Traversing a new wave in work-life scale.

51% of people in design jobs and 49% of people in IT Jobs sufferexhaustion – reported Forbes.The interweaving of work-life balance isan emerging issue globally. The factors taken into account arecompensation, advancement, job stability, time, and strain-based conflictsand behavioural conflicts. According to Greenhouse, Collins & Shaw, work-family balance means, ‘The extent to which an individual is equally satisfied with his or her work role and family role’.

The Power of Indian Economy on Work-Life Balance!

Due to abrupt escalation in the Indian economy after economic reform, the intersection variations occurred. It put forth middle-class families with the extension of urban areas. The pace of change in work due to technology is the cause of work-life balance. According to the 2018 survey of SME, 35% are using digital technology as the key to work-life balance.

Work-life balance in India can be a hassle as too many tasks need to be done in a limited hour workday. On an average every year, Indians work around 2195 hours while on the other hand, employees in Hamburg work 1,473 hours. Laws specify the working hours not to exceed more than 9 hours in a day, yet Indians work beyond and above! In fact, in EU countries, a strict working time directive has been stated; 48 hours work week which includes the overtime as well.

The Imbalanced Indian Work-Life!

60% of working Indians have a lack of work-life balance due to arisen work-related issues like lack of sleep, depression, anxiety irritability, and back pain as per the Economics times 2019. The U.S management philosophy supposes to put work before lives and that is why 82% of men and 85% of women between 20 to 39 precede work-life balance. The major cause why Indians face these work-related issues is the lack of assistance of the right technology.

Europe is Delivering A Better Work-Life Balance!

Work-life balance is an important component of HRM as employers encourage employees for a healthy life by spreading more awareness and using the latest technology. The cost of 24×7 workload with the advancement of technology brings the work to home which does not create a wedge between the work and personal life of an employee; well, they both go hand-in-hand. But this does not mean your personal life has to suffer. In the year 2017, a law was passed in France; “right to disconnect”. It stated that employees are not obligated to look at work emails during off-hours.

Though appointment, internship, training, and work are tremendous in the HR framework, they should also look for the work-life balance of employees like Europeans do. HR professionals must be sharp-eyed, able to recognise employees to push them to explore and offer solutions and use the latest technology that can aid in unburdening the work of an employee. In fact, even small solutions matter like this law in the EU countries; four weeks of paid vacation.

Technology – The Perfect Cohort of Work-Life Balance!

As per OECD 2018, the best work-life balance was in the Netherlands and highlighting working till you are exhausted marks Business culture. Without a doubt, Dutch always come out on top on the OECD index.

Humans are not a resource; this means, humans, fall into the category of infinite possibilities. They are creative beings; the centre of everything testifying to data collection that human resource management is able to utilize. with right technology assistance and basic humanity norms, India can also shine on the OECD index.

To Conclude

An understated factor that affects the work-life balance after globalization and lack of technology is emotions regarding work like increments, satisfaction, earnings etc. The difference in perception is based on their circumstances regarding the call for work-family balance. The future workplace will innovate as technology continues to comprehend and interweave our work and personal lives with better Human Resource Management Systems.

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