Standing at this juncture of the 21st century, we cannot deny the importance and influence of the digital impact in all the sectors of business across the globe. With every passing day, we are made to witness the impact of digitization in newer ways and sectors. Under contemporary circumstances, no business can thrive without upgrading themselves to the technological advancements accordingly. They will simply perish amidst such break-neck competition.

Innumerable companies, irrespective of their geographical location, have resorted to automate their HR management systems, to maintain their presence in the business world. HR management is an indispensable part of every prospering business house.  Starting from hiring new employees to the proper maintenance of the existing staff, maintaining appropriate training options for the relevant employees to the maintenance of the laws and policies of the company, everything comes under the jurisdiction of the HR management. Therefore, adapting to the latest HR software immensely helps the companies to improve their employee record management, talent management, and maximum optimization in the hiring practices.

The nature of the job of the HR department has been thought of as a highly manual one. But, the scenario is fast changing. Amidst such digital trends, most of the advanced business houses are adopting new HR software for maximum benefit. Such adaptation has encouraged the making of several free HRM software to keep the business houses running smoothly on a global scale.

The automated HR software has changed the working scenario and pattern on a magnum scale. The easy availability of several free HRM software has influenced the process further. Such automation techniques have relieved a large section of the HR workforce from performing multiple tedious manual labours. The work system has sped up to a large extent. The saved time can be utilized for further business planning and strategizing for future growth. With the proper and efficient implementation of the HR software management systems, there has been a considerable reduction in a lot of paper shuffling and hectic paper works. Free HRM software has further intensified the process.

The major benefits of adapting HR software are listed below:

  • Improved productivity because of fast processing and deft data sharing techniques
  • Reduced employee turnover because of higher employee engagement
  • Considerable reduction in printing and storage costs related to paper-based activities
  • Freedom from risk compliance or violations of the company policy
  • Enhanced organizational growth with effective and smart hiring techniques at the best optimized operational cost
  • A drastic drop in human errors during data entry and loss/misplacement of vital documents
  • Effective collaboration with other stakeholders for hiring, training the relevant staff and retainment of the skilled labor
  • Better time management for HR data analysis for careful observation of future prospects of business for better growth and advancement

The adoption of automated business strategies through the implementation of HR software poses multiple avenues of business growth. Free HRM software or paid HR software, none of them are entirely risk-free. An efficient and skilled workforce is required for initializing the process of automating the HR process through the proper implementation of HR software. If there remains any problem in the process, it may cause serious errors. Adopting to automated strategies can reduce several types of mistakes.

Non-automation of the laborious and repetitive tasks may lead to lost efficiency. A lot of time in the HR department is spent on unproductive manual tasks. Maintenance of complicated calculations of the staff payrolls based on their work hours, calculation of the number of leaves of individual employees all these are pretty prone to human errors. Implementation of any HR software, be it a free HRM software, minimizes the possibilities of such human errors. Moreover, the automated  HR process smoothens the hiring experience for the new candidates. Despite the workload of several other managerial tasks, it never misses to notify or communicate with the newly joined workforce for passing relevant information.

Popular Processes for HR Automation

The efficiency of any human resource department is based on their performance of multiple managerial duties. All the sectors of the department may not necessarily be required to be automated. Before implementing any HR software, careful analysis is essential as to which works and processes actually need automation. The associated costs of implementing any HR software, even that of a free HRM software is huge. Therefore, to prevent such unnecessary outflow of money, such analyses are necessary.

One of the most popular manual processes of the HR department is employee onboarding. It involves the collection of several documents for verification; sorting out the tool accessibilities of the newer members of the workforce; raise of device requests and many more.

The Employee Onboarding app is a popular HR software that performs these tasks without any sort of tedious harassment or hazard. Implementation of this HR software can speed up the managerial procedure of the HR department manifold.

Tracking and maintaining the timesheets of the employees in a manual way is the most inefficient technique for any business under the current scenario. With the advent of several free HRM software, these processes have been vastly automated. This has minimalized the risk of human error and spared the workforce to perform such tedious tasks.

The hectic calculation of the number of leaves for every individual employee is manually quite confusing. It is more so because the payment is directly dependent on this factor. The manual checking of the leave balance, getting managerial approval and maintaining a proper record of the leaves for future calculation of payroll pose severe threats of man-made errors. The automated technology of the leave management process performs all these tasks in an error-free way. Only the correct implementation and adaptation of the correct HR software is the key to steal the show.

One of the most dynamic of the HR duties is the personal performance management of each employee. Based on the statistical tracking and accurate analysis of each employee by deftly aligning it with the business scenario, is surely a tedious process if done manually. For perfect synchronization and better streamlining, implementation of any free HRM software or any paid HR software is advisable. It keeps the process devoid of any prejudice and bias-free which is helpful for both the parties.

For better employee engagement, exit interviews are crucial. But the procedure is utterly time-consuming and tedious in a manual way. By implementing HR software and automating the process results in better identification of the potential problems of the employees and the organization as a whole; retrieving necessary data for employee retention in a much simpler way can be guaranteed.

Major Features of good HR software:

Under the current circumstances, we are well aware of the fact that technological advancement in terms of creating new software techniques, has become the order of the day. The HR software systems are no exception. Be it among the several free HRM software or any HR software in general, the competition is tough. But certain key factors are vital for such automation.

  • Actionable insight is necessary for speeding up the process of decision-making with interactive dashboards and impactful reports
  • Omni-channel access is essential for better HR management
  • Fast API integration is essential for synchronization of the relevant data
  • Risk mitigation gives a clear view during the audit by making the system tamper-proof
  • The automated alert system is essential for better time management of the employees
  • Maintenance of the dynamic workflow of the HR process in perfect synchronization with every single HR process

Considering the current market analysis, there are plenty of tools for HR analytics. But all such tools differ in the types of operation and tasks they can perform. No business house can implement all these tools together neither there is any such need. Careful and keen observant analyses are essential for the selection of the right tools for optimization of the business process. The nature of the business tasks that require to be automated, the target of the business by such automation, and the IT capacity that the business possesses—these are the key factors that require consideration before the implementation of any HR software. Careful focus is required to observe the functionalities of the program, the cost factor, the scalability of the software under the current business scenario, and the reception of active and punctual support to handle any emergency. The needs of the business are required to be analyzed first before observing the functions of the digitized HR tools.

To keep pace with the changing scenarios of the business world across the globe, there are multiple free HRM software currently available in the market. But, as discussed earlier, for obtaining a maximum benefit, observation before implementation, is the principal key that has to be followed. No business can thrive and prosper well without automation in the current era, but which sectors can forego the process and which cannot, need to be segregated first based on bias-free priorities.

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