In the world’s developing or developed nations, the manufacturing sector or industry holds a big percent of the GDP. It requires a large number of jobs and manpower in those countries. Approximately for every country, for every amount of money they spend in the manufacturing industry, a part of that money is added to their economy. The National Association of Manufacturer describes this intertwined circle of money-flow, and it is thus pretty clear that the manufacturing sector matters a lot in a country’s economic growth. 

It is not so shocking that the manufacturing industry has changed drastically over the few decades (especially after the worldwide pandemic situation). These days it is more dynamic and requires better technologies than ever before. That is the reason why the manufacturing industry needs to advance online HR software to manage the workforce and workflow appropriately. 

The lack of STEM skills

With technology, humans need to grow and develop skills too. If the manufacturing industry wants to be digital and high tech, then they need advanced workers for that. To be very specific, the workers who are specialized and advanced in STEM or the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math skills are required. According to a current report, the skill gap in the entire world and in our nation is growing bigger and will go beyond control over the next few years. The manufacturing industry will need manpower, but for lack of skill, there will be many vacant positions.

In this kind of situation, manufacturers can easily use the HR software of Bizex to solve the problem. This is one of the best HR software in India. Through its HR analytics, manufacturers can find the skilled and advanced workers they need for their company. It is not only about finding the right worker but the software can recognize a specific group of people who are already in the workforce, maybe in the future they can groom those workers and recruit them as the next generation workforce. By grooming our finding those higher potential workers and offering them flexibility at work, they can fulfill the gap of STEM skills effectively. 

Compliance Requirement

A manufacturer must have noticed that each and every government does some transformations in the requirements of compliance from time to time, and as a manufacturer, they have to track those changes regularly and be aware of every single thing. So, it’s very important to have all the details about all workers. For managing those smoothly, every company will need an automated system. Bizex HR software can do it for the companies easily. Right from easy reporting to online enrolment, now you can even check your analytics from anywhere and anytime. You can also securely access it through multiple devices.

Automated Payroll

Paying workers on time after the end of the month is very important. Keeping things on track and calculating all the wages, deductions, and fringe benefits for all the workers is a very complicated process, even for expert HR leaders and accountants. Not only is that its very time consuming as well. If they can get access and update of the accurate information in time so it will be easy for them to update the accurate information, and it will help them to work more efficiently and in less time so that the workers can be paid in time. Bizex brings the best HR software in Bangalore as well as the entire country that can generate the exact data you may need for the ‘certified payroll reports’.A good manufacturing company ( actually for every company ) needs to keep every small change and detail on track. HR Software of Bizex can take care of your every need so that you can stay updated.

Safety Check

To maintain a healthy reputation of your company, you must care about the safety of your workers. Therefore, manufacturers have to be prepared and make a proper checklist to help their production managers, safety line officers, and also every one of them who does the routine audits. These things are more complicated than it sounds. But with our HR software, they can make a digital checklist, which will be easier than using a pen and paper. That’s why Bizex is the best HR software in IndiaYou can keep your audits arranged through it easily.

Management Reporting

The very exact and real-time production report is very important for the manufacturing industry. These things not only help you to stay updated but also help the top management to make important decisions about their production or manufacturing process. How much they already have, how much more they need, what is the demand – it can answer your every question. With our modern online HR Software, one can create different types of product reports for the top management of the company so that they can take important decisions, such as functional reports, formal reports of the production, as well as statutory. Managers of a manufacturing company can also co-operate and get accurate analytical information in these reports for their decision making part (it can also be in the form of graphs and charts).

Bizex’s achievements: A special note

Bizex achieved something which we are very glad to announce. We have been shortlisted for the prestigious top 10 most promising HR management software of the year 2020. This is not the end of our achievements but just the beginning. We are also glad to be recognized as the top 10 most promising HR management software of the year 2020. So you can trust our HR software as it will be able to improve your growth in the manufacturing sector.

Some Final thought About HR Software

We all have to grow up with time to keep things under our control. Things are not different for the manufacturing industry. It’s time for this industry sector to use modern technologies to maintain their workforce, production, payroll, and every small to a big thing. HR software is sure to harvest the best results.

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