One of the most expensive and most tiresome jobs in a company is the Recruitment Process of employees. It requires a lot of time and lot of money for the hiring process to be completed. Well yes, it might seem to you that just with a simple HR team and by following a few steps would make the process easier. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Each and every company has their own specific guidelines while hiring employees because the companies work differently from each other. With the implementation of an Employee Onboarding Software, you would lessen the hassle in this procedure in different ways.

Building a Recruitment Process:

Generally, recruitment processes require a flowchart which describes several steps of recruitment. The steps vary from company to company since it depends on the number of employees or the business forms of that organization. These processes can be hugely strenuous to build considering the constant change and development that your company goes through. Even if there is a change in the employees of the HR department, the whole procedure might require a reconstruction. But Bizex is such an Employee Onboarding Software where these regular hassles of recruitment processes are omitted. Introducing an Employee Onboarding Software means you are reducing workload as well as saving both money and time.

Steps involved to Build a Recruitment Process:

  • You should know the purpose of Hiring –

You cant hire a perfect employee unless you know the actual purpose of hiring. The needs have to be cleared first since its the base of your hiring process. You need to be clear about the position and its roles in your company. Accordingly, you would have to select the employee and find out the parts where he or she is lacking. All of these procedures would seem much easier when you are using an Employee Onboarding Software like Bizex. Its automated processes will do it all for you so that filtration becomes easier and effective.

  • You should prepare a Job Title and Description –

It becomes essential for the HR team to assign Job Titles and give a proper description for those positions. The description should have the required transparency for the employee to understand what is he being hired for. You should also give a vivid description of the returns that the employee is entitled to. With an Employee Onboarding Software, the clarity of this procedure remains intact. The specifications remain clear and constant for the employees and the HR team as well.

  • You need to develop your Recruitment Process –

Once you are done with the initial two steps you would actually be ready for the starting the recruitment process. With online and offline promotions of the required positions, you can convince potential candidates to apply. Bizex Employee Onboarding Software helps you channel the candidates who have applied. This proper segregation helps you lose a lot of strenuous jobs and work more efficiently with your recruitment processes.

Following this, the HR team needs to prepare an efficient flowchart for the recruitment procedures. The flowchart should cover all parameters of your recruitment. It should also have split ways so that you don’t need to worry when the interview goes sideways other than your expectation.

  • You should review the Applicants –

With each job position, you attract a lot of potential candidates. It becomes hard to choose one since you might be seeing a multiple number of candidates eligible for the same post. In these cases, the previous roles of the candidates and the experiences they had would play an essential role. The screening of previous experiences and roles help you to understand whether the candidate is eligible for your present specifications. An Employee Onboarding Software like Bizex helps you conduct phone screening procedures before an interview. This eventually narrows down the candidate list and helps the HR team choose more efficiently.

  • You start with you Interviews –

After the above mentioned crucial steps have been conducted successfully, you should be ready for conducting interviews. When you have followed the previous steps, you have made sure that most of the candidates in the interview round would be eligible for this job. But for further filtration, you would have to follow a few parameters during the interview. Parameters like a comfortable environment, a multiple perspective judgement and candidates material review would help you conduct a better interview. Employee Onboarding Software like Bizex helps you schedule and organise interviews for potential candidates. It relieves the HR team from the stress of hectic paperwork and reviewing systems making the interview scheduling much easier.

  • You should always go through the References before hiring –

Following all the above-mentioned steps would be enough for you to conduct a proper interview. But after the interviews are done and before hiring someone for your required positions, you should always have a look at the Reference. The References would help you with the important data like the circumstances due to which the candidate left his previous job or the strong and weak points of the candidate etc. Employee Onboarding Softwares like Bizex helps you sort out the selected candidates in a proper way. This also helps you have a look over all the provided information of the candidate in a detailed manner. So finding out any information about any hired candidate would no more be an issue.

Concluding Facts:

Building a recruitment process can seem to be strenuous for most of the HR teams. If the important parameters which are mentioned above, have been properly followed this job would seem much easier. Bizex Employee Onboarding Software gives you a proper recruitment process where the you don’t need to worry about them all by yourself.

It is a cloud-based Employee Onboarding Software which reduces the workload of the designated HR team. The interviewing systems and paperless onboarding experience that you get from this software are state-of-the-art. With functionalities like Multi-Channel Sourcing, Applicant Database Management, Interview Scheduling system and Employee Onboarding, this software increases the efficiency of hiring procedures.

Bizex will be the ultimate Employee Onboarding Software which provides a 360° cloud-based HRM suite for employee engagement. It simplifies the whole employee recruitment process by providing a better HR and employee relationship right from the beginning of their work tenure.

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