Corporate Training Programs For Employees

Gone are the days when “jack of all trades, master of none” was viewed as a favourable position in the labour force. Quick advancement in innovation has fundamentally impacted all social statuses. The most noticeable effect is that people are relied upon to be on the web, to perform various tasks and reliably perform better in all circles of life, individual and expert.

By and by, a graduate degree or a PHD can’t exclusively make up the expert ability as some different aptitudes are additionally required correspondence, initiative and passionate insight to give some examples are essential for progress. Attributable to this explanation, individuals are effectively searching for preparing their abilities past their proper capacity to make progress throughout everyday life.

Not just this, organizations all over the world are taking help from prestigious corporate training programs for employees from organizations to guarantee a multi-gifted labour force. It does not just cause them to control the costs needed to chase the theory in various positions yet also improve their business measures.

Before moving towards the rundown of preparing programs reasonable for your representatives, we should comprehend the importance of the corporate aptitudes preparing first!

What is Corporate Training?

An instructional class expected to upgrade various abilities of a representative in an organization helps in improving the person’s presentation. Corporate training broadens the organization’s pace of efficiency where that individual is working.

The abilities learned through preparing programs make the working environment climate more amiable, all the more captivating, more open to the trading of thoughts and more focused simultaneously.

Various Types Of Training Programs For Employees In The Corporate Sector

There is no rejecting that the talented labour force is the foundation of any business. A few abilities are a higher priority than the remainder of the aptitudes for an organization’s prosperity. Coming up next are a few instances of abilities preparing offered via preparing organizations that organizations must take up to expand their yield:

Administrative And Supervisory Skills

Financial specialists all over the world have been zeroing in a great deal on administrative preparation, keeping in mind the flood of individuals showing up from different nations for occupations. There’s an extremely high possibility of group clashes and workplace issues if a pioneer isn’t sufficiently judicious.

Thus, for an organization to function admirably and have every one of its tasks run easily, the initiative must be totally prepared and completely mindful of its work. Inferable from this explanation, organizations should give expanded consideration to gain initiative instructional classes for their administrators and top specialists.

Imaginative Thinking Skills Grooming Program

Representatives can develop and dominate in their vocations when they are persistently thinking something from a more up to date, alternate point of view. It enables the organization to advance as far as development just as profitability.

Imagination and creative reasoning become expressive with high inundation of individuals looking for occupations. Inferable from this, numerous money managers guarantee delicate abilities preparing in the work environment for prepping their representatives being people. It is the way to progress.

Client Care And Client Communication Skills

A business can’t prosper without keeping its customers glad. Consequently, individuals liable for speaking to the organization to a customer ought to be acceptable at correspondence and charming the customers. It’s what you’re introducing to them, yet how you offer the item or administration has a huge effect. Consequently, clients managing or deals preparing is one of the most renowned courses for an organization or a business.

Work environment Ethics Awareness

Representatives at each level, be it an assistant, director, or a chief, need to have procured an essential instructional class on working environment morals. If an organization’s way of life causes each representative to feel safe, there’s a higher possibility of climate being more amicable, which implies more chances of information sharing. Thus higher efficiency is guaranteed.

Change Management Training

Each organization has rules which it needs to submit to, given sponsorships lawfully, and confirmations without which its representatives can’t rehearse their callings. Be that as it may, change is an inescapable reality, and the business organizations need to consent to it for accomplishment over the long haul.

Nonetheless, representatives may not feel great when organizations roll out an abrupt improvement incorporating approaches and working environment guidelines. The organizations must guarantee taking change the executives instructional classes for the workers about acclimatizing changing climate viable.

Management training also includes parts of HR training. Companies use some of the best HR management software to enhance the management system of an organisation.

Why is corporate training necessary?

Here are 8 different ways corporate training could support your business:

To Increase the  Performance

74% of workers feel they aren’t arriving at their maximum capacity because of an absence of improvement openings. corporate training addresses shortcomings and reinforces existing gifts. Workers who have gotten adequate preparing to see improved aptitudes, more noteworthy competency and expanded trust in their capacities. These representatives are in this manner ready to perform better in their work and produce a better quality of work.

To Increase Productivity

Organizations that put resources into corporate training have a 37% higher profitability than those that don’t. Representatives who are acceptable at their positions are equipped for finishing work effectively and are probably going to complete more than the individuals who are battling. The expanded certainty accomplished through preparing additionally brings about a more prominent feeling of energy and interprets legitimately into expanded efficiency.

Improved Morale and Motivation

There is right now a tremendous separation emergency in the work environment and employment fulfilment has hit an unsurpassed low. 1 out of 3 individuals withdrew, grinding away. Organizations who put resources into preparing, establish a steady climate to work in and show their representatives that they are esteemed. 65% of workers state that preparation and advancement decidedly influence their mentality. Feeling increased in value encourages workers to feel more fulfilment towards their positions bringing about higher assurance and inspiration.

To Increase Employee Retention

40% of representatives with helpless preparation relinquish their position inside the principal year of work while just 12% of workers who state their organization has great preparation openings need to find employment elsewhere. The arrangement of corporate training directly affects worker maintenance and can lessen the expenses of enlistment.

Learning Better Leadership and Decision Making

There are various kinds of corporate training however preparing which caters for pioneers is especially gainful to a business. Administration preparing attempts to improve the aptitudes of administrators, and senior-level staff and results in a better dynamic and educated and shrewd methodologies to control the business.

Improved Company Reputation – draw in top ability

A persuading and viable corporate training system encourage your business to construct accent notoriety and solid boss brand. Preparing is frequently observed as an extra worker advantage and assists withdrawing in the top ability to the business. Organizations who put resources into preparing and advancement are alluring to eager competitors who look to improve their aptitudes and progress inside their field of work.

Expanded Innovation and Creativity

Consistent preparing and upskilling of workers can energize the flow of novel thoughts, joint effort and inventiveness and result in expanded advancement.

To Ensure High Revenue Collection

Organizations that put resources into preparing have 21% higher pay per worker. At the point when you consider the entirety of different advantages that corporate preparation offers a business, all bringing about expanded productivity, it isn’t difficult to perceive how these can bring about expanded income.

On the off chance that you have been persuaded by the numerous advantages of corporate training sketched out in this article and might want to begin taking a gander at the distinctive preparing alternatives accessible to your business, connect utilizing the enquiry structure gave or by addressing one of our group utilizing the subtleties gave. We’ll talk you through your necessities and make a customized preparing system to suit your business. Various companies provide corporate training services which help corporates train their employees so that they can yield good results!


Training will make employees more and more capable of yielding profits for the betterment of the company and self.

Guide to Choosing the Best Human Resource Software Technology

Human resource software technology is the new trend going on in the business sector. The increasing demand for production and recruitment of workers have led the organizations and firms to use HR software to minimize the workload and also to focus on the main core tasks that need their immediate attention.

When you go for choosing the best human resource software for a company in the country make sure the HR Software has good mobile applications. Nowadays the HRM has Al technologies and internet-based data and services to make the records of the firm more calculating and authentic.

What is Human Resource Software Technology?

Before we proceed further with the topic, do you know what is Human resource software or what is its function? Well, commonly known as HRMS or HRIS assists the big and small firms, business, corporations, industries and all other organizations to keep up with the employee’s data, records and all other kinds of important information about its workers. 

What the Human Resource software technology does is manage all the work-related criteria of the workers for the organization. Be it is on-boarding, training facilities, e-learning, skill management, time and labour recruitment, payrolls and many other kinds of jobs.

Enrolling below certain guides that can help in choosing the best human resource software technology:-

Mobile Technology

In this technologically advanced era no firm or enterprise would like to do the manual labour of doing the paper works, right? So a firm before assigning any Human Resource Software technology must ensure that the brand has a good and supportive mobile application. In the time where people prefer to work from home or their desired office, it becomes a real sport to carry a laptop or a computer everywhere and anywhere they go. 

A mobile application is a convenient mode of operating and managing the workflow without any interruption. It gives time to time updates relating to business, investment, and also manages the work process of the workers of the company.

Hence, the company needs to be very certain that the human resource software technology is backed by an accessible mobile application.

Best Payroll management software

Before getting connected with any HR software technology brands a company must ensure that it offers a simple and unified panel for expediting the payroll for their recruited employees and staff. Through which the owner or hired head of the HR can pull out the payroll cycle on time for their employees.

The more simplified and technical dashboard HR software offered by the company makes it easier and convenient for the business firm to manage the payroll process. It just not makes the process easy but faster, which helps the HR executive to save their valuable time. 

The HR software technology authorizes the head executive to determine the salary package as per the function and portfolio assigned to the employee in the company. It helps the manager to organize the salary chart of all kinds of workers, whether full time, part-time or work from home or the daily wage earners. It makes the job done in a few very simplified and easy clicks and that is why the best payroll management system is important. 

Cloud-based hr and payroll software

Ensure that the software has this system which makes the work speedy without payment errors.

Worker’s Self-service

Another important guide to choose human resource software technology is that it should have the automated self-service generator for the employees of the company. Assigning tasks regularly to the workers increases the work pressure of the manager of the firm. 

The updated HR software gives the workers the liberty to choose the task, access facts of the job assigned, trail about the status of their employment and also it permits them to alter the information about them on the system.

This feature makes the work done more swiftly and it also reduces the pressure of the owner or the manager of the firm. All this helps the manager to focus on the main core tasks of the firm when other basic yet important tasks are being carried out by the HR software. 

Learning management systems

This technique incorporated into human resource software helps to track the education, skills, and certificates, credentials of the insights before and after recruiting them into the business. The system also helps the workers to get equipped with the required qualifications and materials. It provides them with substances and lessons to enhance their credibility which adds on their curriculum vitae. 

This system helps the admin to grant training facilities, allowance, timings with the performance and merit-based placements of the workers. The workers themselves can choose the required lessons and courses coordinated by the admin of the HR in the Company. 

Performance management software

Contemporary Human resource software technology incorporates the feature of enlisting performance and skills of their employees. This software helps the company to have the realistic concept of attaining the set marks of the firm. To make sure that the insights have been recruited based on their skills and degree, the software helps to keep up with the performances of the employees.

The admin or the manager of the firms can set the weekly task target which the employees need to achieve through the system. Based on their improvement in their respective domains they are granted promotions or incentives. 

For a smooth flow of the production of the company and firms, it is important to have an overview of the achievements and undertakings of the employees which increases the rate of profits of the firms.

Application of tracking networks and recruiting software

The coming up, small and big companies of recent times have those data and recruitment processes done by the human resource software technologies. Why go after a lengthy process when it can be done in just a few simple clicks? So when choosing the best HR software technology makes sure the system has the facility to automatically recruit talented and skilled workers for the companies. 

Tracking applications and recruiting software have a more or less related role but vary in the long scales functions. While the recruiting system is highly operated by big companies which offer large openings in the country, these companies need assistance on a larger scale because the insights apply on a large scale. The system helps to automatically scrutinize talented and trained workers and then it recruits them on merit-based roles.

Whereas, the applicant tracking software is assigned by the business firms that demand the cycle of the employees and tracks their renditions to determine their capability and credentials. 

Time-off requests and workers exits

Every firm requires certain applications to be present in human resource software technology, among them is time-off requests and workers exits. 

In time-off requests, the software automatically sets tenures of the employees, duty times for the employees. The system automatically detects overtime, part-time, full-time jobs done by the workers in a few simple clicks. It also assures that the workers allotted to do the jobs are enough to avoid shortages of workers. All this conserves time of the supervisor which assures the smooth functioning of the company.

The one-stop-shop for human resource software technology with the best payroll management software in Bangalore is Bizex! You can check out more on their website. 

How to fix the onboarding process

A key part of every business process is the employee onboarding procedure. But along with it being extremely essential for businesses and the entire hiring process, it is also very important to see to the fact that the onboarding process procedure is right, organised and leads to maximum efficiency. It has to be done right or else it might be counterproductive in terms of business perspective. 

That being said, it is also important to discuss that it has been seen in a recent survey conducted by Microsoft, the odds of an employee staying at the company for the long term was reliant on one simple factor, that is, whether their managers or supervisors had a one-on-one meeting with them during their first week of joining. This simple meeting was actually how employees pictured their future at Microsoft, and if they were to stay at the company on a long term basis. This survey makes it even more clear as to how important the onboarding procedure for new employees can be and also how impactful and profitable a well-planned employee onboarding SOP is, for a business. 

Knowing what to fix about the employee onboarding procedure

While it is an accepted fact that an effective onboarding policy and the procedure is very essential for businesses of all kinds and sizes, it must also be considered that every business has its unique needs and requirements along with separate goals and objectives. Even the hiring of a new employee that is done by a company has a certain goal. This is where onboarding standard operating procedure comes in. Onboarding SOP is all about the basics of a well-defined and well-organised onboarding process procedure that can and must be implemented by businesses, no matter their size, industry, goals and needs. 

But before you implement a certain set of onboarding policy and procedure or try to fix the onboarding process of your company, what is more, important is to identify and figure out where the problems are, what the failings are, and where exactly you need improvements in the entire employee onboarding SOP of your business. 

According to a 2018 survey conducted by Jobvite, it was seen that almost one-third of all the new hires quit their jobs within 90 days of joining. This trend can be effectively prevented with a structured and organised onboarding procedure. It has also been noticed in studies that new employees who went through a strong onboarding process procedure improve new hire retention by 82%. Thus, a bad onboarding procedure is not only ineffective and futile but also counterproductive and leads a waste of resources and time. 

Thus, it is very clear that if you have a faltering onboarding SOP then you need to fix it as soon as possible and implement some effective, productive and useful onboarding standard operating procedure to increase employee retention rate and eventually maximise profit through effective resource utilisation. 

And this makes it even more important to figure out the problems of the onboarding process to make sure that any gaps in the onboarding policy and procedure is well-addressed and leads to the best results and maximum efficiency. 

The steps to be taken to fix the onboarding procedure 

While the use of the best HR management software like Bizex can be very useful in fixing the onboarding process procedure and streamlining the entire process of hiring, there are several other things that you must do to ensure the best onboarding procedure for new employees. In this article, we will further discuss a few important steps that can be very effective and useful in fixing the onboarding process for any business and ensuring a systematic, effective and highly useful onboarding standard operating procedure. 

Make for a meaningful onboarding experience

The primary goal of every onboarding process procedure must be to ensure that the new hire has a meaningful experience on their first day of joining and the entire procedure must uplift the image of the entire company. 

According to long-term research conducted by the Middlesex University for Work-Based Learning, 74% participants asserted that a lack of training is the primary hurdle that prevents them from achieving their full potential at work and 76% of employees look for career growth opportunities in a company.

This means that these are the two key areas that must be included in an onboarding SOP for maximum success. Your onboarding procedure must illustrate the company’s interest and willingness to investing in the employee’s professional development while they are working at your company. Along with that, a detailed and interactive training session must be conducted to ensure that the employee gets the attention and interest he needs in the company and does not feel that they are not valued. 

Involve supervisors and assign mentors 

A successful onboarding procedure primarily works by enhancing employee engagement. This can be done through the assigning of a mentor and the introduction of the new hire with their supervisor or superior, which can be a great way to engage employees on their first day of work. A mentor can provide useful advice about how the new hire should proceed in the company, and also provide him with all the important details about the company and answer his queries. 

Your onboarding process procedure and the entire onboarding standard operating procedure must communicate the roles, responsibilities, and expectations for every position they are being hired for, to the new employees. Along with that, it must also introduce new employees to relevant people and all seniors as well as juniors if any. 

The use of technology

Making use of technology, advanced cloud-based HR and Payroll software along with the best Onboarding software in Bangalore can also help in streamlining the entire onboarding procedure for new employees. This software is designed for fixing and formulating the most effective onboarding process and once you’re set-up, you have to do nothing. The best HR management software can help your company design, plan and develop the most engaging, seamless and organised employee onboarding SOP and can also help in its implementation. 

Along with such software make use of interactive tools such as online tutorials and online portals that can provide useful information to the new hire in a seamless and convenient manner. A virtual introduction with the team, even before they join along with a personalised welcome kit for the new hires can be a great strategy for an effective onboarding procedure. 

Small steps go a long way! 

When it is about fixing the onboarding procedure and making the most of the process for maximum employee engagement, it must be said that small steps can go a long way for any business. As said earlier, a successful employee onboarding SOP is all about creating a pleasurable and meaningful experience for the new employees when they join the firm and empowering them to visualise the greater vision of the company. A great onboarding procedure for new employees does not only uphold the image of the company but also betters its market reputation and helps in maximum resource utilization. 

Why people are moving to cloud-based Hr Software

As we have stepped into the generation where all we can see is AI optimized systems around us that make our daily life much easier, cloud-based HR software takes the job of an HR to the next level by making the process of managing employees and payrolls easier for them. A cloud-based hr management system can transform the HR department by simplifying day-to-day tasks. There is various cloud-based human resource software available in the market, and they are being widely used by the organization. 

So, let’s have a look at what benefits you can get by installing a cloud-based HR software! 

All in one service and functionality 

HR always has a lot to do and the HR department is one of the busiest corners of the office. The daily work of an HR requires a lot of data entry, maintaining the records of the attendance, and so on. Installing HR software will allow all the employees to update their data and give attendance from anywhere and at any time. It consists of the auto functionality and all the necessary features that an HR needs on daily basis. When HRM is operated from the cloud, it makes the work-life easier for the employees and HR both. 

Real-time navigation and live tracking

A cloud-based HR management system comes with the option of real-time navigation and lives tracking This feature helps in updating the site attendances, location reporting, live field tracking, and managing the travel expenses. The use of this particular feature simply removes all the chances of miscommunication. Another benefit of this feature is that it provides an end-to-end solution to all the needs of monitoring and following up which makes the work of an HR hassle-free and transparent. This particular feature of the web-based HR management system can also help you in building up employee engagement for better productivity! 

Better document management

Those days are gone when documents were stored in the piles of files, and they were stored in the cabinets. The use of cloud-based HR software helps in the management and compliance of the important documents that include job applications, employee records, and so on. The documents can be organized, filtered, and sorted with minimum supervision. The search time for the important document and the time for updating the necessary information can be reduced with this feature. The documents can be accessed with the use of a mobile phone and the storage is flexible. Above all, the digitalization of the documents mitigates the risk of losing data and human errors. 


Once the cloud-based human resource software is implemented, it will start generating better returns. With all the time and effort that will be saved by using HRM on the cloud have the potential to build a flexible workforce. Even the best HR management software available in the market comes with a lower implementation and management cost. Above everything, it lowers the labour that was required previously in the HR process, so in all terms, the best feature of the cloud-based HR can be identified as the cost-effectiveness. Cost-effective human resource management is one of the most important aspects of an SME as well. So, deploying cloud-based HR software for small businesses would be beneficial for them. 

Efficiency in sharing data

Most of the time the HR is responsible for circulating various data, information, and notices. These data might include various details about employee retention or turnover, salary, incentives, or some urgent circular. Cloud-based hr software provides benefits to HR in terms of circulating them accessing them and circulating them as well. The inbuilt feature of the dashboard stores all the data and information properly so that easy access can be done by the HR. As the employees have the access to it, they get the workplace insights as well. It helps the organization in gaining profitability.  

Better payroll management

Better management of payroll is one of the distinctive advantages that you will get by using cloud-based HR and payroll. Now it is possible to manage the payroll in a customized way. Digital payslips, payroll registration has made salary processing easier than ever. You just have to pick the best payroll management software for your organization and all the calculations and other criteria of payroll can be managed easily. It also helps in reducing the errors in calculations. The employees get the proper information about their salary which keeps the transparency intact. 

Additional security 

The risk of cyber attacks and hacking has made some people question the security parameters of cloud storage. There are always the risks of hackers and viruses like malware and so on. However, the web-based HR management system can take away all the worries because it comes with additional security parameters. It is way safer than storing and managing the data physically. The cloud-based HR systems mitigate the cost of installing data protection lawsuits that stops the breaching. HR needs to store the personal data of the employees like address, salary details, bank account details, ID proof of an employee and this feature of cloud-based HR software provides the security and keeps the confidential data under protection. 

Project management 

Project management can be a very tactical job. From time to time it becomes very hectic to keep the track of the whole process and managing all the employees who are associated with that project. A cloud-based HR system makes it very much convenient. It comes with the features that help in managing the tasks and meeting the milestones. Even the expense management can be done easily with the feature of the dashboard. So now it is easier to get a competitive edge with the use of the project management features of cloud-based HR software.

Additional services

Apart from all the services that have been mentioned above, cloud-based HR and payroll software provides some services too. The best HR management software comes with SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). This is known as an alternative for on-premises software. Cloud-based SaaS has the potential of saving the cost and expenses that are related to human resources. It reduces the time consumption and provides additional security and maintenance. The additional services include asset management, exit management, and leave management as well. 

In this article, some major reasons have been covered that move people towards implementing cloud-based hr software. It provides long term benefits to the organization. Employee engagement and operational managements become easier once the cloud-based HR management system is implemented. All these aspects can bring positive changes to your organization.

Bizex is one of the best HR management software that is available in the market right now. You can always discover more about the cloud-based HR software through Bizex. It comes with all the features that have been mentioned and it will make the daily job of an HR smooth as a cake-walk. Manage your team with efficiency and get all the solutions you need. Bizex is just a click away! Bizex will provide you with a 360 degrees cloud-based HRM suite for employee engagement. So, don’t wait and get in touch with the expert team of Bizex and implement the best payroll software right now!

How to automate the onboarding process in Bizex

Technology has come a long way in modern times. The advancement of technology has made many impossible things quite possible, and pretty simple. The field of HR operations within any kind of business is no exception to the fact. There are several new technologies being used in day to day HR operations by businesses across various industries. And amongst all of this onboarding automation has become a buzzword.

While automated employee onboarding may sound to be very intriguing as well as a convenient process for the HR department of a company, it is very essential to know the details of the automated onboarding process. Along with the details of onboarding automation, it is very important to find the right platform or the best HR software that can make the entire process completely seamless and convenient.

Bizex: Enabling onboarding automation

Bizex is one of the best HR software that enables a completely automated employee onboarding process and is the best choice for seamless, convenient and profitable onboarding automation. Bizex is the best choice for businesses looking for complete automation of the entire employee onboarding process. No matter your industry of operations or the size of your business, the software is designed to meet all kinds of needs and ensure that automated employee onboarding becomes hassle-free, transparent and cost-effective.

Bizex employee onboarding software uses advanced cloud based technologies to simplify the process of employee onboarding through complete automation. The platform is designed to provide a seamless experience and enables state-of-the-art interviewing & paperless employee onboarding experience.

The basics of automated onboarding process

Knowing the basics of the automated employee onboarding process is the key to making the best use of Bizex. The employee onboarding software is extremely efficient and versatile.

Onboarding is the start or onset of the journey of a new employee in a company. It is a key process for business of all sizes and kinds. Let us check out the basics of the automated employee onboarding process and the key factors to keep in mind to ensure seamless, efficient and effective progress. These factors and points ensure the success of the process and also the long term success of employees within any organization.

  • Connecting Bizex employee onboarding software with your system is the very first step of onboarding automation. It will simplify the entire recruiting and onboarding process.
  • Document processing with the help of Bizex: A very important part of the automated employee onboarding process, document processing, also known as preboarding, is an effective way to make the onboarding process more efficient. With the help of Bizex, you can start the onboarding and document processing electronically even before the joining date of the employee. It helps save time and also utilize the saved time in more productive activities for the new hire. Bizex will enable completely paperless facilities for a seamless and automated employee onboarding process.
  • New employee data entry automation: With the help of Bizex, you can seamlessly enter and update employee data on an automated basis. The software comes with robust integration features and enhanced capabilities to ensure seamless onboarding automation. All important information of the new employees needed for automated employee onboarding can be automatically updated on all your records system including ERP, accounting system, and payroll software. This ensures accurate report generation and maintenance of statistics and data without having to spend extra time and resources.
  • Enhanced employee engagement: Bizex is a very efficient employee onboarding software which primarily saves your time and resources. One of the key benefits of using Bizex for onboarding automation is better utilization of the saved time. The HR department can avoid repetitive paperwork and data maintenance through the automated new hire process of Bizex and can utilize the time in enhancing outreach and employee engagement on the starting date of new employees. It helps in answering queries, clearing out doubts of new employees and enables enhanced and effective communication.
  • Automated web forms

Bizex can also help you send automated web forms that can help the HR department collect useful information about employees and their preferences. It can help in preparation of business cards and welcome gifts ahead of the day of their joining.

  • Assets and provisions systems for new employees

Onboarding automation can be very useful to order technological assets and provision systems before the joining of new employees. Bizex employee onboarding software enables automated employee onboarding process and specialized features that can help the HR and IT team to be prepared before a new employee joins and also saves a lot of time. From placing orders for supplies and ordering software licenses to create new user accounts for emails and all other important tasks can be efficiently handled and automated with the help of Bizex.

  • Benefits enrollment automation

Benefits enrollment is a very key part of the onboarding process of employees in an organization. Various companies provide various kinds of benefits to employees that vary on security and other factors. Bizex enables an automated onboarding process that can help in easier benefits enrollment for new employees. Benefits like health plans, membership perks, and other packages offered by your company can be seamlessly managed with the help of Bizex. It can also help you to send automated emails with complete and customized explanations of benefits packages for the new employees and also schedule automated messages and important reminders useful in this regard.

  • Consistent feedback

Automated new hire process through Bizex employee onboarding software can address various risk issues, and turnover assumptions based on various factors and provide continuous feedback based on statistics and data. From identifying employee issues to flight risks, Bizex can provide useful assessment and feedback based on data and statistics that can be very useful in the overall management and daily HR operations.

Key features of Bizex to enable seamless onboarding automation

Bizex employee onboarding platform is a robust and highly efficient platform offering a wide range of features for a completely automated onboarding process for all sizes and kinds of businesses. Bizex is preferred by businesses of both small sizes and enterprise levels. The platform specializes in using advanced technologies, artificial intelligence and algorithms to provide a seamless automation process that saves time and resources.

Let us take a look at the key features of the Bizex employee onboarding software that can help in the perfect automated employee onboarding process for your company.

Multi Channel Sourcing

Get the right talent for your firm with the help of automated job posting and sourcing of applicants across multiple channels with the help of Bizex.

Applicant Database Management

Get complete control over all data of applicants in a completely organized and paperless medium with Bizex. Bizex onboarding automation can help create a comprehensive centralized repository that will save time and simplify the process of sourcing and screening of applicants.

Other features

  • Interview Scheduling System
  • Range of administrative tools
  • Automated offer letter generation
  • Database of all offer management related documentation

Take a step ahead in onboarding automation with Bizex

Onboarding automation is a step-by-step process that can be simplified and made effective with the help of Bizex employee onboarding software. The platform has robust capabilities and a versatile range of features to meet the needs of all kinds of businesses and help the effective simplification of automated employee onboarding process that makes the process more time-efficient, cost-effective and profitable for any business organization.

Get to know your new Bizex Dashboard

Daily HR operations can tend to be a very complicated and time-consuming task. Whether you have a small business, or if you run an enterprise-level organization, day-to-day HR management is one of the key parts of any business, in any industry.

Having the best payroll management software is not the only automation that is necessary for smooth operations. And you must also know that not every HRMS software is suitable for every business.

At this point, you might wonder about what could be an ideal solution for the seamless management of all kinds of HR operations. Businesses thrive on productivity and efficiency. Every business organization wants to achieve maximum productivity through increased efficiency and seamless operations. In every organization, multiple departments or teams work together to form the total operations of the organization. A smooth running business is much like a well-oiled machine. Each and every part of the machine has to work together and in synchronization to deliver the best results.

HR operation and management forms to be a central part of any business. The HR department plays a key role in coordination between departments as well as different kinds of operations within a business. One of the best ways to achieve maximum efficiency and effective management of the HR operations is the complete automation of the process.

But how do we automate the HR operations? The answer is very simple- Bizex.

Bizex HRMS Software for complete automation of your HR operations

HR operations have a direct impact on all other operations and consequently the efficiency of the business processes and the overall turnover. This makes it a very important department that needs to be very efficient and organized. And the best way to do that is by automating the entire HR process. Bizex offers the best HR management software that can be the ideal solution for complete and seamless operations.

Implementing HR software into your organization is not a simple task. That being said, implementation of such an automation software has several benefits that can not only improve business efficiency but also reduce costs and increase revenue generation. And above all, such a software will make the HR operations smooth and seamless. But even the best HR management software may not be ideal for your business, unless it is built by an experienced company that can tailor fit the software based on your needs.

Bizex is one of the most reputed companies and one of the leading pioneers of the HR Software industry. They deliver the best HRMS management software in Bangalore that is perfect for all kinds of businesses ranging from SMEs to enterprise-level businesses.

Bizex is recognized as the leading HR software company and was awarded the “Rising HRM software in 2020” by SoftwareSuggest.

The company provides an all-in-one HRM suite that can enable seamless and efficient HR processes and automate day to day HR operations in the most effective manner. Bizex offers an all-inclusive, advanced yet simplified HRMS platform that can help manage every aspect of HR operations.

Being recognized as the best HRMS management software in Bangalore and the best Workforce management software in Bangalore, Bizex offers a multitude of integrated features and functions that serve every aspect of daily HR operations.

When it comes to efficiency through automation, there can be no better platform than Bizex. Experts have also reviewed the software to be one of the most versatile and dynamic platforms that can be the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes and niches.

The Bizex Dashboard: All you need to know about the best HR management software’s dashboard

Before going into the details of the Bizex dashboard, we must discuss the key benefits of an HR software and why it’s crucial for any organization. While we have already mentioned how automation can lead to better HR operations, that is not where the benefits end.

Here are a few other benefits of using an efficient HRMS software like Bizex.

  • Administrative efficiency
  • Cost reduction
  • Enhanced accessibility of information
  • Data analysis
  • Better decision-making
  • Useful insights about daily operations and progress
  • Efficient communication
  • Improved asset security
  • Better chances of data recovery
  • Risk minimization
  • Avoiding extensive paperwork

When it comes to an HRMS software there are several features you will be expecting or looking forward to. From employee onboarding to payroll, there are a variety of needs that individual businesses may have. Bizex is an all-in-one platform that delivers all-inclusive features for every possible expectation, need and eventuality associated with HR operations.

What is Bizex?

Bizex is an HR software that has been built for all kinds of businesses across various industries in India. Not just in India, but Bizex has received worldwide recognition and appreciation for its highly versatile and user-friendly interface that enables maximum efficiency and complete automation of HR processes.

Key features of Bizex Dashboard

While the all-new dashboard of the platform has been designed for complete convenience of the user and seamless operations of all kinds of HR responsibilities, we must look into the key highlights of Bizex dashboard and what makes it the best HRMS management software in Bangalore.

The platform is known to have a highly user-friendly web and mobile interface that helps in fast and easy implementation. The USP’s of the software ranges from hiring resources to reducing attrition rates making the platform a perfect fit for all kinds of businesses.

The dashboard of Bizex is one of the USP’s of the software and makes it one of the most preferred and best HR management software. The HRM suite offers a 360 degrees cloud based approach towards HR management.

The dashboard is a feature rich platform that offers a 360 view of every essential component to maximize productivity and enhance employee engagement while enriching as well as simplifying the daily tasks and the overall user experience. Real time data sync and monitoring enables effective and efficient daily HR operations. It also leads to attrition reduction, employee retention and nurturing, increased engagement, optimizing business benefits and idealizing all processes to implement maximum workflow productivity.

The Bizex dashboard is exactly what you look for in the best HR management software. A very simplistically designed yet very efficient and feature rich dashboard that helps you deal with all HR operations on a single screen. Be it the web based platform or the mobile application, Bizex does not miss out on anything.

Here are the key features of the Bizex dashboard that gives an all-inclusive functionality for all kinds of daily HR operations.

  • Expenses section
  • Attendance management section
  • Leave management section
  • Quotations
  • Task management section
  • Event management section
  • CRM accessibility
  • Invoice management section
  • Site attendance management feature for remote employee attendance management based on geotagging technology.
  • Approvals section
  • A separate feature to check and update approval status of projects
  • Quick notes to take down all important and little information on the go.
  • Task admin
  • Event schedule
  • Quick response
  • Payments section
  • Files and folders
  • Notification management

What is new?

The Bizex software is constantly updated and upgraded based on user demands to increase efficiency. The dashboard got a few new features added to the dashboard that you must surely check out.

  • Calendar view for monthly expenses

Check, modify and update all recent expenses and activities through the all-new calendar view feature on the expenses section. The top right corner of the section gets a new tab alongside tools where you can check out recent expenses activities on a monthly basis.

  • Employee on boarding

Redefine the hiring process through a seamless view of the employee onboarding status through the newly added dedicated employee onboarding tab on the Bizex dashboard. All onboarding data gets seamlessly synced into the section as soon as the database is updated.

  • Celebrations and automated greetings

The new Bizex dashboard relieves you of the worries of remembering birthdays and other special events. Automated anniversary greetings can be sent through the new feature update and notifications about all celebratory events pop up in the section.

  • Reporting employees

Seamlessly track attendance and employee reporting through the all new reporting employees section that features a tab that provides a seamless view of the reporting employees details.

Some other new Bizex features

  • Video conferencing
  • Income tax computation
  • Audit logs
  • GPS attendance
  • Exit Interview and Exit Process
  • Roaster management
  • Customizable attendance rules
  • Web clock
  • Bank transfer of funds
  • Expense approval
  • Travel expense claims

So if you are looking for the best HR management software in India, then Bizex is the best choice for you. The platform is built by the pioneers in the industry and is a complete and comprehensive platform that provides 360 degree coverage of every HR task.

Increase productivity through complete automation enabled by the best workflow management software in Bangalore. Bizex ensures seamless and efficient HR operations, reducing costs, and the burden of paperwork. If you are aiming to advance your business workflow productivity through automation, the Bizex is the step that you must take. Rely on the best HRMS management software in Bangalore and make the most out of your business operations!

Make The Employee Offboarding Process Smooth

An Automation checklist can be part of the employee off-boarding process for the HR department.
Create an Off-boarding Checklist for HR

  1. Obtaining the employee’s letter of resignation
  2. Providing written acceptance of resignation letter
  3. Scheduling employee to meet with HR for out-processing

Prepare the paperwork

  1. Processing outstanding employee reimbursements
  2. Confirming that employee doesn’t owe reimbursement for bonuses or paid time off
  3. Preparing tax and benefits documentation for the employee to take before they leave

Inventory Items Issued to the Employee

  1. Return company assets
  2. Remove personal effects
  3. Remove organize records, files, or training materials

3 great ideas to make the onboarding experience memorable:

1 Do Something Special for Your Employees

Several tech companies is giving their new hire employees to receive a personalized gift at their home a week before their first day. It reminds them that we’re excited for them, and gives a peek into our culture. The box full of happiness” contains a personalized note from each of the new employee’s interviewers, chocolate, and mug,

2 Make the first day feel memorable

Show them around the office, take the time to introduce them to everyone, and plan something exciting. Try to avoid boring them to death with long presentations. 
Just give them enough information to feel welcome. go somewhere special for lunch, go do a group activity, something everyone will get a kick out of. Taking this extra step will make your new hire feel valued on their first day. 

3 Help Them Understand

Help them understand key priorities on their first day. Even though itight seem like an overwhelming activity for onboarding, a brief overview of the following will help to solidify the expectations for their role
Show them the department/team’s goals and key performance indicators (KPIs),
Show them their own individual KPIs,
have their manager discuss their management style and approach,
Have a conversation about performance appraisal forms.
Give them an overview of their potential career path (what is the promotion criteria,
what is their next level-up, what resources do you provide to help them get there?)

How to calculate the ESI contribution?

It is a very basic and essential thing that every employer as well as employees in India must know about the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, commonly abbreviated as ESIC.

The Employees State Insurance is basically a self-financing social security and health insurance system made for employees working in India. As stated by the government of India on the website, “the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation of India is a multidimensional social system tailored to provide socio-economic protection to the worker population and immediate dependent or family covered under the scheme.”

Before we go on to know more about ESI and important details about it like ESI employee contribution, eligibility and benefits, we must know more about the Employees’ State Insurance Act, and what it actually aims at covering.

The basics of Employees’ State Insurance Corporation and the ESI Scheme

ESI funds are managed by the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) mandated by the Employees’ State Insurance Act or ESI Act of 1948. The body works according to the rules and regulations of the Act and is administered by the Ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India.

The ESI Act aims to provide health and financial benefits to employees in India, in cases of sickness, maternity, any kind of employment injuries, or even death, and certain other associated matters. Under the Act medical benefits are offered to employees insured, and their families.

In other words, it aims at providing employees with financial assistance and medical care in case of any injuries at the workplace or their incapacity to work due to the same. It also offers benefits of medical care to families and an insurance amount in case of the death of the employee at the workplace, or due to an accident.

Here are the kind of benefits offered by the Employees’ State Insurance Act, 1948.

  • Medical benefits
  • Sickness benefits
  • Maternity benefits
  • Disablement benefits
  • Dependants’ benefits
  • Funeral expenses
  • Rehabilitation allowance

ESI- Eligibility and Applicability

The ESI fund is applicable to all corporate bodies and establishments that have a workforce of at least 10 members and above. Although the ESI scheme mentions a list of areas tagged as ‘Notified Areas’ and the establishments located in these areas are covered by the ESIC.

The ESI funds are managed and maintained by the independent body known as Employees State Insurance Corporation. That being said, the ESI Act of 1948 mandates the basic regulations of ESIC and all important details like benefits, eligibility, applicability and all other related details.

If you are an employer, it is imperative for you to know about the ESIC scheme as the funds collected for ESI from employees involve both the employer and employee contributions.

Before moving onto ESIC employee contribution and other important details about the ESI scheme like ESIC employer contribution calculations, let us take a look at the kind of establishments that are covered under the ESIC act if there are more than 10 persons employed at the firm. This will make it more clear as to why you need the best payroll management system to manage the ESIC contributions of your firm and the ESIC contribution calculations.

  • Shops
  • Hotels and restaurants in the sales sector
  • Cinemas and preview theatres
  • Road motor transport establishments
  • Printing establishments
  • Manufacturing establishments
  • Private educational institutions
  • All kinds of factories
  • Medical institutions
  • IT firms
  • Corporate bodies
  • MNCs with working units established in India
  • Trustees and charitable organizations

The minimum number of employees that need to be registered to be covered under the Employees State Insurance Scheme, is either 10 or 20, depending on the state in which the business is located.

StateMinimum number of employees to be registered
Himachal Pradesh20
Jammu & Kashmir20
Madhya Pradesh20
Tamil Nadu20
Uttar Pradesh20
West Bengal10
Andhra Pradesh10
Arunachal Pradesh20
Daman and Diu20
Dadra and Nagar Haveli20
Andaman and Nicobar20
Outside India20

A few points to remember about ESIC applicability

In regards to ESIC coverage and applicability, here are a few things that you must remember as an employer. Although here is a pro tip if your business is already covered under the ESIC scheme: Opt for the best payroll software for small business, if you have a small or medium sized business or go for the best cloud based HR and Payroll software if you have a large enterprise level business and make ESI insurance calculation seamless at your firm.

  • All establishments having more than 10 employees are required to register under the Employees’ State Insurance Act, mandatorily.
  • The employer has to register under the ESI Act within 15 days from the date the ESI scheme becomes applicable to the establishment.
  • Once a firm comes under the ESI Act, it continues to be under the Act even if:
  1. The number of employees at the firm falls below the prescribed limit to be covered under the ESI act.
  2. There are any changes in the operations or manufacturing activity of the establishment.

Employees State Insurance Contribution: Calculating the contributions and all other details

For ESI contribution calculate you must know about all the necessary details and regulations so that there are no errors made during the process. Although opting for an Employee Payroll Management Software or the Best HR Management Software in Bangalore will take care of the aspect seamlessly, here is all that you need to know about Employees’ State Insurance contribution.

Wage Limits

According to the recent amendments made to the ESI Act, 1948, the employees who have a gross salary of less than or equal to the amount 21000 rupees are entitled to be covered under the act. These employees who draw a gross salary of the amount 21000 rupees are eligible to receive all benefits under the ESI Act of 1948, if they work in an establishment with more than 10 or 20 employees (depending on the location).

In addition to this the ESI scheme consists of ‘contribution periods’ to help the HR team manage payroll when employee salaries change. That is, when an employee’s salary exceeds Rs. 21000, the employees and employer must continue to make contributions until the end of the contribution period.

Contribution PeriodCorresponding Benefit Period
1st of April to 30th of September1st of January to 30th of June of the following year
1st of October to 30th of March1st of July to 31st of December of the following year

Employees State Insurance Contribution

The ESI scheme is basically a self-funded insurance system where both the employee and the employer contribute towards an employee’s state insurance fund. The scheme being contributory in nature, has some specific mandates about ESIC employee contributions as well as the contributions of the employers.

The Government of India recently made some changes in the contribution of both:

  • ESIC Employee Contribution
  • ESIC Employer Contribution

towards the ESIC funds of an employee. The rate of contribution has been reduced for the first time in India, and the rates of contribution are applicable from July 2, 2019.

Earlier the total contribution towards the ESI funds were 6.5% of the gross salary of the employee. This was brought down to a total of 4% of the employee’s gross salary as contribution towards the fund, by the recent amendments.

Now, let us take a detailed look at the employer and ESIC employee contributions.

Earlier the employer’s contribution, towards the ESI fund of an employee was 4.75% of the gross salary of the employee, and the revised rates stand at 3.25%. The employees contribution was mandated at 1.75% earlier but it was then brought down to 0.75% through the enactment of the recent revisions. This is applicable for every wage period in respect to the gross salary of the employee.

Although employees with daily average wage of upto Rs. 137 would be exempted from their contributions towards the fund, employers will have to contribute towards the ESI funds of such employees.

Collection of the contributions

Every employer covered under the ESI act is liable to collect both the employer’s and employee’s contribution from the wages of the employees, at the specified and revised rates, and submit it to the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation within 15 days of the last day of the calendar month in which the contributions fall due.

Summing it up

Coming to co conclusion, we sincerely hope that this article clears all your doubts about the Employees’ State Insurance Act and answers all your questions about ESIC employee contributions and ESIC employer contribution calculate. If you run a business, it is ideal for you to go for an efficient employee payroll management system to make the calculations easier and the entire payroll management simple and seamless.

HR’s Guide to Pre-Boarding: 10 To-Dos Before an Employee’s First Day

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the field of jobs and the global economy overall. And courtesy to wildfire-like spread of the disease all across the world, there have been several new changes implemented and several drastic measures enforced at various offices. While all of these measures were aimed at improving operational efficiency and trying to restore normal work procedures, there are a few things that remain unchanged. For instance, an employee pre-boarding program that needs to be conducted by the HR department.

No matter how a company has been operating in light of the recent pandemic situation, it is very essential for HR to keep in mind the employee pre boarding best practices, so that the employee who is recruited has a good impression about the company he is about to join. And not just for impressions, but having a new employee first day agenda template helps in seamless and efficient recruitment and joining of the employee and makes the onboarding first day experience for the new employee pleasurable.

Be it for remote working or on-site recruitment of a new employee, having a solid plan can never be a bad thing for HRs in any company. No matter what kind of business it is, how small or big, and no matter the kind of protocols followed within the company, following a set of pre boarding best practices can be sustainable for the HR department in the long run.

Employee Pre Boarding: How to ensure success of the procedure?

Finding and selecting the perfect candidate is only a part of the whole job of employee recruitment. The complete process of recruitment is much more versatile and complex.

As much as a professional with the right credentials and field experience is necessary for a certain position, making sure that that they fit into the company culture is also a part of the HR department’s jobs.

What is employee pre boarding?

Although the trend in the job market sees a downward index due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, employment opportunities for competent professionals and top talents in an industry will never fall short. This means that there is an increased competition among companies to acquire such talents. Persistent recruiters and attractive job offers are constantly placed in front of such talents.

But what happens when the professional accepts the offer and is scheduled to join after a week? What happens on the day their joining is scheduled?

This is where pre boarding comes in.

After all the formalities are over, and the candidate is scheduled to join on a certain date, the HR’s job does not end saying, ” See on your first day.”

The period between the initial acceptance of the job offer and the day of joining is the period known as pre boarding. During this period, the employee might have several questions and concerns about his new job and position.

Several companies are opting for the best workforce management software in Bangalore and the best HRMS Management Software in Bangalore to streamline the process of employee pre boarding engagement and keep complete track of new recruitments to ensure top notch employee experience even before they start.

And for every HR who is still doubtful about preboarding, it must be said, that employee pre boarding engagement matters. And there are a set of pre boarding practices that must be followed to ensure top class employee experience for the new recruits.

Let us take a look at the top 10 to-dos for the HR before an employee’s first day at the company.

10 Employee Pre-Boarding Best Practices that Every HR must follow

If you want to take an extra step and ensure a great on-boarding first day experience for newly recruited employees, here are top 10 pre boarding best practices that you can follow. The list below can be a really handy employee first day checklist for the HR of any company

  1. Personalized Welcome Mail

A professional and personalized welcome mail can be an impactful way to welcome an employee on their first day at job. It decreases the chances of an offer being rescinded by a new recruit.

One of the most popular pre boarding best practices, the best HR management software can help the HR do this seamlessly in case of all and any new recruits. Keeping in touch with the employee until their first day and on their first day is one of the most effective new employee first day agenda.

  1. Congratulating the employee

Pre boarding is a more fun version of employee on boarding first day. The key aim of pre boarding best practices is to ensure that the new employee feels welcomed and comfortable on their day of joining.

And to make someone feel welcomed and comfortable, congratulating them on their joining can be a great way. It also induces a sense of achievement that encourages better performance from the employee. The HR can request the team manager or supervisor to send a congratulatory email to the person who is joining. This provides them with a sense of belonging towards the team.

  1. Interactions with Existing Employees

When a new employee interacts with existing employees of a company on their on boarding fist day, the new recruit not only gets introduced to their teammates but also feels more comfortable and a part of the team. An introduction session with the teammates and managers, or an introductory call can create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere for the new employee.

One can also ask the members of the team to connect with the employee through company channels, or media platforms. Reaching out to the person through their LinkedIn profile can be a great new employee first day agenda.

  1. Provide them with necessary information about the company

Every employee has a range of questions and concerns about the company they are about to join. A good way to make them feel comfortable and confident about their decision of joining your company is by making sure that all their questions are answered even before they ask.

Providing them with accurate details and all relevant information about the company is one of the effective pre boarding best practices that helps in better workforce management and ensures that the employee cycle is managed in an effective way.

  1. Introduction to Company tools, technologies and work modules

While this might sound to be something that is a part of training, but one of the important on boarding first day strategies can be ensuring that the person joining gets an idea about the work module, tools and technologies of the company.

Be it a fresher or an experienced candidate or a remote worker, making them acquainted to the tools and technologies a d work module not only has a positive impact on the image of the company but also helps make the employee aware about any needs for improvements in their skill sets.

  1. Completing their profile

Completing the employee profile and gathering all necessary details and personal information of the employee is a must on the on boarding first day. This employee pre boarding practice is not just about collecting information about the employee, but also creating their company email a d profile and helping them access all necessary data to get them started on their jobs.

Along with that, you must also ensure that they can check out their teams and communicate with the managers and teammates in a seamless manner.

  1. Pre boarding session

A short and engaging pre boarding session with some important and fun facts and an interactive session can be a great way to build rapport. A pre boarding video must be considered in this case.

  1. Paperworks

Another important part of the onboarding first day procedure is completing all kinds of administrative paperwork including tax and health insurance forms. The paperwork can be done on a digital platform by using the best HR management software. Using such a software the entire process of pre boarding becomes seamless and is automatically synced into the company database and all of the HR platforms.

  1. Handbooks, benefits guide and personalized accessories

Deliver company handbooks and benefit guides to the employees on their day of joining or before. This helps them get acquainted to the benefits they can enjoy at the company. Providing them with personalized accessories like water bottles and bags can be another great way to welcome them.

  1. Employee first day agenda template

Having an employee first day agenda template ready can make the pre boarding process easier, simpler and more efficient. The best HRMS software in Bangalore can be a great way to develop and implement such a template whenever a new employee is joining.

All that being said, it is needless to mention that pre boarding matters and pre boarding best practices has a great impact on company reputation and the experience of an employee on boarding first day. Adopt these ten mentioned pre boarding best practices and make sure that every new employee has the perfect experience at your company.

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