Can your company benefit from Bizex HR Software?

Monitoring the human resource in any organization can be real challenging. Though hiring good professionals can make sense at certain point but, if you are a beginner, you may need some affordable and flexible way of managing the HR department. Here comes the role of an effective HR Software that can serve the required purpose for all types of businesses. HR software are packed with features and systems that are designed to work freely and streamline the administrative processes.

Tasks like attendance, payroll, field tracking, statutory compliance, leave management, recruitment, goals and performance tracking can be easily managed, along with boostingthe productivity and efficiency of the workforce by leveraging the benefits of HR Software. The different categories of human resource management solutions may include payroll software, statutory compliance and recruitment software. Check out how these solutions can benefit an organization simplify its HR processes.

Managing the salary and accounts with Payroll Software:

Managing the payroll of employees involves a lot of calculations making it a complex process. But, a payroll software can act as a centralized component in an organization to streamline every process from attendance tracking to payslip generation. HR Payroll software manages all these tasks electronically and keeps you updated with every job done automatically. It helps HR professionals with tasks such as tracking leave balance, managingrequests for leaves, claim reimbursements and downloading pay slips etc.

Dealing with federal laws with Statutory Compliance:

A company may bear huge costs if it does not comply with various state laws and federal laws of the respective countries. Dealing with the legal framework and laws related to the employees of an organization can be real tricky at times. Moreover, every country has its own federal laws which keep changing depending upon theupcoming situations every day. All such issues can be dealt with ease by implementing HR software.

Streamlining the hiring process with Recruitment Software:

As a professional recruiter in a company, have you ever wondered how many working hours you have wasted so far for organizing candidate resumes, sending them to clients, scheduling interviews, doing follow ups, preparing spread sheets and what not. Weren’t you supposed to spend those valuable hours searching top quality talent and evaluating them so that you can recruit better and grow your professional career? What if you had a personal assistant to catch you up with these pesky tasks? Yes, automated recruitment software performs all these tasks automatically so that you can focus on things that matter. A recruitment software helps you source candidates from your emailinbox, job search websites, etc. It also eases tracking and managing a candidate’s journey using automated notifications and emails. It’s a great solution for staffing agencies, recruitment in companies etc.

Using Bizex HR Software, organizations can add a central automated solution to streamline and ease the HR related tasks. This will ensure error-free HR processes and enhance the performance of organizations.

Bizex introducing Automated Lead generator

Any product or service, a company offers, is the outcome of its criteria. Selling a criteria to a PROSPECT (potential buyer) is the main aim that every business triggers upon. LEADs are the mediators here, who are the actual prospects about to buy your product. And, your website is the point of origin for your lead generation. One can become a LEAD either by subscribing to youremail, signing up with your webinar, or using the free trial offers of your website. When the website visitors’ or the leads buy your services, it’s called CONVERSION.

Interestingly, the process of lead generation in the digital world ofbusiness is not very difficult if you pick the right software solutions and tools. In addition, effective strategies can help convert the visitors of your website into prospective customers and nurture them to stay loyal. To learn more about automated lead generation, let’s discuss more about the tools and lead generation software in detail.

There are three so called stages in lead generation.

1. Finding the prospect

2. Generating lead from the prospects

3. Converting lead into customer or client

These steps are significantly helpful during the following phases:

• Spreading awareness about the product

• At the time of evolution

• At conversion stage

To boost the existing customer base of any business by 3 to 5 times, some scientifically proven techniques using online lead generation software are available. Leads can also be generated through direct phone calls or social media platforms, sending emails, advertising on websites, conducting webinars etc. Though there are tons of software available out there, but the customized Bizex Automated Lead generator gives amazing results. You can also schedule emails throughout the year using tailored sales lead generation software.

Online lead generation software is helps in the marketing process by:

1. Email marketing: Online lead generation software is mostlyconvenient using the emailing service.

2. Search and send marketing: Microsites, blogging, research reports, or infographics are few examples of this type of market.

3. Social media marketing: Incorporating online lead generation software on social media platforms like Facebook,Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc., can prove to be effective. According to a study, LinkedIn is the most proven platform for b2b lead generation software.

Marketing through writing: Content writing, blogs, and articles can sometimes be useful to increase the sales remarkably through sales lead generation software.

Initializing with lead generation software:

As the lead generator software is installed and initialized, the first thing you will see on the screen is the dashboard. Here, you get an idea of how many leads you are getting on day to day basis. The next thing is to customize your own capture pages. These page captures are sent to the email accounts of prospective customers. As sent successfully, the number of the prospects is shown on the dashboard.

The most important thing here is to choose the right tool to automate, so that you can effectively enhance your lead generation and benefit from Bizex Automated Lead generator software.


HR Software is basically used to assist in the systematic processes that manage an organization’s employees. Although there are many software available in the market, the main aim of every solution is to trigger the objective i.e. maintain and enhance an organization’s productivity. In addition to that, new features are continually being added to evolve the benefits. Majority of the businesses and entrepreneurs present globally use tailored HR solutions such HRMS, HCMS, HRIS depending upon their goals to be achieved.

Employee location tracking system:

Tracking of employee locations is important in many businesses. For instance, a firm that involves travel or transit, itis crucial for it to track its employees, who keep moving between clients sites, to efficiently manage the workforce. Suchorganizations use an employee location tracking system to streamline its workflow. There are many solutions available to serve the purpose of location tracking.

A GPS (Globally Positioning system) enabled device can be usedin employees’ automobiles to get a clear picture of the location of an employee. The best example of GPS-enabled employee location tracking solution is of that being used by cab driving companies such as Uber or Ola. The solution gives details of theentire route travelled by the driver while on the job.

A GPS-based tracking system has clear instructions to login intothe task timer while initiating the job so that the manager gets the update. And, as soon as the task is completed, logging off the device can intimate the finishing of the job. Switching to other task can also be noticed to the admin.

Field staff tracking app:

Though in the past it was no easy task but in 21st century we’ve got amazing GPS tracking apps that make tracking of field staff so much easier. A field staff tracking app can be installed either in a staff’s system or his mobile phone for facilitating his tracking. Teams at field, sales representatives and construction companies can monitor team locations using the solution. Some of most commonly used tracking solutions used on mobile devices include Hubstaff (iOS, Android); Timesheet Mobile (iOS, Android); Labor Sync (iOS, Android); HoursTracker (iOS, Android) etc.

Employee time tracking software:

An employee time tracking software is used to monitor a system’s idle and active times, employee attendance, project progress, feedbacks and much more. Using time tracking solutions helps in boosting the productivity level of a team. Virtual assistants, freelancers, contractors can be tracked easilywith such software solutions.

Once an employee time tracking software is installed, it is easy to create accounts and add clients. The dashboard will let the manager see all the users and their activity logs such as when they last worked, which project they worked on, how active they are etc. For example, if a worker starts the timer and walks out for an hour, you will easily notice that his activityis lower. The timer is also smart enough to notice if an employee sits ideally on the computer. The automated tracking system is worth time efficient as in Business ‘TIME is the most precious thing’.

Bizex CRM integration with AI Chatbot

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no more a new term in the world of technology. When one talks about smart devices and applications, AI and machine learning automatically join in. From mobile apps like Siri or Cortana to smart devices like Google Home or smart consumer appliances, AI has successfully demonstrated its highly sophisticated abilities.

Not only in homes, AI has already penetrated into workplaces as well. It is helping several businesses enhance and optimize their processes. And, since communication is one of the most basic essence lying at the core of any successful business strategy, entrepreneurs have not lagged behind in implementing AI to streamline the process of communication with customers. As a result of which, AI-based chatbots have come into existence.

Impact of AI-based chatbots

Chatbots or robotic messengers are making impressive impact across all industries bystreamlining business processes. Whether it is about optimizing the manufacturing operations, managing the supply chain management, or interacting with customers, AI chatbots efficaciously replacing human being in every area.As per predictions of the think tanks, AI-based chatbots are soon going to replace 80% of human jobs in many domains.

Significantly, the customer relationship managementis one of the segments that has maximum scope for these robotic messengers. This explains why hospitals, restaurants, retails and banks are integrating text-based chatbots into their web and mobile applications. Entrepreneurs are integrating their CRM software with chatbots to entice their customers with seamless customer service.

Need to integrate CRM software with chatbots

After the popularity of few of the best AI chatbots like Alexa and Google Assistant,people have understood the role of virtualassistants in enhancing customer experience. Moreover, AI technology also helps in getting error-free in-depth consumer insightby conducting automated analysis of customer data.

In this digital era, e-commerce businesses cannot survive if they are not connected customers all the time. Therefore, entrepreneurs need to upgrade their CRM software by implementing AI-enabled chatbotsthat can enhance customer experience and boost user engagement. Staying connected with customers 24X7 via e-mails, text messages, and social media platforms will help marketers in offering comprehensive interactive experience.

The other benefits of CRM integration with AI Chatbot include enhanced interactivity by giving unique voice to chatbots to appeal customers and strengthens customer relationships. Also, during peak times, handling of massive volumes of queries is quite tough for human agents. Companiesneed sufficient funds and time to train them for efficient customer support services.However, chatbotscan easily handle huge volumes of customer queries without degradation in the quality of customer experience.


According to surveys, valuation of the global chatbotindustry is expected to grow to beyond one billion dollars by 2024. Talking about jobs, with the consistently improving technology, chatbots will surely help businesses to reach the ideal man-machine employment ratio. As the CRM industry has already shown positive signs of growth afterinclusion of chatbots, the future of AI based CRM software solutions is going to greatly flourish.

Trends in Business Management

A few decades ago, we maintained the business records in books. The date of entry, the manual entry of the documents, the calculator and a room to keep the whole chunk of books kept the business in tune. Gone are these days when calculators and books drove the economics of the company.

Today, things are more straightforward. The books are virtual, and the cloud keeps it secure. Business software drive day-to-day business and track activities. They make an entrepreneur’s life simpler.

Here are trends that have affected business process management over the years.

1. Cloud in Business

In the 1990s, usage of computers became widespread in businesses. Keeping records on the system saved time. A software, installed locally, managed bills, inventory and accounts. This software cut down a lot of manual work. But the space on the hard-disk became very crucial.

Soon, space became an issue. Now a room full of physical accounting books replaced a shelf full of hard disks. More powerful storage and servers added to the cost. Business owners soon realized the need for compatibility between the data and the software version.

The more prominent companies would have dedicated engineers to tackle these issues, but what about the young, upcoming businesses?

But today, we have moved past these issues. We have Saas-based applications that reduce the overhead of install, upgrade, and maintenance.

2. AI in Business

Artificial Intelligence helps businesses make smart decisions. AI understands patterns to derive the right solutions to solve problems. These results help in the growth of a business. AI unites technology with expert fields. The expert subjects include statistics, maths and analytics. The expert systems deep learn from the data of the company. The in-depth smart results help to grow the business.

Learning these skills or hiring talent to work on different needs of the companies is expensive. Even to study the data and analyze the various data points or calculate in depth, takes up a lot of time.

In today’s rapidly growing environment, companies can afford to spend time and money on in-depth analytics or artificial intelligence. Today, business management software comes with packages that predict sales that help in hiring talent and that suggest results to improve the business.

3. Automation in Business

Automation helps in day-to-day activities. Take a simple example of invoice management — in the world of printed bills, changing the terms and conditions means reprinting. So, with static invoices, adding other taxes, discounts, or even simple inventory price changes is painful.

Static invoices need re-configurations that need changes in many places. For example, if we add a new currency to the business, then changes related to tax calculations need a manual update. These changes cost money to the company.

Hence, automation helps in easy software re-configurations.

In the same way, automation simplifies managing sales deals. Hence, assessing the monthly payouts becomes easier. Even with meeting management, tools can manage schedules, create tasks, and keep the tasks up-to-date. With these tools, understanding the lag in task completion is easier. With simple tasks such as these taken care, the business can focus on other operational activities, thereby saving money for the company.

4. Suite not Software

With access to a good deal of productivity and management software in the market, a host of tools is available to manage different aspects of the business. With multiple means, managing data spread across the many applications is cumbersome. How does one collate the data?

Managing and tracking tools is an added task. Why would businesses spend time in complicating and syncing data from many tools? Wouldn’t it make sense to preserve the data in one place?

Hence, a Business Management suite helps in both collating the data and showing the data in a single pane of glass. The integrated dashboards with the employee, customer, project plan and sales data help the companies with operations. Further, it enables them to grow better.

5. Cost-effective

With the host of features, the suites offer management software that helps in saving money. One may think to invest in suites burns pockets. Business management software need not be too expensive. Today, different subscription-based models exist that further help companies. Also, many companies have freemium models that customers can explore. These models help in growing the business and providing cost-effective structures.

Since small and medium businesses work on a limited budget, software like ‘Bizex’ optimizes day-to-day operations. Bizex is a product made by studying the Indian ecosystem, and we have made this product in India. It has both premium and freemium models that are pocket-friendly. To try a demo, please visit and and avail a free trial.

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