6 Simple HR Challenges and How Bizex Solves Them Right Away

Standing at this juncture of the 21st century, digitization is the key concept of any business across the globe. With every passing day, we are witnessing the digital upheaval reaching new heights. Each and every single entity requires to make a signature mark for themselves. Therefore the cut-throat competition is getting tougher in due course. […]

Amidst the pandemic and mandatory social distancing, technologies are saving the corporate world

COVID-19 CORONAVIRUS is a new disease, originated in China’s Wuhan province. The Coronavirus is spreading fast and has been declared a pandemic with the aid of the World Health Organization (WHO). As of today, it has unfolded in more than 130 international locations with 565,045 verified instances and 25,410 deaths. Certainly, coronavirus has started out […]

Consideration call for holding the work-life balance

Traversing a new wave in work-life scale. 51% of people in design jobs and 49% of people in IT Jobs sufferexhaustion – reported Forbes.The interweaving of work-life balance isan emerging issue globally. The factors taken into account arecompensation, advancement, job stability, time, and strain-based conflictsand behavioural conflicts. According to Greenhouse, Collins & Shaw, work-family balance […]

Best project Management tool for small business

Project Managers, especially those who are in professional services require relevant and accurate information in order to make decisions effectively. Post-it notes adhered to your work area basically won’t do. There are heaps of contenders available in employee management software – one of them is Bizex. Bizex in Online Project Management Software is an incredible […]

How Companies can reduce the HR workload by using HRM Software

Most organizations have some type of a Human Resource Management System (HRMS) introduced over their frameworks. This might be a little and essential HRMS instrument or an undeniable cloud-based HRIS Software that enables the organization with all the fixings, to directly from procuring to overseeing workers, to paying their compensations and attempting to hold them, […]

Can your company benefit from Bizex HR Software?

Monitoring the human resource in any organization can be real challenging. Though hiring good professionals can make sense at certain point but, if you are a beginner, you may need some affordable and flexible way of managing the HR department. Here comes the role of an effective HR Software that can serve the required purpose […]


HR Software is basically used to assist in the systematic processes that manage an organization’s employees. Although there are many software available in the market, the main aim of every solution is to trigger the objective i.e. maintain and enhance an organization’s productivity. In addition to that, new features are continually being added to evolve […]

Bizex CRM integration with AI Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no more a new term in the world of technology. When one talks about smart devices and applications, AI and machine learning automatically join in. From mobile apps like Siri or Cortana to smart devices like Google Home or smart consumer appliances, AI has successfully demonstrated its highly sophisticated abilities. Not […]

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