In every field, every industry and every walk of life, the advancement of technology has had a major impact bringing about major changes and dynamic shifts in a variety of ways. the attendance management system used by various organisations is no exception to the fact. With the world shifting towards automation and advanced technologies and software being implemented for more efficiency, productivity and profitability, automated attendance management has been the buzzword in the business industry. 

The traditional hand-written manual attendance entries have already become obsolete and a few handful companies that still use such systems for attendance management are soon going to look for a more efficient and effective alternative. Time and attendance management of employees is always a major responsibility of HR departments or respective personnel and the management within any organisation. 

Several major companies all across the world including some of the largest MNCs and conglomerates have already implemented advanced and automated attendance management systems while several other businesses are following their footsteps. Along with that, the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has made it even more imperative for firms to make use of advanced technologies amidst the social distancing protocols and work from home operational modules adopted by several companies. 

An automated attendance management system or software can help businesses efficiently manage the time and attendance of employees, be it in the office or even if the company is following the Work From Home module. This software does not only make the entire procedure more efficient and accurate but also offers several major benefits which include: 

● Saves time

● Saves energy

● Saves resources

● Reduces manual effort

● Minimizes any chances of errors and omissions

Moving towards automation with attendance management systems: Top trends to watch out for!

While a lot of businesses might not prioritise investing in an automated attendance management system, a recent article published in the Harvard Business Review states that a study by AffinityLive reflected that the U.S. economy loses $7.4 billion per day in productivity due to operational inefficiencies in the field of time and attendance management. Bottom line, an automated attendance and time tracking software can be extremely cost-effective and beneficial for businesses, of all sizes and kinds and lead to better productivity and profitability. 

That being said, several businesses have already taken the step towards automating time and attendance management within the organisation. Advanced fingerprint attendance management software like Bizex that offer biometric attendance software along with features like face recognition temperature and a variety of in-vogue technologies that can boost the management system and lead to enhanced productivity. 

That being said, there are a few top trends and features that are popular when it comes to automated attendance management systems. Let us look at some of the trending technologies and top features offered by advanced time and attendance tracking software like Bizex which are extremely essential in modern workplaces and the current scenarios where the world is dealing with a deadly pandemic situation. 

● Biometric attendance software

● WiFi-enabled employee attendance tracking systems

● Automatic employee time tracking

● Face recognition software for face recognition temperature, mask detection, face recognising attendance, and time tracking

● Advanced scheduling options

● Mobile timesheets

The tracking of employee attendance and time is essential in tracking business progress and leading the business towards success and future achievements. The old school manual time and attendance tracking have been deemed too obsolete and inefficient in comparison with modern time and attendance tracking systems. 

The benefits of modern automated attendance management systems

Comprehensive reporting of employee attendance can enhance productivity and effectively increase revenues. While such software often takes a backseat when businesses think of investing in such technologies, an enterprise that does not have a relevant and appropriate database that can help in setting the right goals and assessing business productivity will naturally not be able to achieve the desired results. 

There is a range of clear benefits of making use of attendance management software and technologies like biometric attendance software. Not just accuracy and efficiency but there are several other reasons why businesses of all sizes ranging from small businesses to international conglomerates and MNCs are preferring to automate their attendance and time tracking systems. 

Let us look at the key benefits of using an efficient attendance management system and how such technologies can help people move towards the automation of attendance and time tracking systems. 

Cost reduction and cost-efficiency

The most mentionable and key benefit of switching over to an automated time and attendance tracking system is the reduction of costs and the overall cost-effectiveness of such technologies. According to statistics derived from studies, companies spend $1,600 less per employee every year with the help of these systems. These technologies offer excellent ROI and the investments are returned in a span of a few months. 


Machines and software are made to be precise and accurate and remove the chances of human errors from a process. This biometric attendance software does not just enhance productivity and reduce costs but also streamlines attendance and time tracking of employees simplifying a major responsibility of the HR departments. This automated software makes the entire attendance tracking completely paperless while also eliminating the human errors that could have been possible by HR personnel.

Saves time and resources

It is not a very difficult thing to understand that a key benefit of automated attendance management software is the fact that such technologies help save a lot of time and useful resources. By automating the attendance and time tracking system, a major responsibility of HR departments is taken care of helping the HR personnel to focus on more important aspects within the organisation. 

The time saved by the use of such technologies can be utilised for handling other complex benefit processes. Time theft of misreporting of time is also effectively prevented by advanced biometric and face recognition software

Compliance, Scalability and Employee Satisfaction

From legal compliances that require the data of the fact that employees are being properly paid and accounted for to latest health compliances in the wake of the pandemic situation, making use of biometric attendance software and special technologies that enable face recognition temperature check and mask detection to ensure a healthy workplace environment, can be very effective and useful. 

An attendance management system that tracks attendance and time using face recognition software and fingerprint attendance management software ensures optimal cost reduction, balances the cost of hiring new employees and implements scalable business operations. 

Automate Your Attendance Management System: Make The Right Decision

Automation of the attendance management system of your business is the most profitable and sustainable decision you can make for the growth and long term success of your business. Making use of an advanced fingerprint attendance management software like Bizex, that has a range of advanced features like face recognition temperature and mask detection along with automated biometric attendance software can help your business get an accurate grasp over employee time and attendance and make the most appropriate business decisions.

So if you have been postponing that investment on a suitable attendance management system, now is the time to make the right choice and take action

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