If the small business’s HR software has only spreadsheets and paperwork stashed in a corner then there must be some effective tricks missing in the handling of business. At first, the informal approach might work but with time, the valuable time and low-value administrative tasks get eaten up with the growth of the business. In addition to that 2013

OfficeMax survey found that small business owners wasted more than four billion hours each year on admin in total whereas 41% of them sapped their passion and energy in order to run their companies based on the poor HR software. The only solution is to invest in a good HR software solution, which will help you stay organized and handle common HR tasks like payroll, recordkeeping, and employee performance management. The starting prices are as cheap as just a few dollars per month. It increases a little bit of the number of employees the company has. The investment to good HR software can quickly be adjusted by saving you with a few more hours of precious time.


Bizex provides a good HR software solution at affordable prices to small businesses. Bizex is one such HRM software that is designed to assist a multitude of teams, big and small spread across various industries in India. The web & the mobile interface is so much user- friendly that it escalates faster implementation and adoption across all levels of the organisations. It also assists organizations from hiring resources to reduce attrition rates that are a few of the USPs of Bizex HRM. full-featured HR management platform will offer some combination of the following features:

  • Recruitment & On-Boarding
  • HR Letters
  • Attendance Management
  • Live Tracking
  • Leave Management
  • Payroll
  • Performance Analytics
  • Document Management system
  • Asset Management
  • Exit Management
  • Expense Management

Besides Bizex the other HR software is:


BambooHR has a strong component of record-keeping that includes support for electronic signatures that avoids the hustle of the tedious task of getting signed paperwork, keeping paper copies, and records. That too lets you track job applicants, conduct performance reviews, approve time-off requests and create “custom workflows” in order to manage approval processes inside the company along with other things. BambooHR is one such HRsoftware that is purposely aimed at small businesses. That boasts a roster of clients which features many well -known companies like Asana, Quora, Vimeo, Disqus, SoundCloud, etc

Zoho People

It is beneficial to those companies who do not have many employees as it permits free usage to five employees and the prices increase with the number increases in employees like other Hr software. The unique characteristics of this HR software are that its self-service

Feature which makes it quite impressive. These are:

  • It allows you to modify personal information
  • It shows you attendance reports
  • It adds jobs and logs time
  • It claims medical reimbursements
  • It helps you to view benefits
  • Collaborate through feeds
  • Exports personal data
  • It helps to view leave reports and balances
  • It raises travel requests
  • It views all approvals and permissions
  • Provides access to announcements


Namely is targetted towards mid-sized companies having an employee strength ranging from 15 employees to a few thousand. Thus, it does not provide a good solution for a true micro-business, but it’s a great option for companies having ambitious growth plans and who want a solution that is very scalable. Namely claims that 75% of its clients say the software has increased employee engagement, and 72% say that the software made employees more productive. That is because of the fact that it is formulated in such a way to look and feel like the social networks used by the people. Thus, it is easier for the employees to use this system and collaborate with colleagues for a better HRM system. Its ability to integrate the software is another powerful feature. As a large number of other companies


With the help of Gusto, the whole recruitment process can be converted into a more efficient, paperless process. Everything like sending out offer letters to new employees, getting them onboarded, having them sign up for benefits and payroll can all be done online. Things like manage time-off requests, conduct employee surveys, create organizational charts and so can also be done. The other offers provided by Gusto are payroll and benefits admin modules, integrating with popular accounting software, time tracking apps, and many other things.


The HRM module of the Zenefits platform covers things like hiring and onboarding, reporting, employee record-keeping, etc. Apart from all these powerful features it also includes a wider range of features like time tracking, payroll processing, regulatory compliance, and benefits admin. The company has a “mobile-first mindset” and offering to its employees’ iOS and

Android apps for everything ranging from checking insurance details to clocking everything proving it to be a good option for the employees who spend a lot of time on the road. It, therefore, becomes work on the go.


CakeHR started its journey as a small Latvian start-up in the year 2011 and has expanded with time to serve clients in more than 1,000 cities. That includes quite a famous name, an e-commerce firm Paperless Post. It provides a wide range of online yet simple services that are easy to access such as vacation tracking, reporting, a shared company calendar, mobile apps, and integration with popular apps like Slack and Google Apps. A performance review module that is based on 360-degree feedback will be coming shortly.


Cezanne can be a complex and full-featured HR software solution. It is generally aimed at mid-sized companies than small businesses, making it complex to handle for a small business firm. The best part of it is to help the growing firms with easy access to handle powerful

HR software suite making the HRM tasks manageable in an unimaginable way. The presence of the People module, for instance, one can do everything from managing work shifts to logging health and safety incidents, recording and tracking disciplinary processes, and many such things. Meanwhile, the Career & Succession module enables you to put together strategic plans for your future staffing needs, potential successors and map key roles, etc. With these few examples—providing with a comprehensive solution for any business with the required size and budget to justifying it.


Similar to Zoho, WebHR offers you an affordable free plan for up to five employees, with An increase in the monthly rates based on the number of employees you have after that. The slogan “From Hire to Retire” is totally a battle cry of the company —the WebHR offers is

A pretty comprehensive formula, covers a step by step analysis of the employee’s life at your company, from hiring to the retirement. The social-media-style feature to boost employee communication through messaging, forums, status updates, etc builds interest in the employees. And a lot of benefits can be done online for the employees through the system, such as applying for leave or travel authorization, submitting a reimbursement request, and even tendering their resignation.


BreatheHR is a UK-based company that lets you bring a lot of disparate data together into easy-to-use dashboards for both firms as well as your employees. For example, an employee could view a dashboard which shows the number of days off they’ve booked and the number they have left, their sickness record, any training they’ve completed or requested, their key objectives and deliverables, and any one-to-one meetings they have scheduled with their manager in the same HRM software itself. And they can also click a button in order to take action in each of these fields: request training, request a one-to-one meeting, etc. on the same page itself. It too has many of the other common features like record-keeping and reporting and offers a 14-day free trial at first.


Unlike other HR software solution that provides complex and wide-ranging services, this

HRM software gives you an exact specialized version of what is actually required. JazzHR is one such HR software providing you with a more specialized offering. It focuses primarily on the recruitment aspect of HR, which provides a real depth of features in that niche area. Job postings can be created and automatically can be posted to multiple job boards, and then the applications can be tracked and the desired ones can be chosen, like which ones to advance or reject. After that, the software can be used to record the interviews and compare candidates in a systematic way, before researching compensation, making offers, and much more, all from within one particular software.

Apart from all these HR software in the market,  Bizex stands out. Bizex is ideal if the recruitment process is of primary focus otherwise for a wide range of HR solutions any of the other solutions will be better. Get hold of the important features that are ideal for your company and choose the right HR

software for an efficient HRM. In no time the benefits can be understood. Even HRM outsourcing is good but expensive than HR software solutions.

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