Technology has come a long way in modern times. The advancement of technology has made many impossible things quite possible, and pretty simple. The field of HR operations within any kind of business is no exception to the fact. There are several new technologies being used in day to day HR operations by businesses across various industries. And amongst all of this onboarding automation has become a buzzword.

While automated employee onboarding may sound to be very intriguing as well as a convenient process for the HR department of a company, it is very essential to know the details of the automated onboarding process. Along with the details of onboarding automation, it is very important to find the right platform or the best HR software that can make the entire process completely seamless and convenient.

Bizex: Enabling onboarding automation

Bizex is one of the best HR software that enables a completely automated employee onboarding process and is the best choice for seamless, convenient and profitable onboarding automation. Bizex is the best choice for businesses looking for complete automation of the entire employee onboarding process. No matter your industry of operations or the size of your business, the software is designed to meet all kinds of needs and ensure that automated employee onboarding becomes hassle-free, transparent and cost-effective.

Bizex employee onboarding software uses advanced cloud based technologies to simplify the process of employee onboarding through complete automation. The platform is designed to provide a seamless experience and enables state-of-the-art interviewing & paperless employee onboarding experience.

The basics of automated onboarding process

Knowing the basics of the automated employee onboarding process is the key to making the best use of Bizex. The employee onboarding software is extremely efficient and versatile.

Onboarding is the start or onset of the journey of a new employee in a company. It is a key process for business of all sizes and kinds. Let us check out the basics of the automated employee onboarding process and the key factors to keep in mind to ensure seamless, efficient and effective progress. These factors and points ensure the success of the process and also the long term success of employees within any organization.

  • Connecting Bizex employee onboarding software with your system is the very first step of onboarding automation. It will simplify the entire recruiting and onboarding process.
  • Document processing with the help of Bizex: A very important part of the automated employee onboarding process, document processing, also known as preboarding, is an effective way to make the onboarding process more efficient. With the help of Bizex, you can start the onboarding and document processing electronically even before the joining date of the employee. It helps save time and also utilize the saved time in more productive activities for the new hire. Bizex will enable completely paperless facilities for a seamless and automated employee onboarding process.
  • New employee data entry automation: With the help of Bizex, you can seamlessly enter and update employee data on an automated basis. The software comes with robust integration features and enhanced capabilities to ensure seamless onboarding automation. All important information of the new employees needed for automated employee onboarding can be automatically updated on all your records system including ERP, accounting system, and payroll software. This ensures accurate report generation and maintenance of statistics and data without having to spend extra time and resources.
  • Enhanced employee engagement: Bizex is a very efficient employee onboarding software which primarily saves your time and resources. One of the key benefits of using Bizex for onboarding automation is better utilization of the saved time. The HR department can avoid repetitive paperwork and data maintenance through the automated new hire process of Bizex and can utilize the time in enhancing outreach and employee engagement on the starting date of new employees. It helps in answering queries, clearing out doubts of new employees and enables enhanced and effective communication.
  • Automated web forms

Bizex can also help you send automated web forms that can help the HR department collect useful information about employees and their preferences. It can help in preparation of business cards and welcome gifts ahead of the day of their joining.

  • Assets and provisions systems for new employees

Onboarding automation can be very useful to order technological assets and provision systems before the joining of new employees. Bizex employee onboarding software enables automated employee onboarding process and specialized features that can help the HR and IT team to be prepared before a new employee joins and also saves a lot of time. From placing orders for supplies and ordering software licenses to create new user accounts for emails and all other important tasks can be efficiently handled and automated with the help of Bizex.

  • Benefits enrollment automation

Benefits enrollment is a very key part of the onboarding process of employees in an organization. Various companies provide various kinds of benefits to employees that vary on security and other factors. Bizex enables an automated onboarding process that can help in easier benefits enrollment for new employees. Benefits like health plans, membership perks, and other packages offered by your company can be seamlessly managed with the help of Bizex. It can also help you to send automated emails with complete and customized explanations of benefits packages for the new employees and also schedule automated messages and important reminders useful in this regard.

  • Consistent feedback

Automated new hire process through Bizex employee onboarding software can address various risk issues, and turnover assumptions based on various factors and provide continuous feedback based on statistics and data. From identifying employee issues to flight risks, Bizex can provide useful assessment and feedback based on data and statistics that can be very useful in the overall management and daily HR operations.

Key features of Bizex to enable seamless onboarding automation

Bizex employee onboarding platform is a robust and highly efficient platform offering a wide range of features for a completely automated onboarding process for all sizes and kinds of businesses. Bizex is preferred by businesses of both small sizes and enterprise levels. The platform specializes in using advanced technologies, artificial intelligence and algorithms to provide a seamless automation process that saves time and resources.

Let us take a look at the key features of the Bizex employee onboarding software that can help in the perfect automated employee onboarding process for your company.

Multi Channel Sourcing

Get the right talent for your firm with the help of automated job posting and sourcing of applicants across multiple channels with the help of Bizex.

Applicant Database Management

Get complete control over all data of applicants in a completely organized and paperless medium with Bizex. Bizex onboarding automation can help create a comprehensive centralized repository that will save time and simplify the process of sourcing and screening of applicants.

Other features

  • Interview Scheduling System
  • Range of administrative tools
  • Automated offer letter generation
  • Database of all offer management related documentation

Take a step ahead in onboarding automation with Bizex

Onboarding automation is a step-by-step process that can be simplified and made effective with the help of Bizex employee onboarding software. The platform has robust capabilities and a versatile range of features to meet the needs of all kinds of businesses and help the effective simplification of automated employee onboarding process that makes the process more time-efficient, cost-effective and profitable for any business organization.

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