It is a common proverb that change is the only constant. The field of human resources is no exception to the fact. With the evolution of technology and the dynamic transitions of work ethics and culture within enterprises all across the world, it has become quintessential for every HR to adapt to the new systems and trends. For instance, the latest trend in the field of HR and HR management is the process of automation enabled by highly efficient HR software with a range of capabilities.

Most of the modern technologies have been designed and targeted not to replace HR professionals but to make their job easier. When we talk about HR management software, one of the most mentionable features or technological advancements is the use of AI for the future of HR operations. Artificial intelligence is one of the most researched aspects of technology that is being implemented in various fields across several industries.

AI can make a real impact on the future of HR strategy for 2020, amongst other mentionable factors that are critical to the future and advancement of HR strategy. Automation and efficient cloud HR software can seriously change the ways of HR operations and simplify the process to a vast extent.

The future of HR strategy: Automation, AI, and Cloud HR software

According to a journal published by Deloitte, it is predicted that in the most possible future scenarios that can be estimated through research, the way we know modern HR operations would not exist in the future.

It has been noticed that due to the availability of adequate capital various new enterprises are investing heavily in advanced technologies to simplify and streamline business operations. The automation of complex tasks in this modern world of technology is not something unnatural and is moving at a much faster than expected rate. In fact, several professions have become obsolete due to modern machines, and quite a few remaining ones have become extremely challenging.

When it comes to HR operations, modern technologies such as AI and Virtual Reality (VR) are extremely popular. Cloud HR software like Bizex, that makes use of such technologies are being extensively utilized to streamline HR operations and help companies build healthy and long-lasting relationships with its employees.

No matter the size or the kind of company, employees have a considerable extent of interaction with the HR departments on a daily basis. Be it service-oriented interactions, or be it training and development, the HR department must take responsibility to ensure that the needs of the employees are perfectly matched.

The current state of HR vs Looking Into The Future of HR strategy

In the journal published by Deloitte, a very important thing mentioned is the fact that “The first critical thing that will decide the future of Human Resources is the quality of employee-employer relationships. The quality of relationships can either improve in terms of stronger, more long-lasting relationships, where the employer is perceived as a trusted partner in personal career development. Or on the other hand, the quality of the relationships can decline as they become less stable and more fragile, while the role of the employer is reduced to a provider of work.”

It is not uncertain that the above-mentioned point essentially depends upon the balance between supply and demand for work, the extent of employee loyalty, and the essentiality of a healthy work-life balance and workplace environment. In modern times, employees have a lot of expectations towards their respective HR departments or HR personnel and look for transparency of processes within the company.

There is a wide range of challenges faced by the HR departments of different companies on a daily basis. Quite contrary to common conceptions, the role of HR extends far beyond simple hiring of new candidates. And that is where automation, HR management software, AI and other such technologies come into play.

In a recent survey conducted by Accenture within their own facility, it was noticed that for more than 1,000 senior executives, attracting, retaining and developing skilled talent was a key concern within the company.

According to David Gartside, Managing Director of the Future of HR Research Program in the Accenture Talent & HR Services Practice, “With talent at the top of the agenda for many members of the C-suite, including the CEO, HR has a tremendous opportunity to have a significant impact on the business.”

What HRs did, what HRs do and what HRs will be doing?

Now if we look into the recent past or current state of HR operations, typically HR departments of organizations have taken care of a few important and critical aspects of any business which include:

  • Adapting to the needs of a constantly changing workplace environments.
  • Ensuring increasing efficiency in the HR processes.
  • Cost management and minimization while catering to the company and individual employee needs.
  • Streamlining transactions and aiding employees comply with policies.
  • Improving employee-employer interactions and relationships.

But this is not the end of modern HR departments. Rather it extends far beyond these stereotypical roles of the HR departments. The primary concern of every HR must be to ensure effectiveness and contribute to better company decisions about talent, apart from just enhancing efficiency.

This calls for a change in the ways and strategies of HR in 2020. From extensive and high-level planning to the implementation of new and advanced technologies like HR management software can help enhance daily HR operations and deliver increased effectiveness at the tactical level. Through automation aided by an efficient and comprehensive cloud, HR software like Bizex finding practical solutions to specific problems and positively impacting the new hire can become extremely simple and convenient. From a workforce-performance issue to employee retention, reduction of attrition and enhanced employee loyalty, a look into the future of HR can be quite surprising in the wake of modern technologies.

HR Management Software: The driving change in the future of HR strategy

An efficient cloud HR software stands to be monumental in the future of sustainable and practical HR strategy. It will be the standpoint of helping HR departments adapt to the changing trends of workplaces and adapting to a highly dynamic environment. Modern technology is multifaceted. This makes it necessary for every HR professional to develop strategies that can be ideal for the utilisation of modern technology, automation and HR software.

How automation and efficient HR software can help in changing the HR approach?

Modern technology, AI-based cloud HR software and others do not just reduce the job of HRs but also help you explore new dimensions and more often than not greatly enhances the profitability of a business through improved productivity and operational efficiency. Here is how they can redefine the field of HR and revolutionise the field of HR approaches:

  • It helps HRs get an integrated approach to talent management.
  • With AI and advanced analytics, you can make better and more profitable HR decisions.
  • Automated HR management software can help extend HR and talent management out to the workforce.
  • An efficient HR software like Bizex offers a range of advanced tools like advanced recruiting tools which can immensely simplify the job of HRs.
  • Cloud HR software can help you store all data, sensitive and essential information, and employee details and can help enhance the efficiency and agility of the HR operations and also enable better HR-employee interactions.

In the age of “digital HR” making use of the latest cloud HR software and latest technologies in the field of HR operations is an extremely essential task to enable maximum operational efficiency.

The Age Of Digital HR: Using HR software and other tips to take a step towards the future

While there are a lot of things influencing and affecting the field of HR operations in modern times, there are a few things to be done to successfully and seamlessly adapt HR operations for the “age of digital HR.”

Let us take a look at a few things that can be done to enable more efficiency and effectiveness of various HR processes in the future:

  • Making an impact on the new hires with better use of technology
  • The future of HR relies on advanced cloud HR software and the advanced coordination between AI-based bots and human workforce.
  • Ethical AI, conducting AI audits and testing.
  • Soft skills enhancement
  • Enhancement of Workplace Environment through effective auditing physical, emotional and environmental attributes within an organisation.

Coming To The End: AI For The Future of Work

Research conducted by Oracle and Future Workplace among 8,370 global HR leaders, hiring managers and employees revealed that half (50%) of workers already make use of some form of A.I. at work. The numbers are up from 32%, as seen in 2018. As Gartner predicts, by 2021, 25% of workers will use a virtual employee assistant (VEA) on a daily basis, which is an increase from less than 2%, as seen in 2019. This may include a range of modern and advanced HR management software like Bizex which make use of AI and conversational bots for all types of HR processes.

All that being said, the future of HR and how it impacts the new hires, as well as the overall business operations, would be reliant on the use of appropriate cloud HR software and the advanced coordination between technology and human intelligence. We hope that the best is yet to arrive!

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