In this era of technology and advancement, HR systems are being upgraded too. The HR team generally goes through a lot of strenuous procedures during the whole hiring process. But with the introduction of Performance Management Softwares, this whole process gets much more simplified and efficient. Bizex, being one of the best in the market helps the HR understand the efficiency and performance of their employees and eventually also evaluates it to take necessary steps. Since meeting goals and analyzing workers efficiency becomes imperative for any HR, this software ensures that these parameters are well maintained. The software guarantees that with all the evaluated data the HR gets better growth, by maintaining their company goals and hiring decisions. Moving forward with the features that are on offer from a Performance Management Software like Bizex.

Unique Features on offer:

  • Project Management –

Just like an efficient Performance Management Software, Bizex ensures that your Projects are well managed. The planning and collaboration of companies play an important role in the performance part. The software ensures that the projects are well managed. Important tasks like Expense vs Revenue Analytics, Task scheduling, Employee contribution reports and Realtime collaboration would be done with a breeze while using this tool.

  • Attendance Management –

Employee attendance is an essential part to regulate and evaluate your Company’s turnover. Employees who are offering less amount of regularity for the company can cause big issues in the whole work system. Bizex performance management software confirms that the real-time attendance of the employees is maintained through Bio-Metrics and QR codes. It also provides solutions for Multiple-Shift patterns and Overtime or Late Entries of the employees. You can even track employees by accurate GPS tracking and get personified attendance reports.

  • Recruitment & On-Boarding –

This performance management software lets the HR avoid unnecessary paperwork hassles and makes the whole recruitment process fully automated. Bizex reduces the company’s talent acquisition cost and also provides the HR with a centralized candidate database. Applicant tracking system and an integrated career page on the website make it even more efficient as an all-in-one HR Suite.

  • HR Letters

Bizex provides you with an array of preset letters for your employees. This allows you to build a better company and employee relationship with legally sound and informative HR letters. Now with the help of this performance management software, providing company policies and personalised letters would be an ease.

  • Leave Management –

Bizex, allows the HR to improve employee satisfaction and transparency with better Leave Management programmes. The strenuous job of leave administration and employee follow-ups are completely taken care of. Using this software you can set your leave rules, set up your leave ledgers and set up your holiday list. This software also allows you the functionalities of Approval based leave submission and carry forward the balance-leaves for particular employees.

  • Payroll Management –

Bizex performance management software provides you with a self-efficient payroll management system. The user interface of this software makes it extremely easy to use and self-explanatory for both the employer and the employees. It offers intuitive features like Custom salary levels, Statutory compliances, Payroll settings, payslip self-service and Payroll register. With such efficient payroll management, the software becomes extremely helpful while managing the salaries of your employees.

  • Performance Analytics

While dealing with a number of employees, Bizex makes sure that personified performance reports are maintained for every employee of your company. These analytics help the HR analyze the workforce in a proper way. With features like Success Planning and Individual Development Goals, this software ensures that the performance of employees benefits the employer as well as the employees. This Performance Management Software also provides strategic planning for the betterment in the career graph of the employees.

  • Asset Management –

This software provides you with an efficient asset management system by optimizing the asset location and asset lifecycle across every device. Asset allocation and asset tracking allow you to ensure that your assets are being safely handled. You get to know about the specific location and assigned person’s name regarding each asset. With lifecycle analytics, you get to know about the performance and depreciation of each asset.

  • Exit Management –

Just like the recruitment procedures, the exit management of the employees can be hectic too. Performance Management Softwares again relieves you from the extra hassle by providing automated online procedures. The employees can give you an online resignation to reduce unnecessary paperwork from both ends. Bizex also provides exit interviews and full and final settlements for the employees during this process. The attrition analytics and F&F settlements are also maintained in this software.

Concluding Facts of Bizex –

With the functionalities of a Performance Management Software like Bizex it becomes evident that using this tool will change your workforce entirely in an efficient way. With the attributes on offer, this software would provide the HR with far better features than the traditional HR management system. The data that is collected by the software and efficient analysis of the same, results in better employee performance. As a HR, you would not only be able to increase your workforce but also ensure a better career graph for your hired employees.

With an array of amazing features a Performance Management Software like Bizex also provides you with an array of benefits like – Process of consistent feedback, Empowerment of the employees, Individual recognition of employees, Reduction of Biases, Meaningful interaction procedures with the employees and many more. With such benefits, influencing employees on the HR’s terms becomes a lot easier.

While hiring an employee no matter how experienced he is, the most problematic and tiresome procedure becomes the performance management part. It is very essential for every HR because hiring employees is considered to be a long term investment. To train and guide the person properly a lot of time, money and manpower are lost. Performance Management Software reduces the risks oriented in this process so that optimum levels of output can be achieved by the HR. Bizex excels in all these fields and gives you the ultimate HRM software for assisting the multitude of teams. This Software would be the ultimate solution for the HR, who is struggling with the traditional HR Management procedures of the company with its very User-Friendly Mobile and Web interface.

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