profitability.

Boost Employee Engagement with HRM Suite

Employee Engagement may be influenced by many factors including workplace culture, communication standards of the organization and managerial styles and company reputation. HR professionals and managers tend to play a huge role in ensuring the success of an Employee Engagement approach. Their major responsibilities include designing proactive workplace policies and practices aimed at attracting and retaining talents within an organization.

Investing in HR Management Software such as BIZEX for implementing Employee Engagement is deemed as a viable option for organizations as compared to the traditional performance review approach, especially in today’s remote work cultures. It helps organizations understand their employees’ state of mind, and promote activities that benefit the organization and the employees. It helps HRs and managers manage and track feedback from their employees, note their achievements and draw actionable insights from employee feedback.

In a nutshell, by implementing Employee Engagement practices in their regular workflow, a business can not only ensure employee satisfaction but also attracts high performance, improved productivity, customer satisfaction and high profitability down the line.

Reduce the Manual Tasks of Your HR Department: How Automation in HR Solutions Helps?

Be it a small business, a startup or a large global or multinational corporate firm, human resources departments play a key part in the operations of all kind of businesses. HR departments are responsible for a wide range of business tasks which also include key business activities like hiring. Under such scenarios, it is important to make the best use of these resources for maximum operational efficiency as well as the profitability of the organization.

Why HR Software and Automation Is Essential In Today’s Time?

The HR department requires advanced HR solutions as they handle several major aspects of a business including recruitment, onboarding, admin and policy management and a lot more. With the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the ways of business operations have changed. With the advent of modern technologies and advanced HR solutions, it has become essential for every business to make use of these technologies and solutions for the best utilization of resources.

According to statistics, HR professionals spend 12 hours each week on average to carry out routine tasks like answering calls, responding to emails and spreadsheet updations. This accounts for almost 30% of a generic 40-hour workweek. It is quite obvious that the more time HR professionals spend on manual administrative tasks, the less time they will be able to devote towards strategic HR operations that can help enhance the efficiency of business operations and contribute towards business growth and improvement.

In such cases, one may wonder how HR professionals can reduce the time spent on manual administrative tasks?

This is where automation comes into the scene. Automated HR software solutions can be highly effective and beneficial for the HR department of businesses across various industries and of different sizes. Automated HR solutions are designed to enhance the efficiency of HR professionals through various tools and applications like integrated hiring and talent management, as well as automated solutions for various other HR processes.

This can be a major element that helps businesses save time and money and make the best use of their human resources department. Ever since the inception of modern HR software that enables automation in the HR sector of businesses, businesses have been exploring the dimension of automation to enhance efficiency and profitability. From hiring new employees, training, as well ensuring that local labour laws compliances, HR processes are something that you cannot ignore within an organization.

A modern HR software in Bangalore like Bizex can help reduce the manual tasks of your HR department effectively. With the advent of such a highly functional and effective automation HR software, the HR arena has been rapidly transforming. HR professionals are constantly adapting to the changes brought about by modern-day automated HR solutions.

Automated HR solutions: The Areas They Cover

Reducing manual HR tasks has been the primary objective of several major organizations across India and the world. Automated HR solutions like Bizex are highly effective and useful under such scenarios and can help in the removal of several manual HR operations. As a matter of fact, studies have revealed that a lot of organizations with an annual turnover of more than $1 billion are making use of automation solutions to reduce HR staff and tasks.

The study also reveals that the best-performing HR teams have 32% fewer staff and that is only possible through the implementation of automated HR solutions. While surveys also suggest that 12% of employees think that AI and automation can impact their jobs in a negative way, a much larger percentage of workers and industry experts consider automation to have a positive impact on the HR industry.

There are several areas of HR operations and management that can be successfully automated with HR software like Bizex. Let us take a look at the areas where automated HR solutions can be highly beneficial and can be easily implemented for the best results.

  • Employee onboarding: One of the most tedious tasks that HR professionals have to perform manually and on a regular basis in the area of employee onboarding. This area includes a wide range of tasks like selection and collection of resumes and employee documents, providing access to company resources and tools to new joiners, raising requests for devices and business assets, and a lot more. With the help of effective and efficient HR software, these processes and tasks can be automated and executed effortlessly. Chatbots can also be used to answer simple queries of employees. In fact, AI-enabled hiring processes have been successful in accelerating the process by almost 33% as well as lowering the costs by up to 50%.
  • Performance Management: Automation can be useful in the area of employee performance management as well. From tracking employee performance to analysis, measurements and metrics of employee performance within an organization, HR managers can get great help from effective HR software in Bangalore like Bizex. Such software leaves no room for inaccuracy, inefficiency or biases in the field of performance management. It helps HR professionals to track the essential KPIs of the employees in a precise and accurate manner and ensure that they are aligned with the objectives of the organization.
  • Leave management: Automated HR software can be an effective and highly functional leave management solution removing the need for manual labour to handle the process. Bizex offers HR solutions where leave records and payroll are integrated and there is no need to keep the records manually. This helps in an efficient leave management system and on a single dashboard, all processes including applications, approvals, and checking of leaves can be done in an automated manner.

The Benefits of Bizex for HR automation: The Best HR Software in Bangalore

According to a KPMG survey, the top benefits of intelligent automation investments will lead to improved performance to up to 56% and the freeing of resources and staff who can perform more strategic works to up to 54%. Quite naturally, a lot of organizations are investing in top HR software in Bangalore, like Bizex. Some of the key benefits of the platform are:

  • Automated data collection, sharing and processing to improve productivity.
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Paperless documentation and processing
  • Insightful business reports for better decision making
  • Better HR data analysis
  • Accurate and foolproof HR task executions

With the help of automated HR solutions, businesses can make a maximum profit through increased operational efficiency. Bizex is one of the most trusted, efficient and highly functional HR software in Bangalore that can be the ideal solution to reduce manual tasks of your HR department.

3 Must Know Government Schemes for MSMEs

It is no news that the global economy is struggling after the huge blow of COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown restrictions combined with the new social distancing norms have changed consumer behaviour and the ways of business operations in today’s time. India is no exception to the fact and the Indian economy has been hugely affected by the pandemic as well. The market inflation, changing consumer behaviours, shifts in the market trends has led to a struggling business sector.

While the major and large brands and multinational companies have recovered the losses, some have even made profits during the times of the pandemic. Although this completely depends upon the niche of the business and how the COVID-19 pandemic affected its market, demand rate and user behaviour. Although, when it comes to MSMEs or micro, small and medium enterprises, a majority of them have been struggling in these difficult times.

In this article, we have talked about the three most important schemes announced by the government of India for MSMEs. Before we go into the details of these schemes, we must understand that these businesses are extremely important in the Indian economy. This has warranted the government to take extra steps and ensure their survival in times when the global economy is in recession.

MSMEs Play A Key Role In The Indian Economy

MSMEs have always been crucial in the Indian economy. They are a key source of huge employment generation opportunities that require comparatively lesser capital investments than the large enterprises. MSME have been the pillars of the industrialization of rural and backward areas of India and have contributed greatly to diminish regional imbalances.

These businesses require special attention in today’s time as they are an integral part of the Indian economy and ensure equitable distribution of national income and wealth. The Government of India, quite consequently, has been taking proactive measures to ensure that the MSMEs are able to survive the tough times imposed by the recent pandemic.

Not just during the pandemic, but even before that, the government tried to lend out some benefits in the form of some specialized MSME schemes to the MSMEs in time. Along with that, various announcements have been made under the Atmanirbahar Bharat Package to provide immediate relief to the MSME sector.

Let us take a look at the three most important and must know MSME schemes announced by the government. This also includes all relevant details, benefits as well as the eligibility criteria for each of the schemes designed to ensure the prosperity and growth of MSMEs in the country.

The Must-Know MSME Schemes And All Important Details

Collateral free automatic loans for businesses (Package worth: ₹3,00,000 crores)

A special scheme that applies to MSMEs and traders in the country, the benefits can be enjoyed by businesses with a total credit limit of 25 crores as on 29th February 2020. Along with that, MSMEs that have an annual turnover of under 250 crores are also eligible for this scheme.

This scheme applies to SMA 1 or SMA 0 accounts only. Although the government states that The Guaranteed Emergency Credit Line will be available till 31st October 2020, and considering that allocated fund of 3 lakh crore is still available. Any business applying for a loan under this scheme must be registered under GST if they are eligible and applicable for a GST registration.

The scheme mentions that any applicant enterprise’s  total outstanding amount must consist of WC loans, terms loans, and WCTL loans. In a case where there are multiple lenders, the business can approach various lenders to pay 20% of the amount each, under the scheme. A thorough CIBIL score and other lending credentials check is mandatory to verify the total outstanding amount as on 29th February 2020.

The total repayment period of the loan under this scheme is set to 4 years and the moratorium period on the principal amount is set at 1 year. The banks cannot charge any guarantee fees on the loan amount under this scheme.

Subordinate debt for MSEs

(Package worth: ₹20,000 crores)

The subordinate debt scheme was introduced by the government especially for the distressed MSMEs that fall under the SMA 2 or NPA category as of 30th April 2020. Although the account of the businesses must fall under the standard category as of 31st March 2020 as subordinate debt is a tier above normal debt and forms a part of the business equity.

The eligible loan amount under this scheme is 15% of the promoter’s stake or Rs. 75 lakhs, whichever is lower. The loan is granted to the promoter, who will then invest the funds in a particular MSME as equity. The repayment module under this scheme is fixed by the lender, although a maximum limit of 10 years is set. The moratorium period can be a maximum of seven years on the principal amount.

The rate of interest on loans under this scheme is based on the guidelines mandated by the Reserve Bank of India. All public sector banks, private sector banks, as well as foreign banks can lend to stressed MSMEs under this scheme.

Equity infusion for MSMEs

(Package worth: ₹50,000 crores)

This is a specialized scheme for growing companies and it was announced by the Government on 13th May 2020. The scheme works in a Fund of Funds system and will be operated as a mother fund and multiple daughter funds system. The Government will invest 10,000 crores in funds and will then multiply the amount and bring it to 50,000 crores which will be invested in MSMEs in need of help.

It will also help MSMEs in the country to get listed on the main board of the Stock Exchange. The scheme will work in a way that the calculations of investments on plant, machinery, or equipment are linked to the ITR of the previous years, in accordance with the IT Act.

Under this scheme, all tangible assets will be taken into account with an exception to land, building, furniture, and fittings of the business. For new businesses, the calculation of the investments is on the basis of self-declaration and the invoice value of the tangible assets of the same. All export turnover will be disregarded and will be linked to the self-declaration and GSTIN of the enterprise till the date 31st March 2021.

Final Words

Along with these three must-know schemes for MSMEs during these distressing times, there are many other schemes announced by the Government of India. You can also download the publishing to check out the details of other schemes announced by the Government.

The Future Of Work: The Workplace In 2021

The pandemic has turned the world upside down and altered the conventional paradigms of our lives and existence. The application-centric economy and digitization, which was in place for a few years, got accelerated by this pandemic hit. The last year being the most disruptive and unprecedented year was incredibly challenging for organizations in terms of working with the flexibility and overall well-being put ahead of unconstrained output. Streamlining business operations and HR stands a key challenge above all and this is where HR Software comes into play during this transitional phase. 

To accomplish this transition is the principal challenge that business leaders are facing at the moment. With all the technological advancements in the past decade, forecasting how the business world will shape in the future is fairly difficult. Employees have coped up with working remotely, but face-to-face connections with customers, partners, and colleagues, which were meaningful and satisfying, are missing. 

The Transforming Workplace of 2021: The Future Is Here

The loss of in-person events and conferences has made it harder to learn from industry leaders and connect with peers. Fortunately, HR professionals are intrinsically flexible and habituated to manage change by using several HR software and recruitment onboarding software. This makes them significant players in helping other employees adjust to this new work culture.

Even though it is difficult to predict what the future will look like, some variations are intended to happen. As a forward-thinking organization, preparations must be made to adapt to these changes and move forward. Let’s take a look at some predictions for 2021 and beyond that regarding the perspective of future work culture and employee satisfaction. 

Technology-Enabled Remote Work

The pandemic has made work from home the new normal for organizations as offices shut down to restrain the spread of the virus. Research shows that even if the pandemic declines, organizations will still enhance remote worker productivity. 

Many companies have already capitalized profoundly on technologies and related tools to effectively fund the remote workforce – such as video conferencing, partnership tools, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). However, when technology and remote work are combined, they come with their trials. New technologies pose data security apprehensions for both employers and employees. Varied available HR software can help the organizations in this regard.

Companies may face the likelihood of data breaches or threats. While many employees have been open to the flexibility of remote work offers, many are longing for the teamwork, innovation, and networking that the office environment provides. In 2021, employers will have to work on re-fabricating the workplace magic effectively by thinking of ways to combine office, retail, and other services on one platform.

Training And Education Led By Technology

In the future, AI and automation will play a superior role in how team members will learn innovative skills and technologies. A key advantage of using the up-to-date technology in training modules is in-the-flow learning, which offers employees the mandatory tools that they need to solve problems quickly while working so that they can return to their work environment with negligible interruption. 

In this method of learning, employees don’t need to go through long training videos or attend in-person conferences which may involve traveling in personal time. Teams will be reinstructed remotely and AI-powered training platforms will support the process. Recruitment onboarding software can help to get the appropriate workforce and retain the existing ones so that they can contribute towards increasing the efficiency of the organization. 

Focus On Employees’ Well-Being

Employee well-being, both physical and mental, has gained immense momentum and importance in this year of pandemic, along with other intangible aids of office space. Having realized the vibrant connection between productivity and well-being, employers and organizations are making suitable necessities to certify that the employees are contented, psychologically healthy, and fulfilled while working from home, and that ‘toxic productivity phenomenon’ does not sneak in while shifting to remote work culture. An efficient and sophisticated HR software like Bizex HR Software can help a lot in this regard. 

Value Of Freelancers In An Agile Businesses

Remote work can meaningfully affect the dispersal of the workforce geographically. As businesses adapt and become comfortable working remotely, they also comprehend the value of freelancers. Agility will remain on the highest priority for many organizations in these ambiguous times, hiring workers on a paid or pre-gig basis will become more interesting than onboarding full-time staff. 

Businesses are looking at this as a winning situation for themselves and the freelancers being taken on board. In the Gig economy, workers take up only part-time positions, allowing them to recurrently change jobs or work in multiple jobs for diverse businesses at the same time. Gone are days of working a 9-to-5 job. 

The gig economy empowers people to save numerous hours every day and efficiently utilize that. Recruitment onboarding software can help organizations appropriately plan their freelancing business.

Remote Hiring And Talent Acquisition

Due to the onset of this pandemic, several companies have adopted end-to-end online recruitment and on-boarding processes. Organizations are devoting their efforts, time, and resources to develop such hybrid models for improvement in productivity and efficiency of the workforce. Companies are adopting myriad HR software that will help in efficiently attaining this goal. 

Maintaining Transparency

From transparency in salaries, distinct job descriptions to translucency in company culture, the drift will be more in the coming years. Employees are looking for more stretchy, liable, and trustworthy relationships with employers. Companies with an open and transparent culture are attracting talents by using advanced Recruitment onboarding software.

Imagination, Creativity, And Innovation

Automation will not be even across occupations or industries. While some jobs will suffer, others will remain untouched. With the increase in optimization, decision making, planning, and goal-setting, normal imagination, modernization, and ingenuity will continue to rule in the business world.HR software will drive this change in a structured manner.

On An Ending Note

Summing up, 2021 will be a year of novel advancements and commotion, indisputably, but how organizations connect that change and retort to distractions will be the crucial factor in this race of who survives, who flourishes, and who fails. 

Organizations like Bizex with HR software and Recruitment onboarding software will become more useful and practical in real-world conditions, where work will be more engrossed in human abilities and needs. 

As much as HR software and Recruitment onboarding software are neededorganizations now need to continue to endorse well-being, think in terms of skills over processes, and use technology and human skills to an unsurpassed possible benefit. Let’s watch what the future has to reveal regarding the work cultures and environment in the year 2021. 

How Does Bizex Touchless Facal Recognition Feature Work?

Recent technology trends have enabled organizations to work efficiently and effectively. The usage of AI and machine learning algorithms has given rise to workforce developments in organizations. Cliques have called the face recognition system the most natural of all biometric measurements and say the technology is extremely precise, with very small differences in their rates of false-positive or false-negative evaluations across demographic groups.

However, some critics argue that it’s technology’s biggest mistake that produces too many false positives for innocent people who are recognized as culprits. The facial recognition software has been adopted by various organizations to help in workforce management as well as facilitating facial recognition attendance.

Face Recognition System: The Basics and Benefits

Before you dive into the intrinsic details of how Bizex touchless facial recognition works, let’s understand what it means by facial recognition. Face recognition system involves categorizing or authenticating someone using physical appearances and features of their face.

Numerous technologies exist, including 3-D, vascular and heat-pattern, and skin texture analysis. In the most predominant type of facial recognition software, algorithms recognize certain points on the face, such as the outline of one’s chin, and create a prototype for that person. It is most precise when users freely submit their facial images into a database.

When the individual approaches a facial scanner, the live image is captured and transformed into a template that is compared to the templates stored in the database. A match permits the user to commence some activity like logging into a computer network and working for facial recognition attendance.

Safety and Security

Facial recognition technology has been used innumerable times to recognize, ban, and capture criminal suspects. It can also be used to scrutinize documents, to identify lost children, to find human trafficking victims.


A face recognition system provides a passive, unified, and frictionless access solution for physical and logical access control systems. Users need only pause briefly at a camera and insert a hand or finger into a device. It is an entirely touchless system for your convenience. It can be used extensively for facial recognition attendance.

Excellent Customer Service

Retailers and other facilities use facial recognition to adapt the customer experience and cater to VIP services. It can be used to form smart digital signage and to streamline the checkout process. The facial recognition software can meet your organization’s needs to providing matchless customer service.

Advancement In The Field Of Healthcare

Facial recognition software yields almost 97% correct diagnosis and maintain a high-level accuracy in treating serious patients.

Bizex Facial Recognition Software: How It Works?

Below is a summary of the BIZEX Facial Recognition Attendance system. It is designed to empower the organizations to have simultaneous employee tracking and surge complete work efficiency across the departments.

Some of the distinctive features are:


Face Recognition Technology based solution senses the face and marks the attendance periodical certifying 98% precision while identifying, recording, training, and evaluating everyday work login of the employees.

Staying Secured

Once the workforce is in the office, they are secured as the face recognition technology also records the individual body temperature. The employee with a critical temperature gets instant alerts.


The attendance can be marked through mobile or even from a place with less or no internet. When the employee is working, just keep posted, and it is logged on.


There is no need to get rid of the mask or touch anywhere to lock the attendance for the day. With BIZEX, employees get a 100% guarantee of health safety as the attendance is verified without any physical contact.

Using the Facial Recognition Attendance system, the employee’s face is only the novel ID, substituting the access cards or the biometric fingerprint devices through the mask as well. All the uncertainties regarding hygiene and sanitation are eradicated to the best extent.

Real-Time Data

HR Department in the organization receives the real-time attendance data without any time-lag. It not only simplifies to augment the authoritative work hours but also launches unified operations in the organization and skillful use of resources as the data that is well-coordinated through technology without any manipulations or external tampering.

Marking remote presence

During the on-going unparalleled times, BIZEX offers the mobile-based solution as well to record the attendance when remote work culture is followed by the workforce. With the help of a face recognition system, organizations will know the exact location of their employees and get their attendance marked from anywhere, everywhere.

BIZEX Facial Recognition Attendance System is not only about generating a proficient and prolific environment; also it is about providing a safe and compliant workplace.

Facial Recognition System: Key Concerns Handled by Bizex

Let us now check out some Facial Recognition concerns:

Matching Errors

The accuracy of facial systems may be in doubt when the world of users is unlimited. Errors may also occur due to poor images, images taken at a bad angle, and bad lighting.

Privacy Issue

Immense data breaches are a regular occurrence, and the prospect of one’s facial image being stolen is upsetting.

Safety Of The Face Recognition System

Facial recognition is completely harmless. Scanning causes no harm to the face, and it is not meddling. Both ordinary and infrared cameras use light incidence similar to sunlight and infrared cameras.

Do you have any idea about the bias in facial recognition software? Face recognition accuracy bias can be eradicated by using some best practices which Bizex has made possible and removed all the key concerns to develop a highly efficient system.

Proper Training Data: It’s significant to train face recognition using varied faces across genders, age groups, ethnicities, and skin colours.

3-D Recognition: Companies must add 3-D face recognition using 3-D cameras as an additional recognition feature.

Improved Resolution Images: Face recognition systems should use high-resolution images. Video surveillance cameras that claim face recognition have poor data accuracy since they utilize low resolution with high field of view cameras mounted far away in a distant corner.

Final Notes

Bizex provides solutions of facial recognition software facilitating facial recognition attendance. Employee tracking and attendance marking have become convenient and simplified. It builds an engaging and content work environment that is beneficial for every employee.

The face recognition system is refining swiftly and offers an extensive and intensifying array of benefits. If used with proper controls, facial recognition is a crucial element in safety, security, healthcare, and many other areas.

5 ways HR tech can drive growth in your company in 2021

The recent pandemic has changed the way people used to look at things in professional and personal spheres. The 2021 trends are likely to be linked to the pandemic. If we discuss the HR domain, Human Resources is about how we handle people. Due to continuous progress in every sphere, technology is the impetus that has kept the world alive. 

Automation has become a part of every innovation, be it in the field of HR. Technology is playing a key role in making organizations ready to face the challenges of the post-pandemic world. We need to adapt and implement modernizations with HR Software. The team’s wellbeing can be taken care of by the management with the help of these inventions. 

There is a dire need for these advancements to manage the workforce and workflow efficiency. Tech innovations keep HR relevant, and so it is necessary to be in the frontline. Let’s delve further into ways HR Tech can drive growth in your company in 2021. 

  1. Transforming your home into the new office space

Even though the effects of the pandemic have lessened yet, it has not been nullified. Technology has been playing a major role in helping companies to cope up with this situation. HR trends are attracting drastic development, which involves either a fully equipped remote setup or changing any workplace protocols. 

Though work from home was a common occurrence for people in the IT domain before the pandemic, there weren’t many establishments with decent work from home policy inaction or those who were ready to go fully remote within a few days. Even there was a difference between countries around the globe in terms of work from home readiness that was notable. 

Well, it is not expected to transform every company, but organizations can adopt HR Management Software to achieve their goals.

  1. Reinventing an excellent employee experience

HR managers are doing their best to manage their teams in this remote set up so that it can enhance the employee experiences. HR will have to reform the employee journey and quantity of the simulated employee experience. Care has to be taken about the essentials like work-life balance, wellbeing, connection, and teamwork are vital both for employee fulfilment and the optimization of business results. 

Even, Fatigue management systems can be implemented to track how many hours or shifts employees have worked and alert managers when employees need breaks or vacation to reduce their chances of burnout. Physical health also needs to be scrutinized through tech-enabled employee health screenings to alleviate the risk of pandemic transmission in the workplace. Several emerging HR Software can be used to achieve these targets.

  1. Moving beyond generations and pressure to upgrade tech

More than half of the workforce is used to work in person and in today’s environment managing onsite and remote workers is even highly challenging. Millennials and generations X, Y, and Z have all been scrutinized, deciphered, prodded, and speculated about HR trends but the scientific proof of intergenerational transformations remains lean.

Through extensive research, we can find that generational differences are not that big as was anticipated. People work to earn money, maintaining a good work-life balance, and seeking professional career growth. To comprehend the workforce and develop talent strategies, we must look beyond group differences and gather acumens on individual employees’ welfares, principles, and aspirations.

HR functions demand changed workplace rules. Paper-based processes or outdated on-premise tools are no longer operative, keeping in mind the changing needs of people and organizations. There is an urgency to upgrade technology across all areas of an organization.

However, the critical functions of safeguarding timely employee payments, staying acquiescent with legal changes, and workforce demand forecasting are extremely important. These changes can be done with HR Management Software to be used in routine HR activities.

  1. Learning for driving business success

Continuously upgrading and updating the HR trends is the need of the hour. Rather than searching for HR professionals with future-oriented skills, organizations must focus on working to upskill the present team, ensuring that they acquire the required expertise for future use. Organizations can work on three prime capabilities for attaining this goal with the help of efficient HR Software:

Data Knowledge: HR professionals require the capacity to make data-driven and insight-based decisions to be true cut and thrust partner of the business. This includes the skill to read, appreciate, create, and connect data as information to inspire decision making.

Business Penetration: HR professionals must improve their business acumen. They need to understand the business, its stratagem, its clientele, and its framework. With a deep understanding of the business, they will be able to add extreme value.

Digital Incorporation: Digital HR offers the prospect to initiate and drive HR efficiencies, deliver the right HR strategy, and make a superior business impact through technology. This is one of the major skill gaps in HR and one that needs to be addressed properly in the new and remote environment setup. 

  1. Focus on Agility and Flexibility

With improved workplace technology, agility and flexibility are important. Companies that were able to regain pace quickly were most efficacious in the pandemic environment. When capitalizing on novel technology tools and systems, companies must guarantee the software they are procuring is configurable and instinctive for all team members. 

Due to pandemic, as the brick-and-mortar retailers have shut their doors and the e-commerce sector boomed, organizations had to modify and allot more staff to call centers and warehouses. The more flexible and agile a system is, the improved it is for a company to attain success and tackle these emergencies. 

We must remember that both digitization and automation ensure that the company reaches its maximum efficiency. Making the obligatory transition to easily shared services leads to improved employee involvement and augmented customization.

Final Thoughts 

The HR Management Software from Bizex can be adopted by organizations to make their systems agile and flexible enough.

On final notes what is mentionable is that the biggest perk of modern HR tech trends is not meant to replace people. Rather, it’s there to help make more evocative connections as professionals and to create more sustainable jobs for growth. Bizex’s HR Software can surely help organizations in achieving these goals. Let’s wait and watch for what the future has in store. 

The Need for Smart Attendance System

There are no second thoughts related to the importance of attendance for any kind of organization. No matter if they are big or small, every single company needs a refined employee attendance tracking system for maintaining their projects and tasks effectively.

It is very important for the management of that organization to have data of the real-time and attendance of every worker, so that they can handle all the tasks smoothly. All that is a very complicated and tough process to handle, especially it takes a lot of time for the workers, and still, sometimes the data can be wrong. This could become a big mess-up for the system.

But nowadays, when the world is changing dramatically, and the improvement of technology and all the automated systems for every single thing is now available for us, things are not as difficult as before. As we have already experienced that, the manual attendance tracking system is time-consuming and not a very efficient process for a group of workers. The smart attendance management system or the attendance management software which has features like face recognition capabilities can be a huge help in this scenario.

The smart attendance software of Bizex can recognize the managers and the employees effectively and organize them efficiently. So why wait? Choose the best employee attendance software of Bizex to get the customized services that you need for your company.


  • Technology has grown smart, and even sometimes we can compare them with the smartest of the humans as well. Employee attendance software comes into that category of technologies. This software can effectively recognize a person with his or her face in general.
  • This type of attendance management software can identify the employees of the specific organizations by using their fingerprints already stored with the company. This type of smart attendance software is very efficient in detecting the existing biometrics and face images. So the biometrics and the faces of workers that are already in the device can be easily recognized with a high accuracy rate.
  • When a face matches with existing data, they use it to mark the attendance of the worker. This is a very effective process that comprises face recognition features for the employees who manage the attendance records.
  • This technology of Automatic Facial Recognition is completely based on biometrics. This is used in the interaction of a human and a machine to manage the security systems, and it is also efficient in image processing techniques.
  • A smart employee attendance software with a modern face detection technology is a very effective technique to control all the movement of employees in real-time and with their day to day activities and can also be very efficient in detecting human faces automatically by detecting the real-time date, time, and area. So, this kind of smart attendance system can save a lot of time and money you waste on the normal fingerprint devices, and you can also reduce the number of your manual workers too.

Benefits Of A Smart Attendance System: How It Can Help An Organisation?

As we have already experienced and discussed how complex and time consuming it can be when working with the old manual employee tracking system, the smart attendance management system is very useful for you if you want to improve the ethics and work culture of your organization. Providing the data and biometrics of the workers in this software is a single time process and the smart software automatically saves the given data, biometrics, and face images in the database.

This is how the automatic attendance management software of Bizex can recognize the face of an employee. It simply uses a digital real-time image and matches it with the data you have already provided it. If the employee is present then the software updates the information in its database on a daily basis and the results you get from this smart system are more accurate for the management to work with.

Here we are going to mention a few important points for you so that you can be sure about choosing a smart attendance system:

1) The real-time information tracking – Mobile devices and personal computers can also be helpful for managing the attendance system efficiently and tracking employee activities.

2) Decreased errors – The smart attendance system is efficient to provide you the exact data with the lowest number of human intervention and can reduce the numbers of errors that happen with the manual system. At the same time, it can be helpful in the matter of reducing manual work.

3) Management of important data – A large amount of data is always hectic to manage by the manual system, but it can be managed and organized efficiently with this smart attendance management software in a detailed way. All the data is stored systematically and can be used when and where necessary.

4) Improved authentication and security – This kind of smart attendance software provides you the full confidential control and privacy of your important data. With the Bizex employee management software, your data is totally secured and easy to access.

5) Reports with accuracy – With the accurate reporting features of this software, the management of a company can track all the login and logout details of their workers. It is also helpful in calculating the wages based on the attendance of the employees. It processes all the absent list, present list, overtimes and takes the required actions, and checks the personal information of the employees to know the exact reason for their activity.


This smart attendance management software is designed specially to take all the responsibilities of the attendance system without any human interference. It is developed by humans, but we can say that the software is more efficient than humans in doing the job. So, if you want to grow your business and track all the activities related to attendance accurately, you must include this smart attendance system in your organization. 

How to Develop a Strong Organization Culture

It is not a debate anymore that the culture of an organization really matters. The stronger and more positive cultures of an organization can reduce expenses for healthcare, and can also improve the engagement of employees in work. If the engagements of workers improve, then in a natural way, productivity will increase too. The organizational culture helps a company to cultivate more loyalty and dedication among its employees.

But it is not easy for an HR team to provide all the benefits of strong organizational culture; they have to be strategic and put up with good plans. The organizational culture should be managed like any other important project or process of the company. It should never be treated with less importance, and one has to grab every opportunity to improve the company culture.

Technology is going beyond its limit to help us in every aspect of life. So luckily for today’s organizations, technology has developed HR software that can help employers to improve the culture of a company.


Many important features of HR onboarding software can track important employment data, which will help your company to establish and maintain the culture of that organization. These two things are often variable and connected so that your company can get improvement in metrics, and the result of that will be strong company culture.

Here we are going to discuss some points of an HR software app that can help you to improve the company culture of your organization:

Applicant Tracking System:

This recruitment software has a very effective application tracking features which can track all the applications from the applicants through the applicant tracking system and ease out the process of recruitment. This type of feature can improvise the system of hiring for open positions. An important vacant position of a company can mess up the entire system.

Managing all those tasks of that vacant seat and the pressure of hiring a good employee is not an easy task at all. A company gets thousands of applications, so choosing the right candidate among them is not easy. But this employee onboarding software of Bizex can inform the real-time opening for the position and also recognize the stronger candidates from a lot of applications in less time than a human HR.

It makes the process of hiring easy and finding the employee who can help you in your company’s growth. The saved time can be invested in building a strong company culture.


The employee onboarding software improves the process of hiring new candidates. This can ease out the onboarding process of a company and also can improve employee retention for the long term. All these things at the end help an organization to introduce their employees to their beliefs, visions, and goals.

Online benefits administration:

We all know that nowadays the world has shifted online for almost everything – right from shopping to sleeping. The online platforms and features of an HR onboarding software can give many benefits to the management of a company.

This administration platform of the HR software is expert in managing the benefits of a workplace. Communicating with your new and existing employees by the implication of benefit packages and telling them about the values and beliefs of your company can improve your company culture.

PTO tracking:

PTO or paid time off is a very important feature as we know the cost of time. Time management is a very important thing for not only employers but for every single human. If we cannot control the time and plan things properly, we will mess-up all the things. It is also important to keep track of all the activities we are doing and the time when the work is being done.

This HR onboarding software of Bizex can help the employers to keep things in control. It has time-off management, which can make things easier for employers to request time offs for employees. On the other hand, it can help employees to review their unused vacations. Calculating all the things manually can take a lot of time, but with this recruiting software, you can save that time and invest it in the improvement of your company culture.

Payroll integrations:

The perfect on-time payment and not having errors in calculation is important for the reputation of a company. But calculating all the things manually is time-consuming and can lead to errors. An efficient payroll system feature of HR software can reduce the number of errors in payroll and effectively manage the personal expenses of employees.

With the help of this software, the HRs have to spend less time in payroll calculation and spend more time in improving company culture.

Time & attendance:

Tracking the time-sheet and real-time activities of each and every employee are important for production management. If management can get hold of these data, they can review cumulative staff hours easily and track the streamlined errors.

Performance management:

The performance of employees for a company is very crucial. The rise and fall of a company depend massively on the performance, dedication, and support of its employees. Through the HR onboarding software of Bizex life cycles of all the employees, their active work hours can be documented easily so that you don’t have to waste your time on tracking those things, and you can think about improving your company culture.


The culture of an organization is not only important for employers but for employees as well. With the help of the software, employees can understand all the values, beliefs, and goals of the company they are working for. For employers, it helps to boost the loyalty of their employees for their company. It helps to maintain a healthy and good relationship between all the workers. Organizational culture is a way of building up the conversation between employers and employees, which helps to solve many problems and misunderstandings among them and encourages them to maintain a good relation

The Rising Demand for Thermal Scanners in a Contactless World

The world has changed drastically over the last few months because of the pandemic situation. This pandemic situation not only affected our life, but it also affected all the industries and businesses. But even in this situation tech companies are working without taking any rest and inventing new products to ease out our daily life. 

This pandemic taught us how to maintain physical distance from people. It is a very important measure to fight against the disease. The government also started with some tough restrictions and measures like self-isolation, temperature checking in a public place, using sanitizer to control the infection. Checking temperature before entering any place has been mandatory. But with our old kind of thermometer, it is impossible to check one’s temperature without touching them. There comes the role of our thermal scanners, which can show the temperature of a man without touching them. So the rising demand for thermal scanners is not very surprising. 


Thermal scanners are contactless devices that detect infrared energy emitted from living bodies. The infrared energy is detected and then converted into visual images by the scanner machine. This technology has become very helpful in this pandemic situation. High body temperature is the basic symptom for Covid-19, and it is thus mandatory to get checked before entering any office or public place. Bizex’s touchless attendance software is equipped with a thermal scanner so that the health condition of the employee can be checked right at the time of attendance.


Maintaining distancing and not touching random things in places like shopping malls, offices, transports are important. We can choose to simply stay at home, stay safe, or and don’t go out if it’s not urgent. But for us, it is not possible to stay at home all the time, especially when it comes to maintaining and progressing our careers. There we have to touch the biometrics for attendance, which many other workers might be touching. In simpler words, it is not safe at all for the employees. There, in place of that machine, if we can use touchless attendance software like we are using in the case of a thermal scanner. 


Before implementing or trying anything new, we all should know about that thing. Here are some pros to this software:

● This is smart software with modern technologies, which is very helpful not only in this pandemic situation for going contactless but it can also efficiently manage all of the attendance details of your organization. 

● This touchless attendance software of Bizex has a smart face-recognizing feature. It can recognize the employees of that particular organization by its real-time digital photo capture and mark them as ‘present’.

● It is a hassle-free system. If you provide this facial recognition software all the data and biometrics about your employees only once, it stores it in its database and uses it in the time of detection.

● Tracking all the workers of a big company with specific employees is not easy. For the real-time production and management decisions, they have to know about every single piece of data about all the workers. For example, who came, when, when left, why, who did overtime, why, and all the small details. Tracking all those data and updating them in real-time is extremely hectic as well as pretty unrealistic. If one thing went wrong, then the whole system will mess-up, which is not anyone’s expectation.

● You can say that you are fine with the old system, and maybe you are. But still, if you think about it carefully, you will notice that this old manual attendance system doesn’t work well all the time. It is natural for manual systems to have errors, but this touchless attendance software of Bizex will never allow any scope for errors. 

● This contactless software can manage everything efficiently without any errors. It updates real-time data with date, location, and time so that the management of the company stays up-to-date.

● This facial recognition software can detect human faces more efficiently than humans, so it can save a lot of time and money for an organization. It can even help them to reduce their cost for manual workers.

● You can control the touchless attendance software of Bizex almost from anywhere. Your laptop, desktop, PC, phone, etc. will enable you to stay connected with the system. This feature makes it easily manageable software to keep in touch with all the data. So basically, this contactless software keeps you in close contact.

● Securing your important data and all the data about your company and employees is very important because nowadays data is more crucial than anything else. With the smart attendance system of Bizex, all your data is much secured. You can save them in the database of the software and access it whenever you want securely.

● This is all-in-one software because along with managing and tracking all the attendance, it also sends you the report at the end. Giving your employees their salary on time is crucial but collecting all those data and calculating the wages of a large number of workers is hard. This contactless software can do calculations too for the wages based on attendance. 

● An employee can get a pen & paper and write down all the attendance information like absent list, attendance list, overtime list, early left life but this procedure will take a lot of time and have a big chance for errors. But attendance software can do it efficiently. It can count the entire list and wages based on that. This will enable you to save time and get accurate information.


Life these days is not easy for anyone, but somehow we all have to go ahead and pass this hard time for a better future. Obeying health regulations and following social distancing rules are important for a better future. Technology is helping us to go contactless. We just have to follow it by using these technologies like thermal scanners, touchless attendance software, and many more contactless things. All these are to ensure that we can get a safer future that is secure and disease-free.

Benefits of HR Software in the Manufacturing Industry

In the world’s developing or developed nations, the manufacturing sector or industry holds a big percent of the GDP. It requires a large number of jobs and manpower in those countries. Approximately for every country, for every amount of money they spend in the manufacturing industry, a part of that money is added to their economy. The National Association of Manufacturer describes this intertwined circle of money-flow, and it is thus pretty clear that the manufacturing sector matters a lot in a country’s economic growth. 

It is not so shocking that the manufacturing industry has changed drastically over the few decades (especially after the worldwide pandemic situation). These days it is more dynamic and requires better technologies than ever before. That is the reason why the manufacturing industry needs to advance online HR software to manage the workforce and workflow appropriately. 

The lack of STEM skills

With technology, humans need to grow and develop skills too. If the manufacturing industry wants to be digital and high tech, then they need advanced workers for that. To be very specific, the workers who are specialized and advanced in STEM or the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills are required. According to a current report, the skill gap in the entire world and in our nation is growing bigger and will go beyond control over the next few years. The manufacturing industry will need manpower, but for lack of skill, there will be many vacant positions.

In this kind of situation, manufacturers can easily use the HR software of Bizex to solve the problem. This is one of the best HR software in India. Through its HR analytics, manufacturers can find the skilled and advanced workers they need for their company. It is not only about finding the right worker but the software can recognize a specific group of people who are already in the workforce, maybe in the future they can groom those workers and recruit them as the next generation workforce. By grooming our finding those higher potential workers and offering them flexibility at work, they can fulfill the gap of STEM skills effectively. 

Compliance Requirement

A manufacturer must have noticed that each and every government does some transformations in the requirements of compliance from time to time, and as a manufacturer, they have to track those changes regularly and be aware of every single thing. So, it’s very important to have all the details about all workers. For managing those smoothly, every company will need an automated system. Bizex HR software can do it for the companies easily. Right from easy reporting to online enrolment, now you can even check your analytics from anywhere and anytime. You can also securely access it through multiple devices.

Automated Payroll

Paying workers on time after the end of the month is very important. Keeping things on track and calculating all the wages, deductions, and fringe benefits for all the workers is a very complicated process, even for expert HR leaders and accountants. Not only is that its very time consuming as well. If they can get access and update of the accurate information in time so it will be easy for them to update the accurate information, and it will help them to work more efficiently and in less time so that the workers can be paid in time. Bizex brings the best HR software in Bangalore as well as the entire country that can generate the exact data you may need for the ‘certified payroll reports’.A good manufacturing company ( actually for every company ) needs to keep every small change and detail on track. HR Software of Bizex can take care of your every need so that you can stay updated.

Safety Check

To maintain a healthy reputation of your company, you must care about the safety of your workers. Therefore, manufacturers have to be prepared and make a proper checklist to help their production managers, safety line officers, and also every one of them who does the routine audits. These things are more complicated than it sounds. But with our HR software, they can make a digital checklist, which will be easier than using a pen and paper. That’s why Bizex is the best HR software in IndiaYou can keep your audits arranged through it easily.

Management Reporting

The very exact and real-time production report is very important for the manufacturing industry. These things not only help you to stay updated but also help the top management to make important decisions about their production or manufacturing process. How much they already have, how much more they need, what is the demand – it can answer your every question. With our modern online HR Software, one can create different types of product reports for the top management of the company so that they can take important decisions, such as functional reports, formal reports of the production, as well as statutory. Managers of a manufacturing company can also co-operate and get accurate analytical information in these reports for their decision making part (it can also be in the form of graphs and charts).

Bizex’s achievements: A special note

Bizex achieved something which we are very glad to announce. We have been shortlisted for the prestigious top 10 most promising HR management software of the year 2020. This is not the end of our achievements but just the beginning. We are also glad to be recognized as the top 10 most promising HR management software of the year 2020. So you can trust our HR software as it will be able to improve your growth in the manufacturing sector.

Some Final thought About HR Software

We all have to grow up with time to keep things under our control. Things are not different for the manufacturing industry. It’s time for this industry sector to use modern technologies to maintain their workforce, production, payroll, and every small to a big thing. HR software is sure to harvest the best results.

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