HR Software is basically used to assist in the systematic processes that manage an organization’s employees. Although there are many software available in the market, the main aim of every solution is to trigger the objective i.e. maintain and enhance an organization’s productivity. In addition to that, new features are continually being added to evolve the benefits. The majority of the businesses and entrepreneurs present globally use tailored HR solutions such as HRMS, HCMS, HRIS depending upon their goals to be achieved.

Employee location tracking system:

Tracking of employee locations is important in many businesses. For instance, for a firm that involves travel or transit, itis crucial for it to track its employees, who keep moving between clients sites, to efficiently manage the workforce. Such organizations use an employee location tracking system to streamline their workflow. There are many solutions available to serve the purpose of location tracking.

A GPS (Globally Positioning system) enabled device can be used in employees’ automobiles to get a clear picture of the location of an employee. The best example of a GPS-enabled employee location tracking solution is being used by cab driving companies such as Uber or Ola. The solution gives details of the entire route travelled by the driver while on the job.

A GPS-based tracking system has clear instructions to login into the task timer while initiating the job so that the manager gets the update. And, as soon as the task is completed, logging off the device can intimate the finishing of the job. Switching to another task can also be noticed by the admin.

Field staff tracking app:

Though in the past it was no easy task but in the 21st century we’ve got amazing GPS tracking apps that make tracking of field staff so much easier. A field staff tracking app can be installed either in a staff’s system or his mobile phone for facilitating his tracking. Teams at the field, sales representatives and construction companies can monitor team locations using the solution. Some of the most commonly used tracking solutions used on mobile devices include Hubstaff (iOS, Android); Timesheet Mobile (iOS, Android); Labor Sync (iOS, Android); HoursTracker (iOS, Android) etc.

Employee time tracking software:

An employee time tracking software is used to monitor a system’s idle and active times, employee attendance, project progress, feedbacks and much more. Using time tracking solutions helps in boosting the productivity level of a team. Virtual assistants, freelancers, contractors can be tracked easily with such software solutions.

Once an employee time tracking software is installed, it is easy to create accounts and add clients. The dashboard will let the manager see all the users and their activity logs such as when they last worked, which project they worked on, how active they are etc. For example, if a worker starts the timer and walks out for an hour, you will easily notice that his activities lower. The timer is also smart enough to notice if an employee sits ideally on the computer. The automated tracking system is worth time-efficient as in Business ‘TIME is the most precious thing’.

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