Considering the current scenario, the impact and influence of digitization cannot be denied. In almost every sector the effects of digital upheaval can be widely witnessed. No business can flourish well without digital support in the 21st century. There are several software options currently available for deft handling of HR of any company. But not all HRMS softwareis equally helpful for every business. Considering the nature and demands of the business, the HRMS software needs to be selected.

Although the features provided by the HRMS software varies from application to application, certain basic features are prevalent in them. We will discuss the facts and figures of varied types of HRMS software in the current essay.

#1. Database for Employees

This is one of the most common features of any HRMS software. Certain basic information of the employees needs to be confidentially stored in the company database. Maintenance of employee database is a vital factor of every HR sector, irrespective of the nature of the business.

#2. Payroll Details

The inclusion of the payroll details is a challenging find among the various HRMS software. The software possessing such a feature is always preferable over the ones which do not offer it. The efficient maintenance of the HR details including the payroll details saves a considerable amount of time and also minimalizing the risks of potential human error. This sort of HRMS module possessing the payment details is a complicated one but is far more integrated than the other modules available. Errors caused by the improper entry work can be largely checked by implementing this sort of techniques.

#3. Maintenance of Timesheet

HRMS software possessing the timesheet feature enables the employees to keep an impeccable record of the service hours of every individual employee without fail. The higher authorities and officials can easily manage the performance and project details of the workforce. Human error can largely be minimalised in this way, thereby easing out the business tactics for a smoother sail.

#4. Management of Recruitment Record

Digital recruitment management record-keeping module enhances the prospects of creating online resumes, having easy access to important data of prospective employees. Both the processes of application and recruitment has been simplified with this HRMS software module. It also enables better search methods offering career benefits as well as better business growth. Better quality modules also possess the quality of scheduling interviews automatically for candidates with better prospects and also send interview reminders to both the parties.

#5. Self Service Facilities for Employees

This feature of any HRMS software gives access to the employee database for necessary additions and alterations of employee data. It is also termed as Employee Self Service or in short ESS.  Easy download of payslips, online submission of any leave of absence can be done without any hazard. This is a very vital factor of any HRMS softwareproviding much less wastage of time for managerial tasks of the HR sector.  The management team can focus better on their business growth strategies rather than keeping themselves engaged in tedious record-keeping.

#6. Self Service of the Managers

 Managerial self-service is another essential factor for any HRMS software. Apart from managing the employees’ leave requests and payroll details, this module also encourages the acceptance or rejection of any claim or details of increment. Easy access and management are assured with such digital implementation.

#7. Alerts through emails

Although small, but this is definitely an important feature of any HRMS module. This time-saving feature improves better communication between the management and the employees. Any high-quality HRMS software module will automatically send notification emails reminding of the interview schedule, important claim or application submission reminders, etc. By opting out an email alert, a business cannot survive and grow in the contemporary era.

#8. Managing Performance Appraisal

The performance appraisal module of HRMS software allows all the members of the managerial team, both senior and junior, to submit a performance feedback record. It becomes easier for the HR management team to take the vital decision regarding the pay structure of the employees and performance-based rewards to be awarded to the deserving candidates. The competencies of each of the employees are well-judged and justified in this sort of strong digital system. The performances can be well-reviewed this way creating more room for improvement both for the workforce as well as the company. This sort of HRMS software module gives satisfactory results that are highly favoured by all the business houses across the globe.

#9. Module for Timesheet Management

This sort of HRMS software module keeps an error-free and accurate timeline-based task record of the employees. The process of such record-keeping is much simpler and easier when compared to the tedious manual technique. It keeps an impeccable record of every individual employee’s task assignment beginning and ending. The software involves time-tracking feature, enabling easy monitoring of the routine work hours, day-offs, leaves, overtime as well as the payroll of every individual employee. The users can easily acquire the necessary breakdowns of the tasks conducted by every employee and the cost incurred for the service. These sorts of automated reports negate the possibility of human error to a large extent. The efficient HRMS software generates and monitors a detailed account of the employee timesheet that is helpful both for the local employees as well as for the employees located and performing elsewhere. Such online connectivity through various types of digital advancement has simplified the business procedure.

10. Module for Personnel Administration

The HRMS software possessing personnel administration module focuses primarily on the overall improvement of the HR sector of business.  It enables the management for maximum utilization of the available resources in the best possible ways. It is beneficial for both the business as well as the workforce of the business. Any company cannot thrive well with a weak human resource sector. The employee team will deliver satisfactory results for the company only if they feel honoured and loved by the company they are working for. Such honours may be monetary or otherwise. This sort of HRMS software ensures effective management and configuration of the work-related setting structure of the employees, monitoring all the employee activities inside the office alongside.

Such complicated and vast data management has become extremely time-saving with the advancement of technology and the advent of several types of HRMS modules. To keep pace with the trend of the time, companies are embracing these techniques for further growth and enhancement.


ESS or Employee Self Service is a major factor of any good HRMS software. It is a specially designed dashboard for storing and preserving employee data, that is open to additions and alterations by designated employees as per requirement. The core of the solution is framed with the employee database. All the daily routine tasks of the workforce team are manageable from a single web-based online platform. Such signs of progress have also simplified the procedure of data archiving. Maintenances of updated work information has become a matter of seconds in today’s digitally advanced systems.

With this sort of module, the employees can update their resume with ease as and when required. Proper managerial techniques have to be aptly digitized for better business prospects in today’s era.

There are multiple benefits of HRMS. Delivery of improved services is guaranteed in a cost-effective and time-saving manner. The punctuality of services improves with better accuracy. Better implementation of analytical tactics makes more room for further development and expansion in both career and business prospects. The employees are satisfied better with this sort of a digitized process which is largely error-free and more perfect, minimalising any sort of payment disorders or disputes and also causes wise and tactful reduction of personal prejudices. The automation of routine procedures and tasks saves a lot of time for better focusing on more important managerial decisions.

The replacement of HRMS software is time-consuming and most of the time expensive. Therefore, the needs and prospects of the business should be carefully analysed before installing the new system. For better alignment of processes and applications, newer systems have to be installed. If the configuration deteriorates and the module becomes outdated to meet the needs of the company, then the replacement becomes compulsory. Further, if the needs of the business change, then the requirements change too. Then also digital replacement is essential. Negative responses and feedback about any particular software also enhance the possibility of replacing the same. If the software meets the basic requirements of the company except for certain specific needs, then a third-party consultation is advisable for complementing and fulfilling any particular need.

Although using an outdated or inappropriate HRMS software can give rise to several problems, but finding a suitable replacement can be challenging. It is advisable to consider all the important aspects, needs, and demands of the business before implementing replaced modules. If the purpose can be served by changing only certain aspects of a particular module, then it is advisable to consider the process to avoid unnecessary expenditure.

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