The world has changed drastically over the last few months because of the pandemic situation. This pandemic situation not only affected our life, but it also affected all the industries and businesses. But even in this situation tech companies are working without taking any rest and inventing new products to ease out our daily life. 

This pandemic taught us how to maintain physical distance from people. It is a very important measure to fight against the disease. The government also started with some tough restrictions and measures like self-isolation, temperature checking in a public place, using sanitizer to control the infection. Checking temperature before entering any place has been mandatory. But with our old kind of thermometer, it is impossible to check one’s temperature without touching them. There comes the role of our thermal scanners, which can show the temperature of a man without touching them. So the rising demand for thermal scanners is not very surprising. 


Thermal scanners are contactless devices that detect infrared energy emitted from living bodies. The infrared energy is detected and then converted into visual images by the scanner machine. This technology has become very helpful in this pandemic situation. High body temperature is the basic symptom for Covid-19, and it is thus mandatory to get checked before entering any office or public place. Bizex’s touchless attendance software is equipped with a thermal scanner so that the health condition of the employee can be checked right at the time of attendance.


Maintaining distancing and not touching random things in places like shopping malls, offices, transports are important. We can choose to simply stay at home, stay safe, or and don’t go out if it’s not urgent. But for us, it is not possible to stay at home all the time, especially when it comes to maintaining and progressing our careers. There we have to touch the biometrics for attendance, which many other workers might be touching. In simpler words, it is not safe at all for the employees. There, in place of that machine, if we can use touchless attendance software like we are using in the case of a thermal scanner. 


Before implementing or trying anything new, we all should know about that thing. Here are some pros to this software:

● This is smart software with modern technologies, which is very helpful not only in this pandemic situation for going contactless but it can also efficiently manage all of the attendance details of your organization. 

● This touchless attendance software of Bizex has a smart face-recognizing feature. It can recognize the employees of that particular organization by its real-time digital photo capture and mark them as ‘present’.

● It is a hassle-free system. If you provide this facial recognition software all the data and biometrics about your employees only once, it stores it in its database and uses it in the time of detection.

● Tracking all the workers of a big company with specific employees is not easy. For the real-time production and management decisions, they have to know about every single piece of data about all the workers. For example, who came, when, when left, why, who did overtime, why, and all the small details. Tracking all those data and updating them in real-time is extremely hectic as well as pretty unrealistic. If one thing went wrong, then the whole system will mess-up, which is not anyone’s expectation.

● You can say that you are fine with the old system, and maybe you are. But still, if you think about it carefully, you will notice that this old manual attendance system doesn’t work well all the time. It is natural for manual systems to have errors, but this touchless attendance software of Bizex will never allow any scope for errors. 

● This contactless software can manage everything efficiently without any errors. It updates real-time data with date, location, and time so that the management of the company stays up-to-date.

● This facial recognition software can detect human faces more efficiently than humans, so it can save a lot of time and money for an organization. It can even help them to reduce their cost for manual workers.

● You can control the touchless attendance software of Bizex almost from anywhere. Your laptop, desktop, PC, phone, etc. will enable you to stay connected with the system. This feature makes it easily manageable software to keep in touch with all the data. So basically, this contactless software keeps you in close contact.

● Securing your important data and all the data about your company and employees is very important because nowadays data is more crucial than anything else. With the smart attendance system of Bizex, all your data is much secured. You can save them in the database of the software and access it whenever you want securely.

● This is all-in-one software because along with managing and tracking all the attendance, it also sends you the report at the end. Giving your employees their salary on time is crucial but collecting all those data and calculating the wages of a large number of workers is hard. This contactless software can do calculations too for the wages based on attendance. 

● An employee can get a pen & paper and write down all the attendance information like absent list, attendance list, overtime list, early left life but this procedure will take a lot of time and have a big chance for errors. But attendance software can do it efficiently. It can count the entire list and wages based on that. This will enable you to save time and get accurate information.


Life these days is not easy for anyone, but somehow we all have to go ahead and pass this hard time for a better future. Obeying health regulations and following social distancing rules are important for a better future. Technology is helping us to go contactless. We just have to follow it by using these technologies like thermal scanners, touchless attendance software, and many more contactless things. All these are to ensure that we can get a safer future that is secure and disease-free.

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