The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the field of jobs and the global economy overall. And courtesy to wildfire-like spread of the disease all across the world, there have been several new changes implemented and several drastic measures enforced at various offices. While all of these measures were aimed at improving operational efficiency and trying to restore normal work procedures, there are a few things that remain unchanged. For instance, an employee pre-boarding program that needs to be conducted by the HR department.

No matter how a company has been operating in light of the recent pandemic situation, it is very essential for HR to keep in mind the employee pre boarding best practices, so that the employee who is recruited has a good impression about the company he is about to join. And not just for impressions, but having a new employee first day agenda template helps in seamless and efficient recruitment and joining of the employee and makes the onboarding first day experience for the new employee pleasurable.

Be it for remote working or on-site recruitment of a new employee, having a solid plan can never be a bad thing for HRs in any company. No matter what kind of business it is, how small or big, and no matter the kind of protocols followed within the company, following a set of pre boarding best practices can be sustainable for the HR department in the long run.

Employee Pre Boarding: How to ensure success of the procedure?

Finding and selecting the perfect candidate is only a part of the whole job of employee recruitment. The complete process of recruitment is much more versatile and complex.

As much as a professional with the right credentials and field experience is necessary for a certain position, making sure that that they fit into the company culture is also a part of the HR department’s jobs.

What is employee pre boarding?

Although the trend in the job market sees a downward index due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, employment opportunities for competent professionals and top talents in an industry will never fall short. This means that there is an increased competition among companies to acquire such talents. Persistent recruiters and attractive job offers are constantly placed in front of such talents.

But what happens when the professional accepts the offer and is scheduled to join after a week? What happens on the day their joining is scheduled?

This is where pre boarding comes in.

After all the formalities are over, and the candidate is scheduled to join on a certain date, the HR’s job does not end saying, ” See on your first day.”

The period between the initial acceptance of the job offer and the day of joining is the period known as pre boarding. During this period, the employee might have several questions and concerns about his new job and position.

Several companies are opting for the best workforce management software in Bangalore and the best HRMS Management Software in Bangalore to streamline the process of employee pre boarding engagement and keep complete track of new recruitments to ensure top notch employee experience even before they start.

And for every HR who is still doubtful about preboarding, it must be said, that employee pre boarding engagement matters. And there are a set of pre boarding practices that must be followed to ensure top class employee experience for the new recruits.

Let us take a look at the top 10 to-dos for the HR before an employee’s first day at the company.

10 Employee Pre-Boarding Best Practices that Every HR must follow

If you want to take an extra step and ensure a great on-boarding first day experience for newly recruited employees, here are top 10 pre boarding best practices that you can follow. The list below can be a really handy employee first day checklist for the HR of any company

  1. Personalized Welcome Mail

A professional and personalized welcome mail can be an impactful way to welcome an employee on their first day at job. It decreases the chances of an offer being rescinded by a new recruit.

One of the most popular pre boarding best practices, the best HR management software can help the HR do this seamlessly in case of all and any new recruits. Keeping in touch with the employee until their first day and on their first day is one of the most effective new employee first day agenda.

  1. Congratulating the employee

Pre boarding is a more fun version of employee on boarding first day. The key aim of pre boarding best practices is to ensure that the new employee feels welcomed and comfortable on their day of joining.

And to make someone feel welcomed and comfortable, congratulating them on their joining can be a great way. It also induces a sense of achievement that encourages better performance from the employee. The HR can request the team manager or supervisor to send a congratulatory email to the person who is joining. This provides them with a sense of belonging towards the team.

  1. Interactions with Existing Employees

When a new employee interacts with existing employees of a company on their on boarding fist day, the new recruit not only gets introduced to their teammates but also feels more comfortable and a part of the team. An introduction session with the teammates and managers, or an introductory call can create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for the new employee.

One can also ask the members of the team to connect with the employee through company channels, or media platforms. Reaching out to the person through their LinkedIn profile can be a great new employee first day agenda.

  1. Provide them with necessary information about the company

Every employee has a range of questions and concerns about the company they are about to join. A good way to make them feel comfortable and confident about their decision of joining your company is by making sure that all their questions are answered even before they ask.

Providing them with accurate details and all relevant information about the company is one of the effective pre boarding best practices that helps in better workforce management and ensures that the employee cycle is managed in an effective way.

  1. Introduction to Company tools, technologies and work modules

While this might sound to be something that is a part of training, but one of the important on boarding first day strategies can be ensuring that the person joining gets an idea about the work module, tools and technologies of the company.

Be it a fresher or an experienced candidate or a remote worker, making them acquainted to the tools and technologies a d work module not only has a positive impact on the image of the company but also helps make the employee aware about any needs for improvements in their skill sets.

  1. Completing their profile

Completing the employee profile and gathering all necessary details and personal information of the employee is a must on the onboarding first day. This employee pre-boarding practice is not just about collecting information about the employee, but also creating their company email a d profile and helping them access all necessary data to get them started on their jobs.

Along with that, you must also ensure that they can check out their teams and communicate with the managers and teammates in a seamless manner.

  1. Pre boarding session

A short and engaging pre boarding session with some important and fun facts and an interactive session can be a great way to build rapport. A pre boarding video must be considered in this case.

  1. Paperworks

Another important part of the onboarding first-day procedure is completing all kinds of administrative paperwork including tax and health insurance forms. The paperwork can be done on a digital platform by using the best HR management software. Using such software the entire process of pre-boarding becomes seamless and is automatically synced into the company database and all of the HR platforms.

  1. Handbooks, benefits guide and personalized accessories

Deliver company handbooks and benefit guides to the employees on their day of joining or before. This helps them get acquainted to the benefits they can enjoy at the company. Providing them with personalized accessories like water bottles and bags can be another great way to welcome them.

  1. Employee first day agenda template

Having an employee first-day agenda template ready can make the pre-boarding process easier, simpler and more efficient. The best HRMS software in Bangalore can be a great way to develop and implement such a template whenever a new employee is joining.

All that being said, it is needless to mention that pre-boarding matters and pre-boarding best practices have a great impact on company reputation and the experience of an employee onboarding first day. Adopt these ten mentioned pre-boarding best practices and make sure that every new employee has the perfect experience at your company.

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