Any product or service, a company offers, is the outcome of its criteria. Selling a criteria to a PROSPECT (potential buyer) is the main aim that every business triggers upon. LEADs are the mediators here, who are the actual prospects about to buy your product. And, your website is the point of origin for your lead generation. One can become a LEAD either by subscribing to youremail, signing up with your webinar, or using the free trial offers of your website. When the website visitors’ or the leads buy your services, it’s called CONVERSION.

Interestingly, the process of lead generation in the digital world ofbusiness is not very difficult if you pick the right software solutions and tools. In addition, effective strategies can help convert the visitors of your website into prospective customers and nurture them to stay loyal. To learn more about automated lead generation, let’s discuss more about the tools and lead generation software in detail.

There are three so called stages in lead generation.

1. Finding the prospect

2. Generating lead from the prospects

3. Converting lead into customer or client

These steps are significantly helpful during the following phases:

• Spreading awareness about the product

• At the time of evolution

• At conversion stage

To boost the existing customer base of any business by 3 to 5 times, some scientifically proven techniques using online lead generation software are available. Leads can also be generated through direct phone calls or social media platforms, sending emails, advertising on websites, conducting webinars etc. Though there are tons of software available out there, but the customized Bizex Automated Lead generator gives amazing results. You can also schedule emails throughout the year using tailored sales lead generation software.

Online lead generation software is helps in the marketing process by:

1. Email marketing: Online lead generation software is mostlyconvenient using the emailing service.

2. Search and send marketing: Microsites, blogging, research reports, or infographics are few examples of this type of market.

3. Social media marketing: Incorporating online lead generation software on social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc., can prove to be effective. According to a study, LinkedIn is the most proven platform for b2b lead generation software.

Marketing through writing: Content writing, blogs, and articles can sometimes be useful to increase the sales remarkably through sales lead generation software.

Initializing with lead generation software:

As the lead generator software is installed and initialized, the first thing you will see on the screen is the dashboard. Here, you get an idea of how many leads you are getting on day to day basis. The next thing is to customize your own capture pages. These page captures are sent to the email accounts of prospective customers. As sent successfully, the number of the prospects is shown on the dashboard.

The most important thing here is to choose the right tool to automate, so that you can effectively enhance your lead generation and benefit from Bizex Automated Lead generator software.

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