1 Do Something Special for Your Employees

Several tech companies is giving their new hire employees to receive a personalized gift at their home a week before their first day. It reminds them that we’re excited for them, and gives a peek into our culture. The box full of happiness” contains a personalized note from each of the new employee’s interviewers, chocolate, and mug,

2 Make the first day feel memorable

Show them around the office, take the time to introduce them to everyone, and plan something exciting. Try to avoid boring them to death with long presentations. 
Just give them enough information to feel welcome. go somewhere special for lunch, go do a group activity, something everyone will get a kick out of. Taking this extra step will make your new hire feel valued on their first day. 

3 Help Them Understand

Help them understand key priorities on their first day. Even though it might seem like an overwhelming activity for onboarding, a brief overview of the following will help to solidify the expectations for their role
Show them the department/team’s goals and key performance indicators (KPIs),
Show them their own individual KPIs,
have their manager discuss their management style and approach,
Have a conversation about performance appraisal forms.
Give them an overview of their potential career path (what is the promotion criteria,
what is their next level-up, what resources do you provide to help them get there?)

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