A key part of every business process is the employee onboarding procedure. But along with it being extremely essential for businesses and the entire hiring process, it is also very important to see to the fact that the onboarding process procedure is right, organised and leads to maximum efficiency. It has to be done right or else it might be counterproductive in terms of business perspective. 

That being said, it is also important to discuss that it has been seen in a recent survey conducted by Microsoft, the odds of an employee staying at the company for the long term was reliant on one simple factor, that is, whether their managers or supervisors had a one-on-one meeting with them during their first week of joining. This simple meeting was actually how employees pictured their future at Microsoft, and if they were to stay at the company on a long term basis. This survey makes it even more clear as to how important the onboarding procedure for new employees can be and also how impactful and profitable a well-planned employee onboarding SOP is, for a business. 

Knowing what to fix about the employee onboarding procedure

While it is an accepted fact that an effective onboarding policy and the procedure is very essential for businesses of all kinds and sizes, it must also be considered that every business has its unique needs and requirements along with separate goals and objectives. Even the hiring of a new employee that is done by a company has a certain goal. This is where onboarding standard operating procedure comes in. Onboarding SOP is all about the basics of a well-defined and well-organised onboarding process procedure that can and must be implemented by businesses, no matter their size, industry, goals and needs. 

But before you implement a certain set of onboarding policy and procedure or try to fix the onboarding process of your company, what is more, important is to identify and figure out where the problems are, what the failings are, and where exactly you need improvements in the entire employee onboarding SOP of your business. 

According to a 2018 survey conducted by Jobvite, it was seen that almost one-third of all the new hires quit their jobs within 90 days of joining. This trend can be effectively prevented with a structured and organised onboarding procedure. It has also been noticed in studies that new employees who went through a strong onboarding process procedure improve new hire retention by 82%. Thus, a bad onboarding procedure is not only ineffective and futile but also counterproductive and leads a waste of resources and time. 

Thus, it is very clear that if you have a faltering onboarding SOP then you need to fix it as soon as possible and implement some effective, productive and useful onboarding standard operating procedure to increase employee retention rate and eventually maximise profit through effective resource utilisation. 

And this makes it even more important to figure out the problems of the onboarding process to make sure that any gaps in the onboarding policy and procedure is well-addressed and leads to the best results and maximum efficiency. 

The steps to be taken to fix the onboarding procedure 

While the use of the best HR management software like Bizex can be very useful in fixing the onboarding process procedure and streamlining the entire process of hiring, there are several other things that you must do to ensure the best onboarding procedure for new employees. In this article, we will further discuss a few important steps that can be very effective and useful in fixing the onboarding process for any business and ensuring a systematic, effective and highly useful onboarding standard operating procedure. 

Make for a meaningful onboarding experience

The primary goal of every onboarding process procedure must be to ensure that the new hire has a meaningful experience on their first day of joining and the entire procedure must uplift the image of the entire company. 

According to long-term research conducted by the Middlesex University for Work-Based Learning, 74% participants asserted that a lack of training is the primary hurdle that prevents them from achieving their full potential at work and 76% of employees look for career growth opportunities in a company.

This means that these are the two key areas that must be included in an onboarding SOP for maximum success. Your onboarding procedure must illustrate the company’s interest and willingness to investing in the employee’s professional development while they are working at your company. Along with that, a detailed and interactive training session must be conducted to ensure that the employee gets the attention and interest he needs in the company and does not feel that they are not valued. 

Involve supervisors and assign mentors 

A successful onboarding procedure primarily works by enhancing employee engagement. This can be done through the assigning of a mentor and the introduction of the new hire with their supervisor or superior, which can be a great way to engage employees on their first day of work. A mentor can provide useful advice about how the new hire should proceed in the company, and also provide him with all the important details about the company and answer his queries. 

Your onboarding process procedure and the entire onboarding standard operating procedure must communicate the roles, responsibilities, and expectations for every position they are being hired for, to the new employees. Along with that, it must also introduce new employees to relevant people and all seniors as well as juniors if any. 

The use of technology

Making use of technology, advanced cloud-based HR and Payroll software along with the best Onboarding software in Bangalore can also help in streamlining the entire onboarding procedure for new employees. This software is designed for fixing and formulating the most effective onboarding process and once you’re set-up, you have to do nothing. The best HR management software can help your company design, plan and develop the most engaging, seamless and organised employee onboarding SOP and can also help in its implementation. 

Along with such software make use of interactive tools such as online tutorials and online portals that can provide useful information to the new hire in a seamless and convenient manner. A virtual introduction with the team, even before they join along with a personalised welcome kit for the new hires can be a great strategy for an effective onboarding procedure. 

Small steps go a long way! 

When it is about fixing the onboarding procedure and making the most of the process for maximum employee engagement, it must be said that small steps can go a long way for any business. As said earlier, a successful employee onboarding SOP is all about creating a pleasurable and meaningful experience for the new employees when they join the firm and empowering them to visualise the greater vision of the company. A great onboarding procedure for new employees does not only uphold the image of the company but also betters its market reputation and helps in maximum resource utilization. 

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