Recent technology trends have enabled organizations to work efficiently and effectively. The usage of AI and machine learning algorithms has given rise to workforce developments in organizations. Cliques have called the face recognition system the most natural of all biometric measurements and say the technology is extremely precise, with very small differences in their rates of false-positive or false-negative evaluations across demographic groups.

However, some critics argue that it’s technology’s biggest mistake that produces too many false positives for innocent people who are recognized as culprits. The facial recognition software has been adopted by various organizations to help in workforce management as well as facilitating facial recognition attendance.

Face Recognition System: The Basics and Benefits

Before you dive into the intrinsic details of how Bizex touchless facial recognition works, let’s understand what it means by facial recognition. Face recognition system involves categorizing or authenticating someone using physical appearances and features of their face.

Numerous technologies exist, including 3-D, vascular and heat-pattern, and skin texture analysis. In the most predominant type of facial recognition software, algorithms recognize certain points on the face, such as the outline of one’s chin, and create a prototype for that person. It is most precise when users freely submit their facial images into a database.

When the individual approaches a facial scanner, the live image is captured and transformed into a template that is compared to the templates stored in the database. A match permits the user to commence some activity like logging into a computer network and working for facial recognition attendance.

Safety and Security

Facial recognition technology has been used innumerable times to recognize, ban, and capture criminal suspects. It can also be used to scrutinize documents, to identify lost children, to find human trafficking victims.


A face recognition system provides a passive, unified, and frictionless access solution for physical and logical access control systems. Users need only pause briefly at a camera and insert a hand or finger into a device. It is an entirely touchless system for your convenience. It can be used extensively for facial recognition attendance.

Excellent Customer Service

Retailers and other facilities use facial recognition to adapt the customer experience and cater to VIP services. It can be used to form smart digital signage and to streamline the checkout process. The facial recognition software can meet your organization’s needs to providing matchless customer service.

Advancement In The Field Of Healthcare

Facial recognition software yields almost 97% correct diagnosis and maintain a high-level accuracy in treating serious patients.

Bizex Facial Recognition Software: How It Works?

Below is a summary of the BIZEX Facial Recognition Attendance system. It is designed to empower the organizations to have simultaneous employee tracking and surge complete work efficiency across the departments.

Some of the distinctive features are:


Face Recognition Technology based solution senses the face and marks the attendance periodical certifying 98% precision while identifying, recording, training, and evaluating everyday work login of the employees.

Staying Secured

Once the workforce is in the office, they are secured as the face recognition technology also records the individual body temperature. The employee with a critical temperature gets instant alerts.


The attendance can be marked through mobile or even from a place with less or no internet. When the employee is working, just keep posted, and it is logged on.


There is no need to get rid of the mask or touch anywhere to lock the attendance for the day. With BIZEX, employees get a 100% guarantee of health safety as the attendance is verified without any physical contact.

Using the Facial Recognition Attendance system, the employee’s face is only the novel ID, substituting the access cards or the biometric fingerprint devices through the mask as well. All the uncertainties regarding hygiene and sanitation are eradicated to the best extent.

Real-Time Data

HR Department in the organization receives the real-time attendance data without any time-lag. It not only simplifies to augment the authoritative work hours but also launches unified operations in the organization and skillful use of resources as the data that is well-coordinated through technology without any manipulations or external tampering.

Marking remote presence

During the on-going unparalleled times, BIZEX offers the mobile-based solution as well to record the attendance when remote work culture is followed by the workforce. With the help of a face recognition system, organizations will know the exact location of their employees and get their attendance marked from anywhere, everywhere.

BIZEX Facial Recognition Attendance System is not only about generating a proficient and prolific environment; also it is about providing a safe and compliant workplace.

Facial Recognition System: Key Concerns Handled by Bizex

Let us now check out some Facial Recognition concerns:

Matching Errors

The accuracy of facial systems may be in doubt when the world of users is unlimited. Errors may also occur due to poor images, images taken at a bad angle, and bad lighting.

Privacy Issue

Immense data breaches are a regular occurrence, and the prospect of one’s facial image being stolen is upsetting.

Safety Of The Face Recognition System

Facial recognition is completely harmless. Scanning causes no harm to the face, and it is not meddling. Both ordinary and infrared cameras use light incidence similar to sunlight and infrared cameras.

Do you have any idea about the bias in facial recognition software? Face recognition accuracy bias can be eradicated by using some best practices which Bizex has made possible and removed all the key concerns to develop a highly efficient system.

Proper Training Data: It’s significant to train face recognition using varied faces across genders, age groups, ethnicities, and skin colours.

3-D Recognition: Companies must add 3-D face recognition using 3-D cameras as an additional recognition feature.

Improved Resolution Images: Face recognition systems should use high-resolution images. Video surveillance cameras that claim face recognition have poor data accuracy since they utilize low resolution with high field of view cameras mounted far away in a distant corner.

Final Notes

Bizex provides solutions of facial recognition software facilitating facial recognition attendance. Employee tracking and attendance marking have become convenient and simplified. It builds an engaging and content work environment that is beneficial for every employee.

The face recognition system is refining swiftly and offers an extensive and intensifying array of benefits. If used with proper controls, facial recognition is a crucial element in safety, security, healthcare, and many other areas.

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