Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no more a new term in the world of technology. When one talks about smart devices and applications, AI and machine learning automatically join in. From mobile apps like Siri or Cortana to smart devices like Google Home or smart consumer appliances, AI has successfully demonstrated its highly sophisticated abilities.

Not only in homes, AI has already penetrated into workplaces as well. It is helping several businesses enhance and optimize their processes. And, since communication is one of the most basic essence lying at the core of any successful business strategy, entrepreneurs have not lagged behind in implementing AI to streamline the process of communication with customers. As a result of which, AI-based chatbots have come into existence.

Impact of AI-based chatbots

Chatbots or robotic messengers are making impressive impact across all industries bystreamlining business processes. Whether it is about optimizing the manufacturing operations, managing the supply chain management, or interacting with customers, AI chatbots efficaciously replacing human being in every area.As per predictions of the think tanks, AI-based chatbots are soon going to replace 80% of human jobs in many domains.

Significantly, the customer relationship managementis one of the segments that has maximum scope for these robotic messengers. This explains why hospitals, restaurants, retails and banks are integrating text-based chatbots into their web and mobile applications. Entrepreneurs are integrating their CRM software with chatbots to entice their customers with seamless customer service.

Need to integrate CRM software with chatbots

After the popularity of few of the best AI chatbots like Alexa and Google Assistant,people have understood the role of virtualassistants in enhancing customer experience. Moreover, AI technology also helps in getting error-free in-depth consumer insightby conducting automated analysis of customer data.

In this digital era, e-commerce businesses cannot survive if they are not connected customers all the time. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to upgrade their CRM software by implementing AI-enabled chatbotsthat can enhance customer experience and boost user engagement. Staying connected with customers 24X7 via e-mails, text messages, and social media platforms will help marketers in offering comprehensive interactive experience.

The other benefits of CRM integration with AI Chatbot include enhanced interactivity by giving unique voice to chatbots to appeal customers and strengthens customer relationships. Also, during peak times, handling of massive volumes of queries is quite tough for human agents. Companiesneed sufficient funds and time to train them for efficient customer support services.However, chatbotscan easily handle huge volumes of customer queries without degradation in the quality of customer experience.


According to surveys, valuation of the global chatbotindustry is expected to grow to beyond one billion dollars by 2024. Talking about jobs, with the consistently improving technology, chatbots will surely help businesses to reach the ideal man-machine employment ratio. As the CRM industry has already shown positive signs of growth afterinclusion of chatbots, the future of AI based CRM software solutions is going to greatly flourish.

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